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"Idol" Takes a Walk Down the Aisle

2/3/2008 9:48 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Former "American Idol" contestant, Katharine McPhee, married her longtime boyfriend in Los Angeles on Saturday. The 23-year-old wannabeen singer/actress and Nick Cokas (who is 42, by the way) were strictly platonic before Katharine auditioned for the hit reality show.

As Kat's star began to rise, so did the relationship. The two started dating and Nick became a strong support for the Suga-Mama as she struggled with the pressures of the show and her secret eating disorder. McPhee told People that "Nick is the love of my life. This is a once in a lifetime occasion and everything is just perfect." Katharine was recently dumped by her record label.

Joker Was No Laughing Matter for Heath

The NY Post reports that Heath Ledger locked himself in a London hotel for six weeks to prepare for his dark role in the upcoming Batman film. The late star became compulsive about perfecting every nuance of the twisted Joker, coming up with different voices and laughs -- he even kept a journal on what went on inside the mind of the character.

Meanwhile, friends and family of Heath Ledger -- including Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Sienna Miller, and Ellen DeGeneres -- gathered yesterday at the Sony lot in L.A. for a memorial service for the late actor, reports People.

The End is Near -- Studios and Writers Make a Deal

Hollywood went dark three months ago when the writers put down their laptops and walked off the set. The major sticking point for the WGA is compensation for programming distributed via the Internet, which eventually led to the complete breakdown of the talks in December.

With both parties walking away from the table (just in time for a long winter holiday), TV viewers were forced to watch reality television. Now, according to sources (via MSNBC), a tentative agreement has been reached, which could finish the script of this horror story by the end of the week.

Party Favors: Madonna Cracks the Whip ... Paula Abdul Sings ... For Celebs, One Assistant Just Won't Do

The Material Girl is still in charge. In her new music video, Madonna, 49, dresses up as a dominatrix and takes pleasure in whipping Justin Timberlake and Timbaland, says the Daily Mirror. ... All good things must come to an end. Paula Abdul is singing again on a CD for the first time since 1995 (via Yahoo News). ...In the high pressure and fast-paced world of fame, one personal assistant is not enough. The NY Post reports that some celebs employ dog nannies, wardrobe dressers, political advisers and even an eyelash technician to take care of their needs. Hard to find good help.


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Black Teef    

FIRST BITCHES!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2431 days ago


-I really needed to see katherine mcphee and kelly pickler in "wild things 2"

2431 days ago

Get better, kiddo    

Not sure why first is a major deal, but good for you! The writers were on strike? Hadn't noticed ;-)

2431 days ago


P.S. That journal Heath kept could be very telling, huh!

2431 days ago


Damn, Heath was an excellent actor.. too bad we dont have artist like him anymore.. brilliant man..

2431 days ago


Congrats to Katherine, glad to see she is staying grounded.
Heath sounds like he couldn't deal with the demons he allowed in to play the role. I hope no one puts that journal out there.
I hope the writer strike will be over. I want my Desperate Housewives back!

2431 days ago


CONGRATS TO KATHERINE! For someone so beautiful she has always seemed down to earth-not stuck-up and full of herself like Carrie Underwood (who has let fame go to her head big time and isn't half as beautiful as Katherine)!

2431 days ago

pop culture pro    

Thank you, Laura (#8) for writing exactly what I was about to write - grammar nerds unite!

2431 days ago


kelli and rd
enjoy your stuporbowl today,,i like carrie underwood,
the anon above is not me,just used it last night because of the comments.
anyone who was on that blog last night will know what i am talking about
sorry anon won't use it again,GO GIANTS GO,
back to work now

2431 days ago


Heath was a great actor but I think the anxiety and obsession with perfection are a sign of his depression

2431 days ago


Wow, TMZ, you really are owned by Time Warner. It was the studios who walked away from the bargaining table last December in time for their fancy winter holiday. The writers were at the negotiating table every day, urging the studios to return.

Per the American Idol woman marrying her boyfriend, if a man married a woman twice his age, you'd be making a huge deal of it. She's marrying a guy twice her age, and you let it slide.

In actuality, it's creepy and pathetic when men are with women much younger.

2431 days ago


A. I'm waiting for Paula to sing today in the Superbowl. My guess is that there will be gyrating dancers, smoke, light, fireworks, and the whole voice will be piped in with all the digital enhancements that would make even a Britney blush...speaking of studio voices I can't believe Madonna is 49! AARP is going to be mailing her a brochure NEXT YEAR.

2431 days ago


Thanks Walking on Sunshine. I'm just glad fran went to bed. lol To Baseball Junkie, I hope you eat your words and are man enough to send the champagne to Dallas tomorrow. Rd was there? r u sure? I'm sure all of us will have a lot to talk about tonight. Everyone take anons advice and don't get stuperdrunk. :) GO GIANTS!!!!! and the puppy bowl.

2431 days ago

Lenn K.    

Madonna is sooo old school and soo over the hill. Kat congrads hope the music career gets better.

2431 days ago


The Australian press is filled with details and pictures from Ledger’s memorial service held yesterday (2/2/08) in LA. Over 1000 stars and industry related people attended. The People report you cite is much abbreviated. Michelle Williams did not attend, but was mentioned by Kim Ledger during one of the five eulogies given. What was that mention? Almost two weeks since Ledger’s passing, and Williams could not or would not be present at a tribute attended by 1000 of the people she has worked with and befriended since a very young age. Foreign press articles made special mention, by name and pictures, of past girlfriends and rumored girlfriends openly showing their grief while leaving this latest memorial. Although together for just three years, Williams was a part of the most successful portion of Ledger’s career. Heath has stated in numerous interviews that Williams was also a part of the happiest times of his life. It seems strange that she did not attend this event.

2431 days ago
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