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Paps Snap Ledger Family's Sad Homecoming

2/5/2008 10:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The family of Heath Ledger returned to their hometown of Perth, Australia today -- his father, mother and sister fending off paparazzi at the Brisbane and Perth airports.

A private funeral is planned in Perth.


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Disgusting! I can't believe you posted this video!!! What has the world come to!!

2454 days ago


A pap-storm aimed at a grieving family.

In a word.....disgusting.

2454 days ago


2454 days ago


Leave them alone! Let them grieve in private. How would you feel if you lost someone you dearly loved, then everyone was all in your face?

2454 days ago


Very intrusive and disgusting

2454 days ago


THIS IS THE POINT OF NO RETURN! all these stories that used to seem harmless and funny are just sick exploitive, intrusive, tasteless attempts @ making a $ you have put this family thru hell and it is disgusting, and I hope the rumors are true about new legislation trying to be passed to put the reins on you parasites and the one that some high powered names are fixing to turn the tables on you and your counter parts *** see how you like you the most intimate details of your personal lives out there for all the world to see, your families, your vulnerabilites, and all the indescretions, now that I would pay to see! Joel Nichols is right tmz you are the laughing stock of your industry.TRASH

2454 days ago


I agree with the comments that the family should be left alone but we only have ourselves to blame. We are the one visiting TMZ, we are the ones who clicked on the article and read it - if we weren't so damn nosey then paps and sites like TMZ wouldnt exisit cos there wouldnt be any demand for it.. so you cant really blame TMZ... if you really didnt want to see or hear the latest then dont visit the site or read the articles or watch the vids..

2454 days ago

move over lutfi    

These 3 people are not celebrities. They are a grieving family that deserve to be left alone to heal. I am totally disgusted that TMZ or anyone else would begin to profit from this. Something is really wrong in the world when entertainment becomes this twisted.

2454 days ago


THis is disgusting....the only way TMZ will lay off is if we start complaining to their advertisers...Westin, Dominos...other big companies like that...they should be ashamed that they give money to this trashy sight.
That's the only way disgusting stuff like this will stop.
Those jerks at TMZ need to get paid somehow...

2454 days ago


nice try nadia, I dont buy the articles , etc. and I had never been here until I saw harvey weigh in on cnn with claims of sources, and l kept hearing sources of tmz** sources at tmz **so I checked it out for myself , and unlike other mindless sponges, that take pleasure in the misfortune, and exploitation of others at least on this forum I can express my disgust with the whole bottomfeeding dance they do.

2454 days ago


What the hell is so intruiging about seeing a family in mourning? That's so disgusting.

2454 days ago


completely wrong and distasteful..... awful that those people got paid to do that....

2454 days ago


C'mon now TMZ...there is enough idiocy going on in Hollywood to poke fun at without having to bother poor people who are grieving their dead son. Take this down and make fun of the meth heads some more for being morons. These parents are going through enough without people trying to hit them in the head with cameras and invade their privacy. Can you not imagine how awful it must be to lose a son who had so much going for him? If you have souls at all, you will take this down! Even Perez Hilton has more class than this!

2454 days ago


You guys are pigs! Leave them alone. I know you have none but try to have some human decency and leave them alone in their time of mourning. Maybe when one of your family members dies, I'll come to your house and take pictures and video of you and see how you like it. BACK OFF PAPPS!

2454 days ago

Judy 34A    

it is getting so out of hands with the paps, i wouldn't be shocked or surprised if we start seeing people shoot them, TMZ this is the worst, how dare you cause this uncalled for added sadness and grief upon a family who just buried a loved one, do your pathetic job and stay on horse face Hiltons trail!

2454 days ago
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