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Paps Snap Ledger Family's Sad Homecoming

2/5/2008 10:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The family of Heath Ledger returned to their hometown of Perth, Australia today -- his father, mother and sister fending off paparazzi at the Brisbane and Perth airports.

A private funeral is planned in Perth.


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This is so sad that the paps feel they needed to do this. I wonder how they would feel if it was their child and all this happened. By the way to all you advertizers, I will not look at or buy anything with these pictures on it, including the video seen on TMZ

2390 days ago

Tina Horton    

These people have just lost their son. America cares about what happened to Heath, however, we do not want to see how the family is mourning their loved one. All we want to do is find out what happened, and if it could have been avoided. America loves Heath Ledger, and we are all mourning his death. Please have some class and leave the family alone.

2389 days ago


The first sentence in Add Your Comments is "Inappropriate or purely promotional comments may be removed." Perhaps TMZ should adhere to this "rule" themselves. Totally disgraceful.

2389 days ago


ur sick leave em alone

2389 days ago


I cannot believe how disrespectul this's a terrible time for the family and to have to get off a plane after seeing your deceased son and have to fight of all these paparazzi's is just undescribable. You people should be disgusted with yourself ..have a liitle more sympathy, and respect for other people who are coping with a tragic loss. I'm sure you would hate people in your face taking pictures of you while you are grieving over your child. I know you get paid GOOD MONEY for this kind of things but is it really worth it when you see a family that is destroyed???? Think about ..I don't know how you all sleep at night. I hope you have the decency to remove this video clip from your your comments obviously people aren't happy with this!!!!

2389 days ago


I just can't believe that this is what our society has come to. These poor people lost their son and brother. If you're a pap, and you happen to read this, listen up: You are a LOSER. You could be doing something else as a job, but you choose to be greedy vultures who prey on people in their darkest hour. Karma will get you. RIP Heath, and may your family be left alone to mourn.

2389 days ago


Clearly none of you have lost a child! The pain is debilitating! This is no time, if ever there is one, to cash in on ones pain! Heath Ledger was a star yes, but first and foremost, he was a son and father! Think of how his loved ones feel and show some mercy and respect! I urge people to stop reading these tabloids and then maybe this type of disrespect will stop!

2389 days ago


i will no longer visit this web site and neither will anyone i know. You animals!!!! I guess there is nothing left that you wouldn't do to people. Even in death. It's disgraceful.

2389 days ago

Norma E    

Yea they deserve there lost and time of grief, because no matter how big of a fan I am of Heath, we all are very curious as to what happened and fell as if we are right there w/ his family moarning his lost as well.......

2388 days ago


OMG! leave his family alone! they came back for his funeral, I am soooo sure they are sad and would like it if the paps were not in their faces!! Gosh I just dont think some people get it!

2387 days ago
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