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Baldwin to Brit -- Praise Jebus!

2/6/2008 12:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A Bible-thumping, skateboard-wielding Stephen Baldwin has some advice for Britney Spears -- "Give your heart to Jesus!"

TMZ caught the "Bio-Dome" star at LAX yesterday, where he told Spears to surrender to the power of the lord.


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He's the only one of the baldwin brothers that still looks happy and healthy. He must be doing something right.

2452 days ago


What the hell is wrong with TMZ and some of your readers?It is good to have jesus in your life! and Baldwin said a good thing its good he have jesus in his life.Keep on making fun of my God you all will be Doomed to Hell! You sorry Bastards!!!!!!!

2452 days ago


Lynne with her gaudy large cross that she wears too high on her throat so it will be seen no matter what kind of clothes she is wearing, is the biggest hypocrite of all.

2452 days ago


hahaha I was just wondering which baldwin it was in biodome

2452 days ago


Oh no. Wouldn't that be too much? A born-again Britney.

2452 days ago


Oh "ATHEIST AMBER"...................What a lost soul you are. Before you start qouting the bible you might want to read it first! Bless your little heart!

Jaime..............Thank you for your words of wisdom! Finally, someone knows what they are talking about!

I can certainly think of worse things than a "Born Again" Britney.

2452 days ago


"where he told Spears to surrender to the power of the Lord. "

I think she ought to surrender to the power of her psychiatric staff first...

2452 days ago


Jesus looks at peoples hearts not how they behave. He came to help us all and I know he can heal Britney. I hope she remembers him while she is in the hospital as I know he'll help if she asks.

2452 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

I just knew that all the biblethumpers would just love to use this story as a free ad for their dumb fairytale! All religion is going to do is blow up this world with its' inborn hatred of all others who do not believe exactly what they believe! Even member of the same religion can't get along and want to rip each other to shreds! I am so sick of these stupid, primitive beliefs doing so much damage to the world! All the time, energy, money, and resources wasted on religious bullcrap when saving our planet and not our imaginary souls should be the first priority! Oh, that's right, many of the religious fanatics actually want the world to be destroyed to prove their point! Flip you all for you defeatist attitudes and horrendous waste of time and resources!

2452 days ago


Atheist Amber, I wonder how you feel when religious people of whatever faith insult you in the name of their faith? Do you like hearing from Christians that you are going to hell for your being an atheist? I know that many atheists are made fun of, criticized and even ostracized because it seems strange to people that they have no religion. Maybe you have been in a situation like that, and that is why you and others like you on this board seem so bitter and attack people who have a religion. If this is the reason for the way you're acting maybe you should remember how you felt when you were attacked and stop doing it to others. I don't know if you believe in Karma, but you probably don't want this coming back to bite you in your butt. If you are just insulting or making fun of others because you are a young person with nothing better to do or to get a laugh or attention. If that is the case I will expect the attacks on others to continue due to your being a child. Have you ever heard "When I was a child I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child"? That quote is from the Bible, but if you just study world religions as I have, you will find there is wisdom in many religious books even if you don't believe in the god of any particular religion, it just takes maturity to find it.

2452 days ago


Leave it to TMZ to mock Jesus Christ, who died for you guys, too. (Psst, it's "Jesus," not "Jebus," whatever that's supposed to be). Do you deny Britney needs help? She needs to be freed from whatever is destroying her. How do you know that the love of Jesus isn't the answer?

2452 days ago


If any of you has ONE shred of evidence that religion is a treatment for bipolar disorder, post it. Otherwise shut up and let the doctors treat her.

2452 days ago


Christians have a lot in common with Jewish people, but they just see that the promise in the Old Testament was fulfilled.
Doesn't the Bible say that anyone who does good work in the name of Jesus can be left to do that?
If he doesn't know the Bible as well as he should, he can work on that.
Maybe he should get some tips from Jack Van Impe--that guy seems to have the Bible pretty well memorized.

2452 days ago


Stephen's responses seemed heartfelt and genuine. Most Christians will react in this way if they hear about an
individual in trouble. I'll pray for her, It's a common response. Going a little further and suggesting that she find Jesus
was just a concerned shout out that she is headed down a dark path. Which she has been whether you are religious
or not. Don't bash Stephen, he has a right to his spiritual beliefs too and is free to express them. His intentions were good

2452 days ago


To: Religion is a Fairy Tale sold to the masses to control them!

From the angry and hateful tone of your voice and lack of tolerance for people with a religion I would say that individuals like you are just as capable of "damaging the world". Hate and intolerance from those who are religious or those who aren't is no different. There are groups of hateful people in every faith, race, culture, etc., if you want to spread love and tolerance start with yourself.

2452 days ago
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