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Britney and Adnan Visit Her Lawyer

2/6/2008 10:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsFresh from a quick jaunt to the Beverly Hills Hotel, Britney and Adnan drove to the L.A. offices of lawyer Adam Streisand.

When TMZ called Streisand's office, we were directed to the marketing department. Huh?

Streisand went to court earlier this week to have Jamie and Andrew Wallet removed as her conservators, but was shut down when he couldn't prove he had been retained by Britney.


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2457 days ago


Do any of you morons know how to spell?

2457 days ago

Bipolar Express    

Who exactly are you talking to "Britneyisstrailerparktrash" ? I happen to know how to spell quite well. Thank You!

2457 days ago

mother of a lost child    

This will end when this girl is dead and everyone will wonder what happened. Did anyone ever wonder about the meds, drugs and odd behavior after her divorce? Who is feeding her what? Look at those early videoes she loves her children, suddenly she is throwing off court dates. Who will take the blame when she is dead? The courts, her parents, the paps....

2457 days ago

mother of a lost child    

Go to the courts get her out of CA and somewhere that no one knows, lock her up until she can think for herself. There has to be a way to get her where she can't be in control and the paps can't get near her.

2457 days ago


Bipoliar or being a manic depressive is a LEGAL DISABILITY and the person can collect benefits along with therapies etc!

2456 days ago


That was BIPOLAR, spelling

2456 days ago


Reba MacIntyre was on the cover of a magazine around Nov 07 (approximately) saying that we should pray for Britney.
Prayers and support would be so much more considerate and benefit that put downs, stocking and pity. A question or 2 that come to mind are: Britney, you're so weathy, how come you haven't ever considered buying youself your very own private island
or moving overseas to some exotic location or even having a private estate in the Lousiana area? If you're insisting on staying in the Los Angeles area, do you have enough land ( or can you buy an area close to your residence to build another private entrance so that all those gold digging phototagraphers won't bother you? You don't need that kind of publicity. you already payed your dues long time ago.

You're babies need you. Your the one who carried them in your body. They need you.
The ones who really need "help"- not the Beatles album/CD/ Movie- but SHRINKOLOGIC unsolicited help are all those fair-weather do-gooders around you. You know they just want to declare you permanantly Crazy and get all your money.
Did you know what 51/50 meant before you went into the hospital? For non-celebrity folks that's like the 'Kiss of Death'
It means you're declared mentally incompetent and then you basically are forced to give up control of your life.

I think the articles on the Internet and on TMZ say that this is only a temporary situation for you right now. If you or TMZ or anyone who really cares about you sees this posting could pass it along to you, I say to you this,do whatever you can to bring your life back into a place of status or status quo before all the hospitalization.

Get a copy of the movie "Francis Farmer" that Jessica Lange was in in the 1980's. Also gget a copy of "One flew over the coo-coo's nest" with Jack Nicholson. Don't get yourself entangled further into forced help: drugs such as lithium, zoloft or worse, and other forced treatment such as Electroshock therapy. Four years ago in 2004, I had a graduate school professors who was also a Jduge in Downtown San Diego who told us of the First case she ever heard of in recent times ( one she personally presided over) where she had to rule over either enforcing or overruling a court-ordered Electroshock treatment. The Judge said given all the evidence that she had to go by, she felt compelled to enforce the order. Supposedly a seditive is given first to ease the convulsions, but the person getting the treatment is never quite the same again....

See "One flew over the coo's coo's nest...Don't give your power away, Britney..Do it for your children if not for yourself and protection of your money and Estate.

Also, get it together so you don't wind up like Anna Nicole.

Why didn't you reunite with Justin Timberlake. You two were the third generation of the Mousekeeters together. It might have been good for your career as well as for your life (even to just stay friends)

Love and Prayers

2456 days ago

human after all    

Very interesting. Thanks for that information

2431 days ago
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