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Britney Out, Already Surrounded

2/6/2008 7:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears has been out of UCLA Medical Center for less than four hours -- and Britney paparazzi swarm has already begun -- including a FOX chopper catching the madness LIVE.


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Where's the LAPD???????????????????????????????????????????

2359 days ago


The paps should NOT be allowed to do this. I cannot believe how dangerous this is. If someone I knew was killed because these jackas*** are driving like this, I would sue the crap out of them.

2359 days ago


Everyone film it on your computers. I have just received word that all who are watching this will be able to record our computers and express concern.

2359 days ago


She obviously loves the attention or she wouldn't be out driving around!

Apparently she hasn't gotten enough help....

2359 days ago


I do not understand how she got out of the hospital-just 2 days ago they said the doctor was keeping her there for 14 more days because she can't care for herself.

2359 days ago


I love how TMZ talk about the paps like they aren't just as bad as the rest of them.

2359 days ago


Maybe she will die in a firey car crash...and do us all a favor!!!!

2359 days ago

concerned parent    

this is very sad, this girl needs to go somewhere private where these people are not allowed to go.

2359 days ago


There is something wrong here. I am a medical transcriptionist. I type inpatient Psychiatric Evaluation reports every single day for a living. Psychiatrists do not release a patient who has been admitted because they want out. A patient can only be released when a Psychiatrist deems they are safe to be released. And in this case, did not the parents have power of attorney over their daughter? They would have to agree to the release for her to be out. She is out in the street under the influence of powerful psychotropic medications...which is illegal. It's no different than DUI. This very sick person is being allowed to destroy herself and for reasons that make so sense. We are looking at a person committing suicide and it's awful. Bipolar disorder is not treated in a few days. It takes months and months to control with trials of different medications and therapy and under the close observation of a therapist/Psychiatrist. UCLA Medical Center dropped the ball or we are all being fooled by this show.

2359 days ago


She just needs to stay HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2359 days ago


She's obviously STILL ill if she's immediately looking for the gratification of the media.

2359 days ago


Let's see.... "straight outta the nut-ward, gotta cruise my brand new EXPENSIVE Benz to an EXPENSIVE hotel so no one can find me. I hates those damn paps guys, they should just leave alones me.... I'ms just tryin' to live a normal life, y'all".

Someone please push this psycho-snatch off a cliff.... preferably an EXPENSIVE cliff.

2359 days ago

phyllis diller    

die , fatass, die already

2359 days ago


the pops don`t care about her. they just want to take pictures of celebs. I think you need to shoot a gun in the air to back them off.

2359 days ago

Twizzz in PA    

Every single one of these morons following her should be locked up!!!!! WTF is wrong with them? Where's the LAPD? Why aren't they taking these people in?

Papps aren't anything more than STALKERS - end of story - and it's a sad day in this country when this behavior is not only condoned, it's profitable!

If I were Brit, I'd take some of my millions and I'd hire photographers to follow the Papps (and their families) night and day. I'd put at least 5 on each papp and then 5 on their homes, the homes of their mothers & fathers, grandfathers, brothers, sisters, children. You name it, No one in their lives would be able to make a move without it being recorded and then broadcast on my own website.

It would be well worth the money it would cost to pull it off.

Absolutely disgusting and vile behavior - it's WELL PAST time for our country to out law this crap!

Freedom of speech my arse! This is NOTHING more than a free license to stalk and harass!!!!!!!!

2359 days ago
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