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Heath's Pad Already Being Shopped

2/7/2008 9:51 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just two weeks after Heath Ledger's body was found lifeless in a SoHo apartment, that apartment is already on the market again -- for $25,000 per month.

"You don't wait around in a hot rental market like this," said one broker to the New York Post. "As ghoulish as it sounds, people will rent that place in a heartbeat, especially when the vacancy rate is below 1 percent." The loft at 421 Broome Street had been rented by the late actor since last September for $22,000/month.

Just yesterday, the medical examiner ruled that Ledger died of an accidental overdose of prescription drugs.

Jay-Z – Making Yet Another Comeback?

Jay ZJay-Z retired from hip-hop about three times, and just quit the record-exec racket a few months ago.

But now, report Rush & Molloy, Jay could be on his way back -- again -- to start his own label, with a guy who used to be his rival. He and Lyor Cohen of Warner Music are talking about putting together the Carter Music Group (a reference to Jay-Z's real name, Shawn Carter).

"He wouldn't mind having a small label for the talent he discovers," says a source. "He'd let somebody else do the heavy lifting."

Party Favors: Conan Still Protected from Alleged Priest Stalker ... K-Fed – Fashionista? ... Emmitt Smith Does Dirty Work

The Boston priest who allegedly stalked Conan O'Brien with some creeptastic letters still has to stay away from Conan, a Manhattan judge ruled yesterday. David Ajemian was in court yesterday with his parents by his side, and will have to come back March 8 to face possible trial. ... While Britney goes all nutzo in L.A., K-Fed will be fully fabulous in NYC, attending the Marc Jacobs show, reports ... Emmitt Smith did some dirty work at the Super Bowl, washing the world's largest dish for Dawn. Don't believe the sell-out? Check this out.


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I can't live where a person died......

2451 days ago


-Im surprise they only spike it to 25,000p.m,,,the real estate market in manhattan is run by vultures...
-jay z had a comeback?
-at least conan can tell the gender of his #1 fan....

2451 days ago


To Proud2b, your coment has not relevance to people paying $25,000 a month to rent a place. So please, take your political drama somewhere else. thank you.

2451 days ago

Lenn K.    

#2 If you vote for a person because of his color and don't know what he stands for you are dumb or vote for a woman because you're a woman. Tom Joyner is in the same mold as Jessie and Al, they don't really want to deal with the real issues that are facing the black community such as out-of wedlock births, crime, fathers not being fathers and education being very important. No they just stick to the same things and that's telling blacks it's the white mans fault.

2451 days ago


Posted at 9:08AM on Feb 7th 2008 by proud2b
You are a complete idiot, here in america anyone can say what they want. We also have the ability to vote for who whe want for any reason we want. I am not sure if your racist against blacks or just black men, but as a White woman I will tell you to shut up, again my right. I know that when it comes election time and Hillary or Barak are on the ticket, a whole lot of White men are going to be voting against them no matter who is running against them for the only reason that it will be a white man running, Does this make it right, no, will they come out and publicly say it, no, but it will happen. There will be no difference in women voting for hillary, black people voting for barak., and white men voting for the white man.... It is a sad but accurate reflection of life.. To say it is onesided is ignorant and fits an agenda and proganda of your own. Will this be the rule for all people, no, fortunately there are some intelligent people still left who will be able to vote for the best canidate regardless of color or gender, and make an informed decision. Will you be one of those people? I seriously doubt it.

2451 days ago


LOL, man Conan, that's good news.
Emmitt, you pulled off "Dancing With The Stars" and won. I'm not sure washing the plate worked, but I still like you. You're a class act.
For all my impersonators and readers, I will be gone all day. Just wanted to clear that up. Have fun TMZ'ers. :)

2451 days ago

brit supporter    

The vacancy rate here in NYC is far more than one percent ...... the Post lies ...... the foreclosure market is even higher. Anyone who would pay 22k a month for a dumpy loft on Broome with no view has to have a drug problem. NYC is the rip off capital here in the states and anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool.

2451 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

Shane, unless you know that where you are living is new construction on land that has been filled from open water, you have no way of knowing whether anyone died in the place you're living. My house is almost 200 years old so I know that SOMEONE has died here. It doesn't bother me at all.

2451 days ago



Regarding Heath Ledger: Excuse me, but - Heath Ledger wasn't some putz that couldn't read or understand the most basic of instructions... Now, the DEA is making his death - and how he obtained that many different drugs at the same time - a top investigation priority. Doesn't the DEA have better things to do? You know, cocaine from Columbia, heroin from Afghanistan and Africa... does the DEA really, REALLY need to make this a high-profile case? Heath made some terrible choices - common sense, self control and some psychotherapeutic intervention could have made a life and death difference not only with Heath, but also thousands like him. The answer to ones' problems is NOT in a prescription bottle!

As to the renting of his loft, that's Manhattan real estate for you... the Dakota is still a landmark, and is still featured on many NYC bus tours: "The Place Where Where John Lennon Died". Expect the same for Ledger's Broome Street building. They'll make a mint... death sells...

2451 days ago

Abe Lestz    

Their are black recist as well as white racist the blacks vote for their kind weather they know if the person that they vote for will help them or nor not. and a lot of people are followers thay is why Oprah got behind Obama she is the worse of them all because she knows her moron followers will listen to her their are much to much hero worshippers and the Kennedys if by any chance Obama gets in will be putty in the Kennedys hands

2451 days ago


Jay-Z looks like Jimmie Walker (JJ) from Good Times in that picture. DYNOMIIIIIIIIIITE!!!!!!!!

2451 days ago


Baseball junkie--I did live in a house where the person died and it was haunted as hell! So, I did build my own house and it's all good now.......

2451 days ago


Come ON TMZ! Wake up... it's 7:38am PST, where is our Britney news? It's 10:38pm in NY where I am... so hurry up!!!

2451 days ago


to the people that think jay-z never made a comeback...the truth is he never really left...jay-z is accredited to being the best rapper alive..that saying still holds true. not to mention the fact that should jay-z ever want to stay retired from hip-hop, he still makes more money than most people dream about due to his clothing lines, record sales, promotional gigs, any artist he produces tracks on and so forth...he is a true business mogul and has taken his genius as a rapper and turned it into a multi-million dollar empire..and if all else fails...he still has beyonce...between the two of them, money will never be something they hurt for...

2451 days ago


I really can't believe Heath Ledger death was an accident. On prescription medication? come on! When going to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription med. Pharmacies write in the name of the customer in there computers look at what other meds. are being taken and right away the computer notice the pharmacist that the meds shouldn't be taken together at the same time or they shouldn't be taken together at all. After that pharmacist calls the doctor of the costumer lets the doctor know whats going on; then the Dr. decides whats best, either takes away the medication or lowers the mg of the medication or lets patient know they shouldn't be taken at the same time. How could Heath not know to much med isn't good all at once......... It doesn't take a rocket scientist to firgure that out.

2451 days ago
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