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Out on a Limb

2/7/2008 1:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Yo! It's Sylvester Stallone's 61-year-old pumped-up arm!

Believe it or not, Stallone has admitted to using human growth hormone and testosterone to prepare for his role in "Rambo."


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This comment is for Eric (comment 25) If you would just pull you head out of you a@@ for one second, you would see that to much of anything is bad for your health. I understand that you work out every day and while doing so pose in the mirror and say " I am a GOD". However you are WRONG. Your clear misunderstanding of good health leads me to believe that all the protein shakes you drink have made you a fool. Deep down in that caveman like brain of yours, by calling everyone else FAT TARDS/FAT COWS you feel one insult closer to forgetting those days back in jounior high, when you were picked last for the team, your nickname was BLUBBER BOY, and the girl of your dreams would say "Eric, you are my best FRIEND."Truth sucks, HUH?? Well, just slam another potein shake do a few more reps and soon you will be a GOD once more.

2447 days ago


DISGUSTING! I'm going to throw up now! HE IS NO GOVERNOR ARNOLD S. THAT'S FOR SURE! Arnold is also in shape and looks great but he doesn't look like that!

2447 days ago


he needs to be ironed out!

2446 days ago


listen, i am 48, i look very similar to sly's physique, i have the veins, i eat very very healthy and i've never in my life taken hgh or roids, i simply eat very low fat, hi protein, lots of veggies and fruits and some chicken and fish. my point is for all you negative minded simpletons that are out of shape, this look is a healthy look. and i bet sly's heart rate is very low. i admire older people who still are youthfull at heart.........not most of you brainwashed idiots who think you're supposed to be in a rocking chair at people like sly, the glass is half full, you people just don't get it..........go sly!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2446 days ago



2446 days ago



2446 days ago


1) Those are blood veins.
2) Everyone, even you, looks like that under the body fat.
3) Visibility of veins is indirectly proporitonal to body fat percentage; the lower, the more visible.
4) Testosterone is "The Sex Hormone", so, no, he wakes up with "morning wood" and has no issues with libido.
4.1) As a rich celeb, he has a doctor.
4.1.1) Who monitors his hormones, stress indicators, and liver (hepatic) values.
4.2) He has a legal prescription for the drugs he takes.
5) Testies (balls) shrivel due to an over-abundance of Testosterone (i.e. exogenerous source)
5.1) Testie size recovers when demand is placed apon them (i.e. no longer "taking T")
5.2) This is due to hormones wanting to be in balance; there is a cycle of hormones, Testosterone is one of them.

2437 days ago


he lookzS so HOT..!!

2432 days ago


JUST kIidding... honestly he lookz like kind of orange! dont you think??

2432 days ago


Thanks for the great info...

2425 days ago

Randy TentPeg    

Leave Sly alone dudes, he rocks and looks amazing for his age. Check out his training video for Rock Balboa - The dude is 62 and he still goes like a veritive train....more tea vicar?

2380 days ago
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