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Lindsay Likes it Naked

2/18/2008 11:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan attempted to channel the sex appeal of one of her "idols," Marilyn Monroe, in a photo shoot by Bert Stern, for New York Magazine. Rehab is a girl's best friend!
LindsayLohan does Marilyn Monroe
La Lohan had no problem stripping and assuming the same poses Monroe did in her infamous "last sitting" for Stern -- 46 years ago. Clad in not much more than diamonds and sheer fabric, Lindsay did the naked shoot with her younger sister, Ali, looking on. Such a good role model.


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Ewwwwwwwww. Ewwwwwwwwww. Ewwwwwwwww.

2404 days ago


Of course she's no Marilyn. By the time she was 21 Marilyn had already accomplished absolutely nothing.

2404 days ago


-Maryln Monroe would be considered fat these days! example, look at how dolly parton looks emaciated just to keep up with the trends, she was meaty back in the 80' lilo have the sex appeal, its high powered di*kweeds she needs to bang to embodied some class, just like maryln...

2404 days ago


I posed naked wearing an old hat, but the Paps were'nt there. It just ain't the same, baby. My husband is in a laffin' fit...gotta go.

2404 days ago


Is she for real!!!!????? She is such a skanky looking trailer trash piece of crap..

2404 days ago

big balls    

can't and if I could... I wouldn''s called class and self respect. Something the "young stars of today" are clueless about. P.S. why r u a woman trying to pose as a man? I thought that from your first comment...guys just don't say things like that...whatever...don't care anyways come on girl friend show us them girls

2404 days ago


saggy boobs.

2404 days ago

Lenn K.    

Lindsay hasn't had this many hits for almost a year and she had to get naked to do it.

2404 days ago


The picture looks fine and a lot more real then, IMO what the photography in Playboy has turned into.

Playboy used to have outstanding pictorials, but now their pictures all look computer altered/retouched to the point of unattractiveness. It has nothing to do with the women in the magazine, it has everything to do with the pictures and the way they seem to have been retouched.

I would love to see a Playboy double issue. One containing pictures unaltered and a second issue with the same pictured retouched. I prefer pictures unaltered..

2404 days ago


For those of you who have saggy real boobs, it's ok, just wear a good bra. Putting them out there on film is a job for National Geographic Magazine. My boobs don't sag yet, and I'm waaaay over twelve. Personally I would never display them for money. LL has boobs that would best be displayed in anti-gravity mode, lying down that is. Just wait, she will get them lifted, they are her cash cows....pun intended.....

2404 days ago


guys don't say things like that

are you kidding me, if they aren't sayin it they are thinkin it and if you have ever been to mardi gras or sturgis you would know see that woman over 30,40 50, flash there t@tts all the time much to the delight of themselves and others,i think some men should not be allowed to go shirtless they are so dam sexy.same diff

2404 days ago


this picture don't look all that great. she's not special as a blonde. it would've bee hot if she did it as her natural redheaded self.

2404 days ago


PATHETIC ATTEMPT TO KEEP MAKING MONEY....what next a crotch shot? Your run is over freckled stupid white whore.

2404 days ago


94. Lindsay is NO Marilyn.......Lindsay is a "STUPID" whore and I wish she would go away - YUCK

Posted at 11:29AM on Feb 18th 2008 by Kim

Uh seriously, how is a "STUPID whore" any different from Marilyn Monroe? I mean Marilyn Monroe was a crackhead whore who took of her clothes for attention and money!! She was just as much of a whore as Lindsay Lohan and even more of a drug addict, because HER DRUG HABIT KILLED HER.

Only difference between them is Lindsay HOhan got freckles, I mean even Marilyn MonHOE had breast implants (silicone injections!)

2404 days ago



I don't imagine many people would want to see them anyway. Not that any reputable magazine would ask you.

2404 days ago
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