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Brit's Visit is Over!

2/23/2008 5:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney's visitation with her boys ended at noon today, and K-Daddy's bodyguard grabbed the kids and left Brit's home at the Summit in a hurry.

Hopefully this visit with her kids can get the popwreck back to normalcy. Whatever that is!


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Trust me, folks-- for an adult, 3 hours seems short, but to 1 and 2 year old children that is a very long time!!! I would say almost too long for a re-introduction after almost 2 months. Please remember this is not about what's best for Britney, but what's best for those boys.

It is VERY important that the boys be home to have lunch AS USUAL and to take naps AS USUAL (actually I'd be surprised if the little one didn't MISS a morning nap). Otherwise, their whole day will be upset and they might associate being upset with seeing MOM. And we want to keep SEEING MOM as positive an experience as possible!

I only hope that she is truly getting better for those boys and not simply having her symptoms concealed by her lack of freedom to flaunt her issues/illnesses in front of the media.

2413 days ago

tuna marie    

elle sounds like she is mentally sick herself. get a clue you pile of dirt.

2413 days ago

i-fed up of fedex    

I can't believe that we are taking apart the visit. For all we know they had naps played ate whatever...
She is their mom. She probably looked after them better than KFed in the beginning anyway (yes yes hsout at me if you want....). Just because you see a kid cry in a car (because of paps flashing) doesn't mean she's the world worst mom...

There are plenty of dads that look like father of the year just because in front of everyone the run up and hug their kids (isn't that what got him daddy of the year?!) .....

Appearances can be deceptive. That is why magazines makes so much money.
Buying them doesn't mean you have to buy into it!!!

2413 days ago

Mr. Hat    

Re: ....................

No, she only started AFTER she kicked him out.

2413 days ago

Mr. Hat    

Hey .................,

If you have 4 kids and no custody you must be as bad a mom as I am!!!

2413 days ago

Mr. Hat    

To elle needs help:

Elle makes sense. YOU don't.

2413 days ago



2413 days ago


Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, just a bunch of
bottom feeders who have one thing in common. Prostituting them
selves at any cost. And sadly Britney has paid the highest cost.
Her children. When putting your naked body in the lime light before
your children is just sad. These three females have turned into the
Great American Joke. Pathetic.

2413 days ago

me was worth watching.....a speeding glad ms. britney has a 2nd chance........some people never get a 2nd chance.......

2413 days ago

Mr. Hat    

Tired of it all:

You have succinctly said it all.

2413 days ago

i-fed up of fedex    

Jennie. That's someone who's just bored.

2413 days ago

i-fed up of fedex    

But she'll probably have the last laugh.

2413 days ago

Mr. Hat    

Bored and nasty.

2413 days ago


Do you feel if she does well and warrants having supervised visits with her kids that it is still not deserved....question for the cynics???

2413 days ago


Araunah, #42....I so agree with you and it ticks me off as well for someone to make such an ignorant comment about Bi -Polar Disorder, like you said with or without medication, the things described by Ruth are not the norm and just shows how uneducated some people are about this disorder.
I work with AND have family members who suffer from this disorder and none of the comments on "what people with bipoar" do is correct or accurate. Very sad, and I applaud you Arau for speaking up.
Also, as far as Brit none of us know what is really going on with her....I mean really. The diagnosis of Bi-Polar is a very tricky one, and could be misdiagnosed. Drug induced psychosis can be in fact misdiagnosed as Bi-Polar Disorder. I am not saying that is the case for her...I wish her nothing but the best in whatever is REALLY happening in her life....for her and her boys, but a label does not tell the story. God Bless her and her children, and hopefully she is on the road to recovery. JMO

2413 days ago
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