Hoff to Pam: One French Maid, Pleeeze!

2/25/2008 9:32 PM PST
Maybe the best divorce papers ever. A judge has just given David Hasselhoff the green light to retrieve some of his stuff at the family home.

Pamela Bach must let David into the Encino home to remove the following items:

- Boy with horn located in the African room
- Dolphin located in the African room
- Green elephant located in the African room
- African pipe -- same room
- Ivory tusk
- Elephant foot and two elephant stools (great for parties)

David can also pick up his weights, a piano, Ted Williams memorabilia, an antique barber's chair, recording equipment and, oh yes, a "French maid."

The Hoff gets his other stuff as well. Check it out in the legal docs.