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Bank to Jacko: It's Your Last Pony Ride!

2/26/2008 6:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson is going the way of many American homeowners these days, only this foreclosure is a real circus.

FOX 411's Roger Friedman is reporting the King of Debt has just received word from Financial Title Company, the trustee of Neverland, unless he ponies up the $24,525,906.61 he owes on the monstrous mansion by March 19, it will be put up for public sale on the steps of the Santa Barbara County Courthouse!

A search on the Santa Barbara County Recorder website confirms that a "Notice of Trustees Sale" was filed yesterday by Financial Title Company.

Friedman reports that it won't just be the house for sale either -- it'll be everything. That means all of Jacko's personal property that's still inside the house (Peter Pan, is that you?!?), appliances, fixtures, rides, games and all "merry go round type devices." The report says everything that isn't nailed down must go -- and cheap!

A call to Jackson's rep for comment was not immediately returned.

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to whoever buys Micheal Jackson's place..check every nook and cranny because I bet there is some secret hiding spot Micheal hid his pedophile evidence and forgot about a place that size there has to be some secret hiding spots that have been long forgotter..

2432 days ago


i would demolition every inch of drywall. I just would

2432 days ago

Little Chyna "Girl"    

Uh, "Bewildered Bystander?" (read #32 folks ... for some more cop-out, blame everyone else for your OWN mistakes in judgement!) You have the I.Q. of a football bat and the social graces of a golf ball. That list of black men that you find so appealing is damn near 100% DISGUSTING, SOCIETAL MISFITS! They made their own problems by beating on and then murdering women and the QB (not a good one) putting poor defenseless animals through UNIMAGINABLE cruelty with ZERO REMORSE and then lied over and over and over until he HAD TO ADMIT HE LIED 'cause he was nailed by the feds!
I suspect that you're also proud of a social misfit and malcontent IDIOT like DeAngelo Hall, too since he flashed a t-shirt in front of several MILLION viewers who tuned in to watch some football and got an ILLITERATE, PIECE OF FILTH, OVERPAID RACIST proudly defending his felonious BUDDY, (probably in more ways than meet the eye) who electrocuted, beat and killed helpless dogs because they didn't make he and his posse (or homeboys if you prefer) enough money!
GET A GRIP! All of those LOUSY HUMAN BEINGS that you defended are HUMAN FILTH and if you worship and condone their EVIL and think that whites had ANYTHING to do with their downfalls then you are the believer in fantasy that I am very sure that you are! Quit blaming everyone else for YOUR problems! Grow up, get a job, marry the mother of your children and don't commit felonies! Take 'dat wit' ya!

2432 days ago

la cholota    

too bad so sad, the house of ill repute will be no more, karma baby, its called karma! you do crap, it comes back to you big time, the creep is a ped, everyone stop kidding yourself, when he went to the world music awards he showed up with an entourage of 30+ prepubescent boys, not girls people, BOYS! he likes them beanpoles, he likes it when its just starting to come in, bloom, fuzzy as a young chicken, thats his modus operandi, trust me i know!! she dresses like a drag queen, looks like one, speaks in a femmy voice, does not like being black, that cat is whack, has been loser, bye bye

2432 days ago


White people have to be the biggest hypocrites on the face of the planet. You poop on yourselves about a black man that has never been found guilty of anything, yet you ignore white priest that molest boys daily and you ignore Woody Allen who first married a 16 yr old and who recently married his daughter. And you wonder why we call you the devil? YOU PROVE IT!!!!

2432 days ago


To everyone out there who has posted a comment on this story. Did any of you take the time out of your "not so busy schedules" to think that this is probably made up?? Just like everything else written out there......99% of the time Michael himself plants stories to generate publicity for himself. And guess what?? You dimwits have fallen prey to the trap!! Because everyone is commenting, everyone stops what they are doing to read articles, watch television etc when MJ is on. He's a master craftsmen, You don't spend the best part of 40 years in the spotight to wind up skint! Think about it.......This website has previously reported that Britney Spears has $700,000 a month income, she is nowhere near the star MJ is. The guy released Thriller again for the 4th time recently and guess what?? You got was a huge succes!!! I don't think Michael Jackson has or will ever have money worries. Oh and to all those ignorant fools out there........HE WAS NEVER FOUND GUILTY OF ANYTHING!!!! So stop with the pedophile crap and get a life!!

2432 days ago


# 13.. ARE YOU INSANE??? this man is a millionaire!!! Don't tell me he cant afford his ranch, what an insult to those who HAVE struggled! His lack of responsibility is the ONLY thing that has gotten him into this mess.... ridiculous, sympathizer...

2432 days ago


to all who say he was never found guilty of anything...
I guess your childs innocence and sanctity has a price, huh?
oh, the almighty dollar....

2432 days ago


It is sad. I hope he is able to keep it intact. It is a beautiful place.

2432 days ago

Ryan Adams    

Maybe Tom Cruse and katie Holmes will buy and yet another freak show family can live in this house!

2431 days ago

Ryan Adams    

Maybe Tom Crus and Katie Holmes will buy this property and yet another freak show family will live at Neverland.

2431 days ago



2431 days ago



2431 days ago


You know you have to feel bad for Michael. If it weren't for his greedy parents wanting to expolit their kids just so they could fulfill their dreams throught them, maybe at least one of the Jackson kids could've had a chance at being "normal". This isn't the first time we've seen parnets corrupt their kids either. maybe you;ve heard of a mother named Lynne Spears?

2431 days ago


Also to comment #64. That is quite the racist comment. it's people like you who can't let go of the past and YOU are the reason why racism still exists today!! I happen to be white and I never once thought Michael was guilty of anything. Those kids he was accused of molesting was nothing other but their parents "get rich quick" scheme. I mean come on! What kind of parent would allow their kids to sleep over at any grown mans houese no matter how much money he has or his celebrity status. They just knew theuy could accuse. Clearly Michael has problems but he thikns hes still a kid!! He had his childhood ripped away from him....ummm hello Neverland??? Peter pan wasn't the only one thinking he would never grow old!!

2431 days ago
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