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Buddha Belly, Meet Pork Belly

3/2/2008 4:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

From rocker gal to guru in a day! Paris, the eternal attention whore, hit up the Bodhi Tree Bookstore in L.A. with her own personal Shaman!

The two later ventured over to Urth Caffe -- where she gave away a huge diamond necklace to a random stranger ... because her spirit guide told her to!

Check out what the lucky (and confused) girl had to say about it!


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Wow. Hilton fans are some pretty sick posters. Threatening people; accusing all Paris critics of being jealous or overweight; lying. Sheesh...that only supports what most people here are saying. Looks to me that the ones that are jealous and stupid are her fans.

2427 days ago


Remember Imus? Your language is actionable.

2427 days ago

lied about daniel's results?    

Doesnt obama kno that when he steals clinton's ad it only confirms that he cant think of anything for himself. he just uses anything from anybody for his book, his speeches, his ads, to answer questions in a debate. and while we are at it, could you please tell him for me (i cant reach him),

in order to answer the phone at the white house, you need to show up. HE WAS ABSENT FOR 100-PLUS VOTES!!!!!!

2427 days ago

todd lissner anti adult anti wholesomeness activist-----(    

iz that her date?lol cause then thered be hope 4 me!!!but it does look like hes maybe a cool guy who could maybe provide her with sum"herbs" if he wanted 2 lol.

2427 days ago

lied about daniel's results?    

obama is such a phoney.
does he really want us out here to think that those comments came from a 9-year old and a six yea old?
the only people believing that are the masses that follow him blindly without doing their homework.

but i hear some are leaving him ever since they found out he is friends with the guy that bragged
about his attempt to destroy the pentagon by violence. the guy created a organization called the
Weather Underground, and he and obama are friends. Hannity & Colmes did a piece on it on Friday,
and now I hear some of his "loyal" followers are leaving him in droves. 'about damn time!

2427 days ago

lied about daniel's results?    

i kno this is a paris blog, but since u brough up obama;, lets think here.

his wife dont want college grads going into corporate america
SO, is she saying she wants to see america crumble?

he wont wear an American Flag on his lapel.
He could have easily said, I do wear it sometimes, or "If you wish me to wear one, i will."
He could have even say, Well, it doesnt always go with what I have on at the time, but I do have one and am proud of it and I will wear it more often, INSTEAD,
HE FLATOUT made a defense for himself as a reason NOT to wear one.
Then there is the Farrakan thing - - If that is your church and you dont believe with its direction, YOU LEAVE!!!!!! but he stayed.
Then his wife comment thing: She's proud for the first time to be an American
Then there's the wife comments in her College papers referring to Whites as oppressors.
Then there's his relationship with Bill Ayers.
And did you see how painful it appeared for him to denounce Farrakan? (Something aint right, here.)
Check this guy out before he is in a position to turn this nation over to some other government in the world.

People, hear me loud and clear - there are toooo many questionmarks behind this guy - This is our soil we are talking about. Drop this guy like a hot potatoe.

2427 days ago


Gurus don't eat that good.....that's why they eat a lot of snatch! Disgusting Paris.....

2427 days ago


Is she really THAT desperate for a new best friend???

2427 days ago


#107, Obama's wife said she didn't want to see college grads go into the whole coporate scene? But what if they want to? I respect the guy, but he's very ambigious. Most particularly about his plan for "change".

2427 days ago


She goes out with her guru, causes a good time, and in the end no one gets hurt? What's the big deal? I think she manipulated everyone verrry weelll. I must say the whole thing went down very smoothly. It was like a little reality TV without the whole messy contract thing or having to trot across the country with your BFF living like commoners and having to wake up in the morning.

2427 days ago

just wondering    


2427 days ago

richard pierce    

Please don't tell me ANY of you people believe for one moment that was a REAL diamond necklace - Can you spell PASTE!

2427 days ago


Ali your absolutly right no kids. I'll give her 10 points.

2427 days ago


be back gota go unload my bikes right now.

2427 days ago

lied about daniel's results?    

grasshopper, take the time to read your post. Therein lies the kind of flies that Obama and his wife attracts.'
The people who have the guts to admit when they are wrong and who first suppoted him is leaving him.
And then there are the lazy ones that wont do their own research so believe whatever the Obama camp tells

No need to reply to this. you stunk up the place so bad, i'm outta here.

2427 days ago
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