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Britney Teaches Kids "The Fish-Move"

3/5/2008 9:29 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Whatever the judge might say, Britney Spears is getting rave reviews from the kids – the little girls she's teaching at the Millennium Dance Complex, that is.

"Today, first we were dancing slow, and then faster and faster," says 5-year-old Elissa Bouganim to People. "Then we did the fish-move and lots of other fun things." (Unclear what the fish-move is, but sounds "fun.") Elissa's mom Pam also gave Brit a thumbs-up: "Britney has really inspired her. It's just amazing to watch Britney with the kids."

Brit has become a "semi-regular" instructor at Millennium Dance in the past month.

Dina Lohan's Ali-Pimping Begins This Summer

That reality show wherein Dina Lohan will be using her 14-year-old daughter Ali's fledgling career to promote herself is truly becoming reality, with a summer start date.

Us reports that the E! show will be calling "Living Lohan" and that viewers "will go inside the Lohan's Long Island home ... to follow Dina as she works double duty as mom and manager to help Ali try to follow in her big sister's famous footsteps," according to a release.

Ali has already mentioned that she finds people asking for her autograph "a good feeling. Why do we think this isn't going to end well?"

Party Favors: K-Fed Just Overworked, Not Overfed, Says Ex ... J. Lo's Babies Have Ponies Already? ... Paris Appearing on "Earl"

Kevin Federleezy's ex, Shar Jackson, tells everyone to lay off Kev and his golfing belly. "It's daddy weight," she tells Us. "When you are a full time parent, sometimes you can't focus on you." ... Jennifer Lopez is going to serious lengths to take care of lil' Max and Emme. Their room has 600-count crib linens, diamond encrusted rattles, and each kid already has its own Shetland pony, says the Daily Mirror. ... Paris Hilton will be "acting" as herself in a dream sequence on "My Name is Earl." Producers say they wrote Hiltie into the script, but couldn't figure out who to get to play her. So they got Paris to do it.


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2430 days ago


Shar Jackson needs to go have another baby and quit worrying about Kevin being a full time parent he needs to be considering when Britney was sane we always saw her with the kids and no Kevin. Shar Jackson is a peice of crap.

2430 days ago

how dumb    

I'm so tired of Shar Jackson always running to K-Fed's rescue. The woman got DUMPED by him when she was pregnant. She already admitted he cheated on her and was only a good father to their child "until [she] told him to get a job". (Her words in an interview).

So why she keeps humiliating herself by gushing about Kevin all the time is beyond me. She sounds like your typical dumb girl who forever tries to kiss a guy's but in hopes of getting him back. Its kinda pathetic...

2430 days ago


Reply to 18
$$$$ The exs ex lays golden eggs. it"s in her interest not to piss him off< so she sucks up to him like a cheap whore

2430 days ago


K-Daddy needs to lay off the pot, everyone knows it makes you eat, K-daddy needs to get a job, and that big headed ex shar of his needs to go home she is and always will be a loser just like K-fed. Brit will always look better and even her kids look better then hers.

2430 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

Nobody thinks its wrong to hassle the children leaving their dance class? My gosh these gossip mags will stop at nothing to get a morsal. In this case I prefure TMZ's method, just make something up.

2430 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

Nobody thinks its wrong to hassle the children leaving their dance class? My gosh these gossip mags will stop at nothing to get a morsal. In this case I prefure TMZ's method, just make something up.

2430 days ago

Brit is a f*ck up    

Kevin hasn't gained any weight. The pic on x17 w/him swinging the golf club, if you look closely, he has golf balls down his shirt. The media has to blow something out of porportion. That's pretty lame. It's an old golf trick.

2430 days ago


1, Good from Britney. That job is just what she needed. It's good for her and the kids.
2.Shar Jackson gets more MONEY $$$$ if Kevin is portrayed as father of the year and he gets more MONEY $$$$ from Britney's camp. Shar is looking out for support MONEY $$$ and it will have to come from Britney's camp as Kevin is a big LOSER and sperm donor.

2430 days ago

Something smells fishy...    

I think that it's really good that Britney continues to be a positive influence and interact with these kids even AFTER her visitation rights have been restored (to a point). Also, I think Kfed looks good witht he extra weight. At least he doesn't look like a crackhead anymore. Now he just needs to tone it up some."Baby weight," LMFAO, he didn't actually have the kids himself, lol, he just donated the sperm--and that requires a bit of exercise (I hope?). LOL Why should people cut him any slack because he's gaining weight? They never do for Britney...or any other women for that matter.

2430 days ago


It's becoming apparent that the only way she will have a shot at regaining her career, is an air clearing press conference. There is just way too much " 'splaining" to do about the past year of antics. Potential fans are gonna want reassurance she is stable and ready to give the fans her all!

2430 days ago


Being that JLo is hispanic as well as her husband, how long will it be before she has thier ears pierced? Or has she already done that? WHEW!

2430 days ago

who cares    


2430 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

Britney's beginning to act a lot more normal. I think this is just more proof that Lufti was drugging her. If she gets normal when he's not in control anymore than it was his fault.
Giving newborn baby's diamond encrusted rattles is just plain stupid. And buying them ponies when it'll be 5 or 6 years before they're ready to start riding is downright idiotic. Someone needs to give J Lo a reality check. Hers bounced.
Dina Lohan is a bitch. She has no talent so she's going to get rich off her daughter's talent. Assuming that Ali has any. The state should take Ali away from her. Ali should become a ward of the state. She'd have a better chance of a normal life than with her mother or her alcoholic sister.
This is the first time I've eve heard of daddy weight. Taking care of active kids makes you lose weight not gain it. Unless you're drinking a six-pack or eating the equivalent. In which case, you're not taking care of the kids. Shar could use a reality check too.

Go Sox

2430 days ago


You know, I wonder if Britney had little girls instead of boys she would care more about them? She seems to be enjoying her time with these little girls. Just a thought.

2430 days ago
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