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Don't Worry, Matilda Will Be "Taken Care Of"

3/8/2008 8:51 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Heath LedgerHeath Ledger's family was quick to speak out today to quash any ideas that his daughter, Matilda Rose, would not be provided for after his death.

Heath's dad, Kim, released a statement that said, "Matilda is our absolute priority and Michelle is an integral part of our family ... They will be taken care of and that's how Heath would want it to be."

Details of Ledger's will were made public today and it didn't specify anything for his ex-fianceé, Michelle Williams, or their daughter -- that's because it was drawn up back in 2003.


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#7--bozo--you are an idiot.

2330 days ago

Just Sayin    

I'm not surprised that Heath's family would want to take care of Matilda. As for Michelle, she is the mother but she shouldn't be entitled of anything, they were broken up.

2330 days ago


It is nice seeing someone doing the right thing. I wonder if Johnny Williamson and his Famous Brother Kevin Williamson"Ya Know Scream, Dawson's Creek..I know what you did last summer" are doing the right thing by taking taking care of Johnny's two sons.

2330 days ago


Jeebus, people! Lots of people don't make wills at all! Doesn't mean they don't love those they left behind, it usually means they (like many of us) just didn't face their own mortality.

My brother died suddenly 2 years ago without a will and left two kids behind. He loved them more than his life, but didn't think he'd be leaving them at the ripe old age of 28, Like the Ledger family, my parents and I help take care of his kids and will do so from now on.

Let's not bash Heath... because I'm sure he just thought he'd be around for quite a while. And, I already knew his family would look out for Matilda and Michelle, whethere they need the help or not.

2330 days ago


who cares?

2330 days ago


16. who cares?

Posted at 8:21PM on Mar 8th 2008 by f___ you

You do, for starters.

2330 days ago

Bob G.    

Often in situations where a child is born after a parent's will was made (so the will doesn't mention the child) the child can claim a portion of the estate as a "pretermitted" or forgotten heir. Hopefully Michelle's attorneys will clue her to this.

2330 days ago

The truth    

7. A good father would have had his will changed as soon as his child was born, IMHO.
Now that he's dead, it's all hindsight. What, Heath too busy being daddy to remember to include
his only child in the will? Yeah, what a good parent.
Not cool to talk about the dead.Most people don't like to think about it He was a young kid. He wan't being irresponsible or a bad parent. No one know when they're going to de.

2330 days ago

Confused Momma    

Though I think it is great that Heath's family wants to make sure that his daughter is not forgotten, I am a bit confused. How many people in their early twenties, which Heath would have been then, have a will? It is a good thing to have to help ease confusion, but rarely do people that young have one unless they are ill. It makes me wonder what was going on in his mind to do such a thing so early in his life.

2330 days ago


Baseball Junkie: LOL…An email to his attorney requesting an addendum would have taken less time than your last entry. He was young, but in 2003 he obviously thought a will was necessary. As to greedy, reread my first entry. It’s the thought that counts.

2330 days ago


Kim Ledger has shown such class and dignity throughout this awful time in his and his family's life. God bless him. As for the will, it is extremely unusual for such a young person to have one already drawn up; young people think they 're invincible or they simply don't think about death at all. I didn't until I got ill in my mid-30's. Keith was a good actor, on his way to being a great one. If you cannot forgive him his slip with the illness of addiction, it's likely you weren't a fan of his to begin with. If that's true, there's no need for you to be on this or any other site degrading his memory where his child can eventually read all of these remarks. And, good job, Baseball Fan and others, for stepping up in a righteous and dignified manner. Thank you.

2330 days ago


Heath's family should give everything or at least the majority of his estate to his daughter. Anything less than that is just not right. Isnt she the next of Kin. Sure buy the parents a house, but give the rest to Matilda

2330 days ago

Georgia Girl    

God bless Heath and God bless Matilda and Michelle. Their love for each other will last forever.

2330 days ago

He's Boring now    

I thought Heaths Dad was all concerned with where is the VW Van Heath had and loved?

Guess his priority has suddenly changed.

2330 days ago


Heath and his family are good people. Honorable people. It is so obvious that those people adore Heath and little Matilda. They certainly opened their hearts and homes to Michelle. Heath appears to be the type of person who took acting roles for the growth and experience and not the money. I don't think money was his driver. Heath's friends adore him. They miss him. We all miss him - in different ways - and wish his family and friends well. Parents never get over the loss of a child. It is life's greatest tragedy. Give these people some peace. Please.

Now, you commenting kids behave yourself, please.

2330 days ago
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