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We Don't Need Another "Guitar Hero"

3/12/2008 1:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sorry moms, but sitting in front of a TV playing a fake guitar all day actually does pay off!

16-year-old Chris Chike scored a 97% on the Expert level "Guitar Hero III" in New York yesterday -- putting him into the Guinness Book of World Records. Homework, what homework?


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ive beaten expert on all of them but im no where near as good as him. thats crazy

P.S. to all you haters who say its a waste of time and that we should play a real guitar- well i do i play them all the time. i have drums too. you're just jealous you probably suck at this game.

2393 days ago

Gil Egan    

I seriously don't understand how someone would take the time to make bashing comments to a 16 year old kid playing a video game. Especially the guy who said "I've been playing for 20 years and I'm awesome and get laid all the time." Yeah. You're cool.

2392 days ago

Gil Egan    

People keep saying the same thing: "learn to play REAL guitar," "no skill involved," etc. First, it's a game, hence, it's not "real." That's like saying "you play video games?! You're a total loser for not playing "real" hockey, go out and kill "real" terrorists, enter "real" mortal kombat death match martial arts tournaments, etc. These are GAMES!!! Plus, if there is no skill involved, then why isn't everyone who picks up the game scoring 100%? Geez people are rediculous. You've played Monopoly with your friends or family? Wow, what a loser! Why don't you go out and and hustle real estate for real!

2392 days ago


Um this kid is okay at best, you might want to look at Ben the 9 year old he is way better than this kid.....

2392 days ago

Gamertag: "DumHispanic"    

wow man. Good work. I'm 13 and I've been playing this game since Christmas. I'm not as good as him but I can still get 65% (Expert) on this :D. I practice alot and I'm getting better. To the people that say me and the other people that play this game are losers just hop off. Go to work or do something with your life instead of searching for videos on the internet so you can leave comments about how these people are losers just so you feel better about yourself. My gamertag on Xbox live is "DumHispanic". Send me a friend request if you want to play.

2391 days ago


chill out people and guitarist, it's just a video game, he's just 16. yeah, yeah GH doesn't compare to a real guitar, but who cares, at least he's not out joining a gang or cult...and seems to have motivation lol

2390 days ago


Figures, peeps from our tri state area are quick to do everything.

2390 days ago


Wait until DJ Hero drops

2372 days ago



2394 days ago


My son is a master, but I suck.

2394 days ago


O.k. where do I sign up? My son is eleven and scored 97% on his FIRST try! WTF?

2394 days ago



Lie much?

Whatever happened to that other kid TMZ showed that scored a 98? Was he just a con like poster #3?

2394 days ago

Your mom    

Loser cough, cough. Okay, I admit it; I play Rock star I only wish I was this good. Lots of fun though.

2394 days ago


it looks like fun, but i can't play
my 6 yr old is really good, don't know his score though

2394 days ago


Wait until DJ Hero drops. Then we will see what's up.

2394 days ago
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