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Paris Skanks It Up in South Africa

3/23/2008 4:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ever the diplomat, Paris Hilton and BF-of-the-moment Benji Madden partied like Africans at a hastily thrown together publicity event in South Africa on Friday.

Making good on her "promise" to do charity all over the world, Marie Antionette Paris visited a school in Pretoria on Thursday, and then decided to throw herself a soiree the next day at a club in Johannesburg.

People reports Penji (get it?) hung out in the VIP balcony section all night while her fans partied below. At one point, the heirmess announced that she "loved South Africa, the accent and everyone." Charming.

A person in the club says every time Hilton leaned over the balcony, the crowd went nuts.

Let them eat cake.


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for the haters!    

This from another newspaper, Hilty was asked what she thought about South Africa and she replied with this thoughtful little gem: “I love Africa in general — South Africa and West Africa, they are both great countries.”

Wise words, Paris. West Africa’s famous capital city, Timbuktu, is one of my favourite holiday destinations too. HAHAHAHA WAY TOO FUNNY AND STUPID!!!!!

2404 days ago


SKANK HO- it all about how sleazy she can be

2404 days ago


Is anyone really surprised by her lack of knowledge when it comes to anything beside Hollywood? Does anyone remember the interview on Larry King? Her absolutely benign readings of her "writings". Her "conversion" to reading the bible every day and it was all of the teachings in that great book that got her through her ordeal? And then......the question. "What's your favorite passage Paris?" As per Larry. Deer in the headlights hoping its 2 motorcycles coming her way only to fing out its a Mac Truck called the United States of America and the rest of North America is watching your fake ass, quickly responding that, "I don't have one." Ta Da. The end.

To the countries she is visiting, on behalf of the majority in our country, I apologize. Believe us when we say, she is not there representing the U.S.A. in any way shape or form. Our citizens are as sick of this person as anyone that I can remember, up to and including O.J. Simpson. She is a deplorable individual that should not be unleashed on her home country and we "common folk", let alone trying to represent anything abroad. Again, I say to any country that she is visiting, on behalf of the majority of the United States citizens, I apologize.

Someone "ground" her to Redeo drive and be done with it.

2404 days ago

Good Charlotte freak    

The rest of Good Charlotte needs to do an intervention and get Benji the help he desperately needs. He has probably already contracted Herpes but maybe with some intensive therapy, he will begin to realize what a worthless loser this dumb blonde is. All your fans are disgusted Benji. the whole world is laughing. Dump her ass now before it is too late.

2404 days ago

todd lissner anti adult anti wholesomeness activist-----(    

paris iz cool!!!!!!!!!!!

2404 days ago


As a South African I would like to say that it was great to have Paris Hilton here, as well Good Charlotte. I am quite shocked that they would be brave enough to visit South Africa and I hope they make it out safely.

Paris Hilton's shirt is just a rocker girl statement, it's not in bad taste at all. There are hundreds and thousands of rockers in South Africa that dress just the same.

Here in South Africa our president-in-waiting is up on corruption charges and he has admitted to having unprotected sex with an HIV positive girl (and he has four wives and 21 children). In this context, Paris is an angel - pure as the driven snow.

It is actually quite heartwarming to know that people like Paris and the guys of Good Charlotte would care enough to travel all the way here (at great risk) to entertain us. We are very grateful.

2404 days ago

who cares    


2404 days ago


Lee I find your comments absolutely and completely IRONIC. Ahhhh, it's the irony that makes Paris so appealing. It's all in the levels of debauchery. Paris is pure as the driven snow compared to your President. And I thought we had few choices this year for our Presidential race. All your statement does is tell the rest of us what a poor state of affairs your nation is in. If Paris visiting took yours and most of your countries minds off of what's going on with your leaders, then I'm truly happy for you.

However, I say again, for the majority of U.S. I apologize that Paris is trying to represent in any way, shape, or form, the United States of America. We do not, nor will we, endorse Paris Hilton and her shallow, shallow ways. It's old, sad, and at this point, down right disgusting. Again, I say, if she brought your country a bit of respite from what is going on in your upper levels of government, then maybe she has found a calling in providing different countries with some comic fodder.

2404 days ago


This is really unfair reporting by TMZ.

Pais visited Jakaranda Kinderhuis,which is a chain of orphanages/schools. And we can be sure she brought them a little check, although she does charity quietly like most Catholics.

So what if she also throws a parties, she is young and has a right to enjoy life.

2404 days ago


How exactly is Paris Hilton "skanking it up"? She has one boyfriend at a time and that does not make a person a whore. You people need a life.

2404 days ago

800 Pound Gorilla    

Paris haters were raised by weasels.
Princess Paris is sweet and cuddly and talented and beautiful.

800 Pound Gorilla

2404 days ago


What an embarrassment Parisite is for the U.S. Benji won't last long before she is thru with him and on to another fool. Now of course this romance won't last as he is not in her money class and he is not tall enough for her. Scorpio

2404 days ago


Paris, Paris, narcissistic publicity whore. Wow, most people who go to Africa to do charity work do just that - charity work. Even Prince Harry dug trenches and latrines, now I know you could risk breaking a nail but c'mon...Having a party for yourself - did you even think to bring clothing, water or food to the villages around you - probably not because you think of no one but yourself. Benji is going to leave you at the first outbreak and then you will be on to your next conquest. Did you have to beat Nicole and have her man's twin's for your next boytoy - Man, you are insecure aren't's obvious, which I why you feel the need for constant attention. Your rich parents did not help you at all by giving you everything you wanted, when what you truly needed was parenting. You are a very sad, sad excuse for a human being. The people in africa are better now that you are leaving them!

2404 days ago


Does anyone else think that Benji is starting to resemble the dude from the movie "Powder"????

2404 days ago


to #64 -- Lee

I'm sorry, since when did visiting Johannesburg become "dangerous"? South Africa is not a country -- it is a region. Johannesburg is the capital of Gauteng, which is the richest province in South Africa, and tourism abounds there. You are obviously not who you say you are. A publicist, perhaps?

2404 days ago
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