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Coke Fiend Brit Back in Studio?

3/25/2008 12:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Coca-Cola in hand, Britney Spears went to the Alley Kat Rehearsal Studio yesterday -- the same place she rehearsed for her disastrous VMA performance.

It's possible she was preparing for a new music video ... but keep in mind her last one was animated, and ended with a "to be continued."


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Please keep that nappy dugout from peeking at the cameras. I haven't been able to eat an open faced roast beef sandwich in almost a year.

2403 days ago


Sorry, Nor Cal Reader, this is not a pun and it isn't funny. (That being said, your personal story IS funny, but you own it and it made me, and I'm sure many others, laugh!) TMZ, you should be ashamed of yourself. Given her history, and the fact that Britney seems to be making a serious effort at getting well, please give her a break. A lot of people skim these stories and just see the headlines; those are what they remember.

2403 days ago


Instead of putting her down, why not encourage her give her a reason to believe in herself which is what she needs. Self-esteem, you remember that don't you?

2403 days ago

Nor Cal Reader    

Jennie-- I totally understand what you're saying. Sometimes I like to toss a little levity in especially when the overall situation is difficult. I do feel sorry for Brit to an extent. I'm glad her life is getting together. And I do agree with everyone who says that TMZ "misses the ball" more times than not.

2403 days ago

Britney needs to go away - for good    

WHO CARES anymore? Seriously, she is a talentless, crazy ho.

2403 days ago

Area 51    

Anybody know how many minutes are left on the crotchshot countdown?

2403 days ago


I think she's doing good. And she is getting her life together. It's not going to all happen overnight, but it's happening. I didn't see the show she was in but at least she is getting out there trying. Which is more than I can say for some people. So what her recent videos have been crap, that doesn't mean they all will. Why do people have to be so mean to somebody trying to get her life back together? At least she's drinking Coke instead of snorting it, and it's better than the cigs she usually carries!!!

2403 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

If this doesn't prove that she is absolutely addicted to forcing herself into the public eye, then I don't know what would! She keeps sticking her head where it's not welcome, so people will continue to take pot shots at her! I wish she just dig a hole, crawl into it, and pull a big rock over the opening!

2403 days ago

Tom Powers    

I love how she sticks with those cowboy boots.

2403 days ago


It really seems like she is trying to get her life back, i am proud of her! It definitly seems like that manager, sam, was her downfall. He was probably drugging her the whole time!

2403 days ago


Ain't life funny........

The weekend that K-Fed gets booed off stage at his own Birthday party,
Brit-Brit's getting sky-high reviews and even die-hard media critics have nice things to say........

Won't be long til the world gets back to normal! Ah, the good old times!
What goes around...........

2403 days ago


It's great to see a picture of Britney without a thousand photographers around her. My advice for her..... breath baby!!!! Good luck in all you do... you're gonna make it!!!!

2403 days ago


re: #30 / Really Tired of this LOSER!
What??? She's not allowed to go out in public??? Lighten up and look for the good in people instead of needlessly trashing them. It's not cool to be a hater... get the picture??? Continue to hate and you will be hated. Oh.. but I forgot... you're above the rest of us, so you don't care. Get a life!!!!

2403 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Wonder how much money deadbeat K-Dud and his slimeball lawyer Kaplan got from her appearance last night on TV ? It's hilarious that K-Dud got booed in Las Vegas and Britney got rave reviews today. When is K-Dud going to realize that he is a nasty, lazy, loser and most people hate him? He should go back to the gutter where he came from and stop mooching off of Britney. K-Dud is sicker than Britney.

2403 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

I imagine when K-Fed is a bald headed sixty year old, Britney will still be supporting the Old Pathetic Fart. Probably Old Pathetic Fart Kaplan, too.

2403 days ago
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