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Being Bill & Hill Doesn't Blow

4/4/2008 5:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bill and Hill could have been just another couple of retired Prez old farts, figuring out how they would pay their $2 million legal bill for that ... Monica thing.

Turns out, a little scandal pays off in the, er, end. Thanks in part to books about their lives, Billary just reported $109 million in income over the last seven years.

That's a whole lotta cigars and blue dresses, folks.


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OC Get A Life    

eddie pussrecks, forget about the millions of law abiding, loyal, Muslim American citizens who have faced endless discrimination from all levels of US society since 911, and even forget about those Muslim Americans who nonetheless love this nation enough to volunteer to serve in Iraq and Afghanistan based on the lies of the Bush administration.

But how are all the Muslims in the world a threat to the US? The only global superpower left with the greatest nuclear arsenal and the only nation in the history of man to have the audacity to use that nuclear weaponry not once but twice on a crippled opponent.

The Muslim majority globally wants the same things the majority of Americans want - peace and prosperity.

The rest of the extremist political and religious dialogue from Hagee to Robertson and from AL-Queda to the Iranian President is not representative of the majority of Christians or Muslims.

Hope, love, and understanding will always in the end be vitorious over hate, ignorance, and evil.

2401 days ago

watch the game before commenting    

Why all the hate? You are mad because of what his pastor said so then you turn around and make hateful comments? Doesn't that sound like hypocrisy to you? Do you know what it is to be a biracial child in the time he was born? No so stop talking about him throwing his grandmother under the bus. He said she spewed racial things that made him cringe but he still loves her and you saying he threw her under the bus. Do you know what she was saying because if you read his book you would know she did not like the fact that his mother was in a relationship with a black. So imagine what was said to them. Imagine what your mother would say to you if you went and did something she didn't approve of.
Obama is the best that we have right now not because he is black but because the whole world is fed up with Americans and if we show them that we are a true democracy then they will understand us better. We have a McCain who believes Iran is a threat and even sang the bomb bomb bomb Iran song. Do you know what that means when he becomes the president? The draft will be back because we are already stretched too thin as a military. My brother has been there twice.
The Clintons' have been taking donations from Saudis, the Sheik of Dubai, and other foreign nations. Do you know what that means? The Clintons' owe.
So ask yourself this question are you using the Wright situation for an excuse to not vote for Obama or does it really insult this country for you to jump on him for what his Rev. said. Oh yeah if you google Ron Paul you will find out he said the same thing Wright said but just in a different voice. Do research and stop using the media to give you the information.
I will be voting for Obama not because he is black but because he is a normal person. His income brackets shows that he isn't no millionaire like billary or MCCAIn who don't understand everyday problems all americans suffer. I believe he reallly want to put America on the right track because if we don't we won't just be worrying about Iraq. We will be worrying about Iran, Afghanistan, North Korea, Russia, Venezuela and all the other nations of Bush "axis of evil" he made feel inferior. He will bring change to America. So if you don't want to vote for Obama stop using the Wright controversey for an excuse and just don't vote for him but if you think he is too inexperienced remember our other inexperienced presidents: Bill Clinton, John Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln.
So stop falling for the lies and hate and think farther into our nation's future.

2400 days ago


I think the post above.. Obama haters.. is a little out of touch with why AMericans are so upset with the Rev. Wright rant and with the many Obama supporters who rant on and on about race. Obama says he speaks of hope and change, in reality he speaks of hate and change, and its this that gets many folks wide eyed in the morning when they see this stuff on the news. I myself have noticed this too. Like yesterday, Martin Luther King jr's anniversary of his assassination. After all these years I have never seen such a media flood about this murder, why now??? Because the media and the Obama campaign are using this for politcal gain in some aspect camparing Obama with Dr. King on the grounds that Obama is half black. Well Obama is no Dr. King and for him or any of his supporters to say any different would be a fraudulent statement. I feel Obama and his campaign have been playing this race card well before the nomination process began. The change he speaks of is worrisome at best. His diplomatic intelligence is lacking in a time of war, yet he still talks of race. Enough!! Lets get to the real issues of war and peace first. Don't bog down the country with race issues from 150 yrs. ago. Are country is going through change right now and it has nothing to do with Obama and race. It has to do with advancing our society as a country, not vice versa.Look, this war won't go away over night. These terrorist will get stronger if we don't stop them. They bred their young to kill Jews and Christians. We need someone who can help, not weaken the nation and I don't believe Obama is the answer. He does speak of hate , he just covers it with pretty words and has his supporters do his dirty work for him.. very scary man, in a very scary time... buyer beware...

2400 days ago

OC Get A Life    

heyy, either you dropped out of school in America in the third grade or you went to John Hagee Highschool. Racism, bigotry, homophobia, and mysoginy are very alive and well in America today - and the statement that it is an issue from "150 years ago" is about as staggeringly stupid a statement that any Clinton supporter has made at TMZ in the last 48 hours, and that frankly is quite an honor, so congratulations.

Now, would you explain, if Senator Obama has such control of the media, why he would not have stopped the day and night coverage of the out of context clip of the Wright speech on every major network: FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, and CNN as well as 99% of the internet with the added bonus of relentless and false bigoted and racist attacks by Clinton supporters and fear mongers?

It is illogical and offensive to the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, to state that the media, has somehow utilized the anniversary of his assination to promote Senator Obama, in the alternative, it could be to rebutt the offensive statements and stands of President and Senator Clinton that Dr. King was not responsible for the Civil Rights Act and indeed it was President Kennedy's Vice President who only supported it in a failed attempt to divert the countries attention from his foreign and domestic policy disasters after the assisnation of President Kennedy.

Finally, there has been absolutely no media coverage of equal time, intensity or duration of the racist, bigoted, and offensive statements of Rod Parsely, Billy Graham, William Graham, Pat Robertson, and other extremists with ties to Nixon, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, Senator Clinton, and Senator McCain. I wonder what the difference is between Wright a decorated Marine who has spent a lifetime of altruistic Chritian service to Americans of all backgrounds, and Senator Obama, and the aforementioned individuals?

The next time you wish to post your ignorant and smear laden rhetoric, make certain that your audience is either as uneducated and hateful as you are, or that you have control of all communication as Senator Clinton does at any press conference or media event.

America needs facts not fiction - truth not deception - and change and solutions in 2008.

2400 days ago


Bill, I hope you received my $3,000,000 check for your 10 minute speech in Peking last year. It must of been a good speech - although none of the 45 stooges I sent understood english. Wen Jiabao - Prime Minister China P.S. FYI - the nuclear secrets you sent us from your New Mexico labs in 1999 are very helpful. We are anxiously awaiting Hillary's first term so we can continue enhancing our military capabilities. I strongly suggest naming dummies like Mad. Albright to her cabinet so that we can continue keeping the american people in the dark on our dealings.
PS.Iwill keep guite abt the 18 millions you got from the Saudis.

2400 days ago


That doesn't even take into account the money they took from Peter Paul and didn't claim to the FEC. I hope some mainstream media will be reporting the Paul VS Clinton court case starting April 12. It smell to high heaven and it needs to be aired out.

2400 days ago


How cozy that one of Shrillary's top strategists is a Washington lobbyist. What does THAT tell you?

Do a hunt in Google for Paul VS Clinton and see what's coming down the pike. Call me silly but I'm hoping that Hillary faces the felony charges she deserves.

2400 days ago

Patrick you're an idiot    

For all of you that think that the Muslim population is not a threat....OPEN YOUR EYES.

This is the reason that Rome and Greek empires disappeared...because of dilusional fools such as your selves.


I would NEVER vote for Obama....NEVER. Colin Powell yes, but not a man that hates America, hates white and yes - has a hidden agenda.

Blacks are only voting for him because he is black.....Sorry - truth hurts!

2400 days ago


Don'tcha love how all of these mutimillionaires try to pitch themselves as being for the little guy!?!? It would be interesting to find out where some of that money came from. The Clintons are completely corrupt.

2400 days ago


TMZ has always been an Obama supporter. BTW, TMZ, the Clinton's legal bills due to the Republican Inquistion when they left the WH were $12 million. So you are upset that Bill Clinton made $52 millioin in speaking engagements over sseven years jsut like any other past President makes money on speeches, bet you would be more upset if he charged for more than 20% of them, 80% of his speeches he gives for free. Then they made $50 million in that same seven years on books sales - should the they tell people to not buy their books? Why are you so upset that a private citizen, such as Bill Clinton is now making money, TMZ? How much money did Harvey make last year by trashing celebrities?

2400 days ago


Let's see they Clinton's made $109 million in seven years, paid 33% in taxes by not looking for every loophole, and gave 10% to charity. How much did the Obama's give to charity, oh, yes, it was less than 1%.

You can find 30 years of returns on the Clinton's on the internet, I just went back a few years and picked out a couple.

1998 Income $197,651 Charity $18,114 9%
1990 Income $268,646 Charity $36,875 13.7%
1998 Income $504,109 Charity $161,938 32%
1999 Income $416,039 Charity $39,200 9.4%

The Obama's made over a million last year and live ina multi-million dollar home even before the Presidency, Bill Clinton only made $35 thousand a year when he was Governor of Arkansas for all those years, are we to begrudge him now?

2400 days ago


I was watching Hannity and Colmes the other night. Remember the outrage over Geraldine Ferraro's comment regarding Obama? Well, it happens that she's not the only one who's said that Obama's in the position he's in because he's black. On the show, Sean Hannity produced a speech Obama gave last year. It turns out that Obama said the same thing about himself.

2400 days ago

OC Get A Life    

gracelee 1953, your entire comment has been rebutted and so have you and your uneducated, illiterate, and hate mongering, unChristian, racism, so please either learn to read, turn off Fox News, or simply move to one of the many Aryan compounds in the US because whether you like it or not, the truth is your kind of person would never vote for anyone except a caucasian, and so, your input to this process is about as relevant to the DNC as the Reverand Martin Luther King Jr.'s speech in Washington was to the Ku Klux Klan.

And as for you, Alexa, Fox News is a global laughing stock, I would not pride myself in sourcing that outlet of low-brow misinformation as any proper or objective source of information for political discourse in America. And, as for Sean Hannity, he has been completely discredited for being best friends with a neo-Nazi. Hannity when challenged on this while on live, denied it and lied about the relationship not existing, but subsequently, the neo-Nazi has emerged and provided proof of the friendship as well as evidence of his relationship with Hannity going back to the time Hannity was a radio talk show host.

Misinformation, slander, and hate, have worked in the past to derail everyone from Senator McCain by GW Bush to Al Gore by President Bill Clinton - but America is now in too much of a crisis and it is time for honor, principle, and truth, to once again revive the American empire. Take your hate and go elsewhere - America is for ALL Americans.

2400 days ago


And let's not forget that among Senator Obama's earmarks was a $1M request for a new pavillion at the hospital where Michelle just happens to work.

2400 days ago



2400 days ago
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