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Heath's No Joke as Face of Batman Flick

4/14/2008 8:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It looks like there won't be any shying away from Heath Ledger as the main attraction in the upcoming Batman movie.

The Daily Telegraph in Australia reports that chilling images of the late Ledger as the Joker are a prominent part of the promo package for "The Dark Knight," slated for release in July. Amongst the snaps is one with Ledger dressed in a nurse's uniform and surgical mask and pointing a gun right into the camera.

In another one, he's "creepily peering" through a window with the phrase "Why So Serious" scrawled in blood.

Paris, Kim K, Amy Fisher ... Marilyn Monroe?

As long as there've been sex symbols, there have been sex tapes – and it appears that the original bombshell herself, Marilyn Monroe, may have one of her own.

The New York Post reports that MM hums along quite nicely during the 15-minute tape, shot on 16 mm, with an unidentified man. The tape was just bought by a New York businessman for $1.5 million, according to the memorabilia collector who brokered its purchase.

The Feds apparently had the tape for years, but a copy has been floating around for years. Joe DiMaggio may have offered $25K for the flick, in which Marilyn is "instantly" recognizable from her, er, mole.

Rowling to Fan – Stop Hogwarting My Stuff!

Get your pointy-hatted head around this: A guy creates a "Harry Potter" fan site, J.K. Rowling loves it – then turns around and sues the guy when he tries to make a buck or two off his creation.

That's exactly what'll transpire today in U.S. District Court in New York, when Rowling takes on Steven Vander Ark, charging that he's stealing her material for his book, the "Harry Potter Lexicon." The book is based on a website of the same name, which Rowling apparently loves.

Rowling has a net worth of approximately $1 billion.

Party Favors: Mooseheart Doggin' It with Chapman ... Russell Simmons Also Blabs on BeJay ... Shaq and Mrs. Shaqa Patching It Up?

TMZ got these exclusive snaps of Duane "Dog" Chapman workin' the crowd – and raising $30K along with wife Beth for the Mooseheart School in Illinois, where kids without parents live and learn under the aegis of the Loyal Order of Moose fraternal organization. ... Russell Simmons tells that Beyonce and Jay-Z getting married is "a perfect order" and that he's "very happy" for them -– oh, wait, they got married, did they? – and that his own divorce from Kimora is a done, done deal. ... Meanwhile, the New York Post reports that Shaquille O'Neal and wife Shaniqua may be reconciling, despite Shaq's divorce-battle contention that the wife essentially stole from him.


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I think demonic would be a better word for the "joker".

2347 days ago


$1 billion dollars? Holy S*hit.

2347 days ago


Ummm...about the Marilyn Porn--soooo not true--That film was proven years ago not to be Marilyn(as true MM fans know)--and any real fan knows....that mole moved around a lot! No proof there--God when will they stop trashing her name....TMZ--you are getting so tired--do you ever do anything besides bash people and steal stories from unreliable gossip columns>?

2347 days ago


JK Rowling has every right to stop this fan's book from being published. It's one thing to run a site for free and quite another to sell a book with the same information. It's her story, her characters, her right to be the only one to capitalize on them. Seems pretty straight forward to me. It doesn't matter how much she is worth, this guy is trying to profit from her copyrighted work. I hope she wins the case.

2347 days ago


ummm, if that's the so-called marilyn porno tape I think TMZ is talking about, the woman in it doesn't look like her at all!
If you google it, you probably can find photos from the tape, as this fool is still claiming it's MM... and it is obviously NOT Marilyn.

2347 days ago


No one gets excited over an old sex tape any more. This isn't the 1950s.
We all do the deed no?
Oh Marilyn. Forever young and beautiful.

2347 days ago



2347 days ago


All I am saying if my wife bought a guy an Island it would be over and I would make her life a living hell. I would get rid of the golddigger and get me Chinese women and tell her your job is to look after these kids and f**k me on a regular basis. No way I would reconsider the marrige. Unless she get out there and make the money she spent. Be a whore everyone else is.

2347 days ago

Lenn K.    

Happy for Russell Simmons parting from that nutcase Kimmora, the MM sex tape would be interesting. She was a Icon. Alot of respect for JK Rowling, anyone that was on welfare 15 years ago and is now a billionaire shows hard work win out.

2347 days ago


As far as the Heath report goes, yeah, I heard about that, but what's even more newsworthy is that Warner Bros was considering taking out an even more disturbing piece of the film because test audiences have been responding to this one scene negatively, but I'm happy to report that they have, for the time being, decided to leave the scene in because you can't please everyone and this has become more and more like a tribute to Heath, which he readily deserves. BIG THUMBS UP TO WARNER BROS, Now let's cross our fingers that they won't change their mind again!!!

2346 days ago

IDIOTS--The Lot of u    

Shaniqua....her name is Shawnie or at least she goes by that. Why exactly did you pick that name??

2346 days ago

idaho potato    

Regarding your notes on Marilyn Monroe: This was proven to be a fraud more than 20 years ago. Someone speaks (or writes) a lie, so it's true?

"A memorabilia collector brokered the purchase." That is laughable! "The Feds apparently had the tape for years..." Unbelievable. Think about the alleged story and it doesn’t even make sense. "...a copy has been floating around for years." Huh? And no one has ever seen it!

Who said that is true? Who said he did? It NEVER happened. There is no MM porn tape. Everything tmz wrote is a lie and a big scam.

Believe what is proven or factual. TMZ is a fat crow picking at the bones of the dead.

2346 days ago

ziggy stardust    

As far as JK Rowling, this is all about setting precedent. Yes, one person on one website that maybe makes a few bucks off of a person worth over a billion perhaps isn't a big deal. It's Rowling's absolute right, legally and ethically, to put a stop to it. But really what this ends up being is to place precedence on this. Meaning that if Rowling let this one slide and let this person actually profit for Rowling's work without a contract in place or some other type of approval, it will just open the floodgates for anyone else in the world to start trying to do this with Rowling and that's when the legal battles, bills, wasted time, blah blah blah will end up happening. Better to stop this now than deal with the thousands of copycats later.

2346 days ago


I agree that JK Rowling has the right to stop the book. I think, though, that she would approve it and even sign copies if it were a British writer and publisher.

2346 days ago


It's ridiculous...if it weren't for your fans you'd be NOTHING Rowling!! She also sued India for making a paper mache replica of Hogwarts for kids at a festival. Get real! How much friggn money do you need you greedy B&^%$!
As for the Lexicon, hundreds of Star Trek and Star wars fans have done the same over the years, and we all know it didn't put a dent in that billion dollar industry.
Keep in mind kids are fickle, Harry Potter will only be popular for so long, then the next great book or movie series will come along. Suing your fans isn't going to indear you to yet another generation of kids and parents. It only shows WHY you're in the business to begin with.
I say forget the Lexicon Van Der Ark, and move on to a new venue who's author isn't too big for her knickers.

2346 days ago
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