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Kim K: I'm A Rich Bitch, You're Just a Valet

4/14/2008 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

How dare a valet keep Kim K waiting for her Bentley. And how dare he suggest she drives a Mercedes -- that's like a Honda Civic for filthy rich folk.

The Tush threw a hissy fit outside boulevard3 last night -- berating the valet before driving off to the next non-event in her precious life.


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Grannypants, I agree with you. A Bentley does scream insecure. It also screams, "I haven't had money for very long and I bought this car from LAYING on my back"! People with wealth, do not drive flashy cars. There is no need to advertise ones wealth!

Just curious, how much money did she donate to charity last year?

2350 days ago


How can you afford a Bentley when you have no job?? She must've made some serious $$$ off of that sextape. Skank

2350 days ago

OC Get A Life    

Now, you all know why she was so upset, right, it had nothing to do with the poor guy not knowing that she drove a Bentley rather than a Mercedes, the truth is that with the size of her ass, she cannot possibly fit into a form fitted seat in any of the high end German cars, and that is why she requires the borderline bench seat in a Bentley. So, do not think of her as a spoiled, uneducated, and ignorant woman - just think of her as a broad whose ass is too big to fit into regular cars.

2350 days ago

Insert comical name here    

She has got to be one of the very worst of her kind. What exactly turns these wealthy young women into such reprehensible examples of womanhood? The rest of us are embarassed for you Kim.

2350 days ago


Who cares.

2350 days ago

big whoop    

Agreed Dallas, I never bought the "wealthy heiress gone wild" blitz for a second. Besides, it was sealed for me to find out she was:

a. an ebay seller (spoiled wealthy brats don't need to sell on ebay)
b. scam charged all the money on Sonja Norwood's Amex (if you've already got money, you don't risk jail and lawsuits to get more)

However at day's end, she got what she wanted, even when her "fame" candle burns out she'll have money for a long time being the cover girlfriend of a secretly gay pro athlete - just like mommy taught her ;)

2350 days ago


Oh please as much as these "socialites" annoy the hell out of me..I would have done the same thing with my 4runner for crying out loud and especially if it was a this really news?

2350 days ago

HI YaLL    

Great! Just when I was starting to get used to seeing this socialite, she does this want- to-be diva move. This girl needs to get a clue. I hate when people put the love of material things over treating others with respect.

Kim, you are a Z-lister who dates an A-lister. Don't confuse yourself. You're a beautiful girl, but this kinda of behavior makes you really ugly.

I miss the days where you had to have talent to be considered a celeb. WAIT. Is she considered a celeb? Why does her butt change sizes from day to day? WEIRD!!!!!!

2350 days ago

R u nuts?    

Her record of achievement is making porn video. That is what she is always going to be know for...she is not a very bright person...

2350 days ago


Kim is pretty,but that is the only good thing I can say about her.She is spoiled rotten and full of herself.

2350 days ago


From what I know when a person pays for valet parking they pay for an extra service and if that does not happen then its like a waste of money. Right?

Leave the girl alone already.

2350 days ago


Kim is a ugly tranny face with no talent, porn star rich. Paris said on the radio that Kim ass looks like cottage cheese in a garbage bag...why do people worship a cottage chesse ass.

2350 days ago


Take away the 10lbs of makeup and i'll bet she looks like garbage.

2350 days ago


She looks cute without makeup.

2350 days ago


i have to comment.. i'm changing channels and had to watch their horrible show and CAN not stand the way they all act! the mom wishes she was young again and the fat daughters are just beyond themsleves but the little bitches in the making are just nasty. Someone, PLEASE make them go away!!!!

2350 days ago
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