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The Artist Formally Known as Invisible EXPOSED!

4/16/2008 10:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Getting a shot of Prince's face is as elusive as a smiling Jessica Alba -- or at least it was, until last night at the Green Door in L.A.

Even Jeremy Piven was shocked.


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Prince is One of a Kind... Big Enough to take ownership of his birth name and rights which WB and the media has tried to claim and cash out on... NOT!!! And the fact that he loves Jehova/God makes him all the more beautiful. There is a reason why he hasn't aged, stays blessed with no stress...

Keep Reignin' MY PURPLE BADNESS!!!

2388 days ago


Is that really prince? I have a hard time believing he works so hard to stay out of sight and then will just walk right through a crowd on his own... any kid that looked like him with money could have easily pulled that off... did anyone inside verify it was him?

2388 days ago


Still on top of his game!

2388 days ago


Sandman... I dont think there is any shame in Prince's game AT ALL... The industry pimps musicians out and Prince just happens to be nobody's dummy. Very brilliant ARTIST who has done what most entertainers wouldn't dare- opting to sell their souls for fame, fortune and public acceptance. He does his thing and has pushed for 20+ years and still going strong!
All changes he's making to his music are a result of personal growth... (not physically)- mentally, emotionally & spiritually.

Like him or hate him, he cannot be ignored and the beauty is he doesn't seem to care!

2388 days ago


He is a midget and his fans are just as ignorant as him ......

2388 days ago


What is this, Piven watch 24/7? But yeah, those damn super musicians always have to show up and make the actors feel mortal and worthless. I like how Piven was cool and smiling, then got all serious with his buddy like, "yeah, should go there?" Like, yeah, this place is cool and all, and Prince is here, but I'm so over it.

2388 days ago

Torre Sanz    

Prince is impeccable, his music has been the soundtrack to millions (of our lives). Regardless of challenging the system and taking control of his own legacy, thats his own damn business. He's the creator and if you don't like his music, go and listen to someone else's. But QUESTION, how many artist can you say, can honestly get away with what PRINCE has done in the last two decades and still remain RELEVANT!!!

Prince is so talented its crazy!!!!
No artist of current day, can take him, SCREW THE CHARTS AND MUSIC TV.
Prince has his fans and the ones who know how he gets down.

Ignorant to say he's gay, when he's had some of the most beautiful women in the world on his arm and even if he was gay, GET THE HELL OVER IT, that has nothing to do with his career or talents.

Prince is a genius and I don't use that term loosely. Everyone from bands like NO DOUBT, & NIN have praised him for his music!

Planet Earth, 3121, Musicology...are just as solid as Around the world in a day, 1999, Purple Rain, and Lovesexy!

Let the master do his thang!

And if anyone asks,,,,what makes HIM SO SPECIAL...Just watch his Superbowl Performance from 2007 and go back to Sign O' Times, Lovesexy, Purple Rain, The Gold Experience Tours and you'll see exactly what I MEAN, when I say "GENIUS"!!!!

2388 days ago


LOL @ Evan that is so not nice... (lol)

Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks... every idle word men speak, will give account in the day of judgment.... By your words you will be justified and by your words you will be condemned...

2388 days ago


Reply to 'Prince's Girl: Videos or interviews or WHATEVER he did 20-years ago are worth NOTHING! No residuals being siphoned or pilfered. It's 20-years worth of 'has-been materials. He doesn't want you (or anyone) to see or hear it anymore. And so he did the 'raspberry beret thing, and then he drifted into oblivion of a psychedelic world with his music and he's famous for having been famous. Maybe someday he'll try his talent with music again? He was great at it, but chose exile. Sting tried the same thing with that stupid jazz band, but realized his audience/fan-base wasn't interested. Prince really is the Cat Stevens of our time. Sad. What a waste.

2388 days ago

Is this newsworthy?    

Prince's concerts are awesome. I enjoyed every minute. I met him years ago he still looks really good.

2388 days ago


Hello Sandman,

Thank you for your reply, but guess what??? I have a priceless Prince collection of VHS performances.... videos, ... Me and the Purple One go waaaaaaaaay back, for real. For whatever reason he chose to put his stuff on lock is indeed a bummer for "fans" who cannot just randomly view his 'back in the day' performances by way of the media outlets. If I didn't have my own collection, I'd probably be like f-him too. Those who aren't fans shouldn't care, ya know what I'm saying? I understand the ying and the yang of it.

The 90s, during the transformational years of his life, were for personal growth, not musical, he had long reached his peek as a musician. His feud with Warner Brothers contributed greatly to his new way. I don't think he'll ever be the Prince that made him who he is and I think he's comfortable with it.

2388 days ago


Hello Prince you looking so fine baby. Peace&Love

2388 days ago


Dear 'Prince's Girl: I get yur point, but I think it makes my point. What's he afraid of? Why would/does he choose to lock himself into that time period, that for many weren't a part of it and now ask 'Prince who? And so they go online or to 'YouTube and nothing comes up? If anything did come up and if you could find any songs/videos/websites hosted by "fans", it's only because his peeps haven't found it yet and fired off legal mumbo jumbo to take it down. Thank goodness all the other artist/musicians/poets of the world want to spread the word/the gospel/the music so to speak, and only want to spread the word/music/love of artistry! So 'Prince doesn't want to be known as 'Prince, that refering to him as "the artist" somehow makes him a god or something? Hey you may choose to believe it or that he's above the rest, but for he isn't even though he would have us believe he is (I know you do), but what a shame for the next generation of lovers of music who might just relish if they could see and hear and experience what we know. So he only wants to share a song or a video if you're still willing to pay? That would be like charging people to view my holiday lights, or for saying hello. It's out there already, let it go for goodness sakes. Again I think of 'Cat Stevens, and how he turned one day and decided he didn't want to be known for his music or for his talent. And so he crawled under a rock seeking solitude. You know what? Lot's of people lovers of song have never heard of him, and that's sad. Lot's of kids today have no idea who "the artist/Prince" is or was. That fact lies solely on 'Prince, because it's his choice. It's his right and I don't fault him for it. Just a shame. Thank you...

2388 days ago


I think prince is kind of a whack job but I somehow respect the man. He's very private and actually a farily intelligent man... not the hollywood norm.

2388 days ago

The Kid    

Piven face changes from been totally shock to nervous laugh to be "cool" again, LOL!

2387 days ago
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