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Brit May Club for a Living

4/17/2008 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ Britney Spears is in negotiations with Bally Total Fitness to be a frontwoman for the company -- and backwoman, too!

Here's what we know. Brit's parents have both been talking to Bally about making a deal. Daddy Jamie has the power as co-conservator to make it happen. It all happened because Larry Rudolph, who is coming back to manage the Britster, has a close friendship with John Wildman, the Chief Marketing Officer of Bally.

During the negotiations, Brit has been going to the club at least once a day and up to as many as three times a day. She's training with two of the company's top personal trainers -- we're guessing one for the front and one for the back. She's also working with the company's nutritionist, who has put Britney on five to six quality meals a day. No Taco Bell, no Fanta ... life can really suck.

As of now, there is no deal -- just negotiations. We're told she isn't getting any money yet, but she's working out for free. As a company insider put it to us, "We're more interested in Britney Spears' health than her $19."


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# 25,

Stop being such a stupid jerk, y'all. It is exactly the fact that people follow her and take her pics that LANDED her this deal with Bally in the first place. She knows going to gym will bring her more publicity - and more publicity for the gym, of course. It's what she wanted. Se chooses to remain in the public eye. And she chooses to do so as much as possible, so STFU.

The only thing she hates is to be seen so unattractive and out of form and not to be able to sell retouched pics of herself, showing her in a more favorable light. She probably also wants the $$$ for the pics instead of giving them away for free.

2277 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

I think that some gainful employment where she can control and limit her visibility in the public eye is a great way for her to go.
There's no reason she has to limit herself to pop icon. Associating herself with fitness is a wholesome direction.

2277 days ago


Hey, what does everyone think of Hugh Hefner passing away this morning? R.I.P. in HELL Hugh.

2277 days ago

J Doe    

write to ballys and let them know how pissed you are that a child neglector is being rewarded while hardworking americans have to shell out their hard earned money to use their gym.

bitch dont deserve it.

2277 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

I gotta say: it's a love hate thing that cha'll follow her around wherever she is.

2277 days ago


Alot of the Celbs have stae of the art gyms @ their homes but seldom use it, they go to the fitness clubs & work out. Why is it bad for Brit to do it but not for the other celebs. Most of them are moms or fathers. Geesh, if it's Brit, she can't do a thing or leave her home. But it's kuddos for the other to work out or even go out to dinner. Double standard. I hope things work out for Brit & glad to here she is trying to get fit.

2277 days ago


Once she isnt being baysat 24 hours a day, she will turn into the public loser we all know she is. Why would Bally's hire a fat,ugly, zit face, drug addict mom who lost her kids and is a crazy person who spends her off time in the mental ward as a spokesperson???????? Makes no sense.

2277 days ago


Commodity is right 'Observer'.........Ma & Pa sure are work'n it, let the press get wind of stuff to keep Brit in the media, and they say the folks before them were the BAD ones..........I loved the one yesterday from a friend of the family source tak'n bout Brit wanting the kids back......and they're working on she a Kdeadbeat getting's a DIVORCE for God's sake.....and he's living off Brit's money and they expect them to get along???? It's more believeable to say keep your friends close and your enemys closer!!!! I feel so sorry for Britney, the girl had a major breakdown and has been labeled a nut job and on drugs a group of docs. and family say she needs.........she has been turned into a robot to be auctioned off to the highest bidders!! I hope she gets thru it all.

2277 days ago


Marley, How do you know? really? Did you treat Briney? No, so this is your opinion, we all have our own.

2277 days ago


Is Bally's worried so much about my health that they will wave my fees?????....I think not.
And because of this stupid excuse I am cancelling my membership!!!

Free swag, trips, clothes, makeup...the list goes on and on.

2277 days ago


I hope for the best for Brittany............But , why there ????

Why isn't she getting a record recording for new songs ???

Unless there's more going on than what we all know............


she's rich , she has her own gym , why go there ?????

she can hire any professional trainer to go to her home dailyyyyyyyy..........

She's not going to make money with this company ...........

she better go where the $$$$$$$$$ is ........

TMZ ,,,,,,,,,,,found out the real reason ????????

Brittany must have to impress the judge , lawyers , or anyone else

so she can get her kids back.............

2277 days ago


Shouldnt she just concentrate on wipng her own ass and not drooling on herself. This ugly skank wont help sell your memberships..NOBODY LIKES HER!!

2277 days ago


She has both of all worlds..............trainer , chef , housekeeper , what more does she need ...........

Contract deal?????????????????

I'm telling ya , living there in hollywood , you need to make money daily , or else you're

screwed..................It's extremely expensive to live there tax will eat you up alive .......

Not counting anything else ...............

2277 days ago


If you chose to believe the mental illness thing, then by all means do so. I, however, see it for what it is. Nothing more than a pathetic bid to stay in the spotlight that backfired. And to Cal, well if you can't see what's wrong with having a washed, drugged out, loser, has been as a rep of anything, much less a popular business you really need to wake up. Also, there are several posters on hear who think it is ignorant so why not tell them to stfu too?

Geez, it's amazing how rude people can be when they are behind a keyboard.

2277 days ago


13. she has a pricey gym in her home.....


Posted at 12:34PM on Apr 17th 2008 by boycott ballys

Umm....I doubt if there's a flood of internet junkies running to Bally's to get their workout on. Puleez! As if!

2277 days ago
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