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One Bags Wifey, The Other Bags Wipey

4/20/2008 4:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Eli Manning threw his best hitch yesterday to longtime galpal Abby MacGrew in Mexico.

Meanwhile, Tom Brady played best bitch at an L.A. Whole Foods.


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Tom Brady = Mangina

2378 days ago


I think the Blue staff has an issue with the fact that these two guys like girls.

2378 days ago


Why is either on of them a sucker? I have to agree with Tristania on this one.

2378 days ago

catherine howard    

whats the deal???you really seem to have it in for Tom Brady...did i miss something or is somebody at TMZ jealous???

2378 days ago


eIther ONE

2378 days ago

a real mommy    

I dont get it..a dad is buying baby wipes. Oh theres a story.
Dont really care about someone getting married either..the
story is when they get divorced or cheat...duh!!

2378 days ago

Lenn K.    

When you guys sit down and write these stories do you ever think they just might be dumb? I'm sure someone on the staff has to say, this really is a stupid thing to throw out there.

2378 days ago

Amazing T!    

Everyone buys paper towels at the grocery store- But who's the freak that follows someone to the store to take a picture of them doing it?
It's just getting creepy,TMZ......

2378 days ago


How fallen under Tom Brady

Hasme you laugh around the world

All to follow behind the ass from gisele

You pass ox?

2378 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

I'm with Tristania on this one. How is a guy a sucker for getting married? And earlier you bitched because Brady didn't spend enough time with his baby and know you're attacking him because he does. I don't know why I expect you guys to be consistent but you might want to try it. Just to know what it's like.

Go Sox

2378 days ago


Eli is a stand up guy. He is not afraid of commitment and does things in the right order. Glad Brady is bonding with his child.

2378 days ago


They are both lucky men. At least Tom is not a diva who hires slaves to do his chores. You guys who diss him are probably queens with assistants.

2378 days ago


Looks like the majority are against you TMZ. Maybe the problem with TB is he has Giselle (she upgraded), and they seem happy together and do "normal" things together....just like the rest of us. Give them a break. And good for the couple who got married...I recall you dissing them prior to the big football game. He made an honest woman out of her, good for them and I hope they are really happy!!!!

2378 days ago


Your constant NEGATIVE rant about Tom Brady seems childish and personal. He's being a good man to his woman and the threat to you is what? That you can't measure up? Quit Harping!

2378 days ago


Why is getting married or taking care of one's progeny being a "sucker"? Wow, you guys just sound bitter and defeated. Here's a quarter. Take it a buy a real life. In real life, marriage and children can be every bit as rewarding as the single life, and real men know that.

2378 days ago
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