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Makes Sexy Time for Camera -- Again!

4/21/2008 1:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Indecent PhotosHoly Hannah's Montanas! Pics of the scruffy-voiced, fast-talking FIFTEEN-YEAR OLD flashing her bit parts and making her best jail-bait sexy face have popped up on the Internet ... again.

While she's not shaving her head -- yet -- Miley Cyrus might want to slow her tractor-trailer roll on the road to Spearsville.

This isn't the first time naughty photos of the underage, Jesus-loving, Disney star have ended up online. Shots of Miley in her undies made the rounds this past January.

Someone's getting grounded -- we're just sayin'.

A call to Miley's rep was not immediately returned.


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Clearly this is a case of a young girl who's heard one too many times "OMG! You look JUST like Miley Cyrus!!" and sadly believes it. As the stepmom of teenage girls, I know quite well that there are "skanky teenagers" (as one poster so eloquently put it) that take trashy photos of themselves. I am not so naive as to suggest that Miley is above all of that and would never take pictures like themselves. I WOULD humbly suggest that if Miley were to do so, she would most likely use her own face.

2375 days ago


Hey, post #139 has the proof. Check the first link, and you can see she is even wearing the same bracelet. The shirt is the same too. And I haven't seen any denials yet either.

2375 days ago


Wtf that is too her, well the first pictured IS definately her , the bottom one idk but u guys r stupid to think shes "innocent" im sure shes had sex and probably with more then one guy/girl stop defending her shes the next jamie lynn.

2375 days ago

white boy    

Denial is more than a river in egypt. Get your heads out of the sand you ostriches!

2375 days ago


What in the hell?! Oh, here we go again!

2375 days ago

surfboard chic08    

if ya'll think that is miley in the pictures n u believe this trash then u obviously need to get lives! to the ones who made negative remarks about her sexuality n bein compared to britney n lindsay..would u say that trash talk about those pics if it was ur own daughter or niece or family member? get a clue...

2375 days ago

surfboard chic08    

seriously now i kno a girl who looks like miley n has the same jewelry! anyone can be made to look like some one else! to those who say people r stupid for not believin its her in the pic well u r just as moronic n idiodic for sayin it is her! if u have kids u can clearly tell the bottom one is not for the 1st one it resembles her but again ..hello???!!!....LOOK-A LIKES!!!! besides how would ya'll kno its really her...were u there or so enough with the trash!

2375 days ago


Mmmmmmmm......I find her irresistible......I want pics of her beautiful toes and feet now......KEEP IT UP MILEY I'm your fan.

2375 days ago


wow, how can anyone get confused? it looks nothing like her, especially the second picture.

2375 days ago


Another Bri-atch..!! Come on now we all know where this one is heading. What is wrong with these whities.

2375 days ago

Concerned Parent    

As a Mother, I think Disney should consider canceling her contract! If they promote this type of behavior by not doing something, a statement, a warning to her, what does this say about the morality that Disney has promoted over the years! Wasn't Brittney under contract with Disney too? I think mothers around the country should consider having their children watch other channels and stop going to the parks until they clean up their so called "clean cut" children that work for them!

2375 days ago


As a mother - I think someone should seriously be considering sueing TMZ. Why does TMZ insist in finding sleeze where there is none.
I'll tell ya - if I was Billy Ray - I'd be considering a good ole ass whoopin for Harvey Levin - in front of 3000 cameras....

2375 days ago


I don't think it's her...Miley was never this skinny...or inbred-looking...

2375 days ago


Did people get these photos from her myspace as well? Why didn't she have the brains to take them off BEFORE she got famous?

2375 days ago


It's so not her....The girl was raised with morals but yet the media is trying to make her into a Brittney Spears follow up act

2375 days ago
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