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Makes Sexy Time for Camera -- Again!

4/21/2008 1:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Indecent PhotosHoly Hannah's Montanas! Pics of the scruffy-voiced, fast-talking FIFTEEN-YEAR OLD flashing her bit parts and making her best jail-bait sexy face have popped up on the Internet ... again.

While she's not shaving her head -- yet -- Miley Cyrus might want to slow her tractor-trailer roll on the road to Spearsville.

This isn't the first time naughty photos of the underage, Jesus-loving, Disney star have ended up online. Shots of Miley in her undies made the rounds this past January.

Someone's getting grounded -- we're just sayin'.

A call to Miley's rep was not immediately returned.


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Awww, don't cry    

It IS Miley and here's what she said about those photos:

>>>Cyrus goes on to say: "The pictures of me on the Internet were silly, inappropriate shots. I appreciate all the support of my fans, and hope they understand that along the way I am going to make mistakes and I am not perfect. I never intended for any of this to happen and I am truly sorry if I have disappointed anyone.

2336 days ago


this is so her!!!! she needs to stop acting older and start acting 15. Is she even a virgin? What the hell is this i don't want my little sis seeing this especially because she looks up to me and her. She needs to get her act together and stop acting like a whore. i dont care what pplz say but wow that is her i don't think there is a person that can actually look exactly like her.

2336 days ago


that has to be her because like it said miley's rep did not speak out immediately i no if i was a celebrity and a scandal like this happened to me i no i would be the first person to jump up and say hell no thats not me but she didn't so fans its her and get over it!

2336 days ago


There's nothing wrong with those pics. Only the perverts tht need some whacking magterial would find anything wrong. Most of the people writing negative remarks are only jealous because their kids don't have any talent to be in her position.

2336 days ago


I wonder how many people who insisted that the girl in the pics couldn't be Miley will come back here now and admit that they were wrong.

2336 days ago


The bottom picture the chicks eyes are brown...not blue...

2336 days ago


Not her. I have teenage daughters who are also trying to look mature and adult like this girl.(or girls, they do not even look like the same person) It is us, the adults (all of us) who really are to blame for this sort of thing. Shame on us.

2336 days ago


yeah...thats not even Miley!!! THE REATARDS WHO THINK IT IS WELL...THEIR JUST RETARDS!!:( All they did was put Miley Cyrus`s head on someone elses body or it just might be a look alike!! :(

2335 days ago


Omg! if i was that chicks dad i would kick her ass
and ground her so bad and take away her damn
camera so she cant take any more pictures
he probably wants her 2 take pics n so he can get money or
somethin! shes 2 spoiled

2263 days ago


Oh come on. People are to critical and riping Miley because she is in the public. But what about the kids that are not in the public and take worser pictures and then they get passed from one cell phone to another. Also have you never taken a diaper picture of your child? Basically the Vanityfare picture is just the same. IT WAS ONLY A BACK CHILLLLLLLLL.
MILEY do not say sorry to any of the boneheads that are upset about the pictures.
OH YEA DO NOT CRITIZE WHEN YOU YOURSELF HAS DONE SOMETHING THAT YOU ARE NOT PROUD OF! It may not have been pictures but everyone in this world has messed up some how!

2334 days ago


That isnt Miley its a lookalike

2334 days ago


Not pictures of Miley, weak attempt... looks like you guys are desperate eh?

2334 days ago


# 13 that is her buddy.

2260 days ago


first of all i am a miley fan, but i am sure that is her, but just like #11 said :

she is just being a kid, i would know...i am one and trust me i am NOT really the type or hang out with any of the type of people that are 'slutty' or 'whores' but just about every person i know would do something like this, we are kids we are just having fun, why i mean it is stupid to put them up online but still i hate when older people go out saying like tweens and teens are SO innocent, yeah we all have a dirty side, and some people (like miley) are just more open with it.

i really dont think theres a problem with it. she is just being a teenage girl.

2259 days ago


This is not Miley and it is so obvious!

2333 days ago
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