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Victoria's Secret? Ditch Seal for a Good Time!

4/21/2008 4:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heidi & Seal have an adorable family ... when he's not in the picture.

Just look at how cute Klum and sons Henry and Johan were at the Grove yesterday -- with no Seal in sight to flip the bird or verbally attack the paps.


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He's gorgeous and has every right to defend his family against your asinine comments and intrusions.

2343 days ago

guess who    

First? Or, Second?

2343 days ago


OH PLEASE!! Like you people are sooooooooo innocent and don't DESERVE to be flipped off and verbally attached! You peolpe deserve EVERYTHING YOU GET! Perhaps if you were not jamming cameras down people's throat they would be nicer!

2343 days ago


What is the GROVE? I don't live in Calif. I am clueless. Looks like a normal Mom having an outing with her children. Nice to see.

2343 days ago


#4 you are an ignorant racist idiot!!!!! Mixed children are BEAUTIFUL!!!! The reason people are not accepted because there are people like you in this world that go around spouting ignorant hateful comments liek that! You should go bash your face in for being stupid!

2343 days ago

Lucy Phoenix    

Heidi & Seal have a wonderful time... when TMZ is not in the picture.
But those kids aren't adorably cute at this stage. No matter, though, they will probably mature into handsome men.
(Get their hair cut, Heidi. )

2343 days ago

Jay-Z & Beyonce are trash    

Her kids live in the lap of luxury and privilege, unlike her or Seal when they were growing up. They have a great life, including a former supermodel mom and famous recording artist dad. Seal has definitely lost his charm over the years, mostly because he's not successful anymore and has no career, and seems very defensive and bitter. He's just coasting from the days he did have a career, and rolling in all his $$$$$$$. He shows bad judgment when he attacks the media, especially when it's all being recorded. It doesn't stop the media from chasing him or his family, and only gives TMZ something to post on their website. He shouldn't say anything, and just go about his business. Or put his kids in a bubble, away from the real world, and move to an isolated island in the Caribbean, closer to home. Seal forgets where he came from, including living in poverty in Jamaica.

2343 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

TMZ, you are ridiculous. Seal is a handsome man for his ethnic background barring the unfortunate scars. And why is it wrong for a man to defend his family from people who insist on invading their privacy. The only ugly people here are you.

Go Sox

2343 days ago


her kids are so cute

2343 days ago


you guys are ridiculous for saying some of the crap that you do. those children are not ugly at all. yall are wrong for saying that they are.

2343 days ago

Sassy & Cute    

Hey Lisa,

Why don’t you put a picture of yourself and family on here so we can see how ugly your A$$ is B!@%&.
Come on please put your address, so I can come over and show your how pretty mixed people are and will always be better looking than ANY OTHER RACE. That’s right your just a punk ass B!@%&, so stop posting your comments here before someone exposes your dumb A$$.

The mixed race is Beautiful!

2343 days ago


The little one is cute in a little kid/baby kind of way. The other, not so much. But then he looks like dad. He's not so cute either. And she really needs to get a handle on their hair. If she doesn't know how to maintain it, cut it off. And, yeah, I'm black.

2343 days ago


Those are some dang cute kids. She needs to have more.

2343 days ago



What rock do u live under? Seal is not from Jamaica, nor has he ever lived there. Get ur facts straight

2343 days ago


I am sorry to say but those kids are not cute. Some of you on here are forcing yourselves to say that just to be politically correct or not sound racist. The daughter is adorable.

2343 days ago
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