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Victoria's Secret? Ditch Seal for a Good Time!

4/21/2008 4:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heidi & Seal have an adorable family ... when he's not in the picture.

Just look at how cute Klum and sons Henry and Johan were at the Grove yesterday -- with no Seal in sight to flip the bird or verbally attack the paps.


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Supose she parked in the handicapped spot? Again?

2315 days ago

Seamar Hawkings    

Seal is one of the nicest guys you would wish to meet and I find is sickening this personal attack by TMZ on his family, why don't go use your bitter and disgruntled remarks elsewhere? there are plenty of politicians whom actually deserve your tags, find a cause to end Poverty and War!

2315 days ago


Seal is obnoxious and his 15 minutes were up quite sometime ago. As for the lovely Heidi perhaps she is just your run of the mill model dimbulb. The kids are innocent and dont deserve the remarks made about them. Nobody can help the race anymore that their gender. Seal should be kissing the ground TMZ walks on. Bad press is better than no press!!!!

2315 days ago


so cute! she seams to be a great mom always with her kids not like most stars...

2315 days ago

Sassy & Cute    

Um Hyde #24, SHUT UP! You’re just mad because your kids or grandkids are ugly and please my mother is white and my father is black and I’m proud to have the best of both worlds. Racist… I ‘m not, just telling it how it is. ONCE AGAIN THE MIXED RACE IS THE BEST!


2315 days ago

That explains things!    

Hey Goober!

Keep eatin' your own boogers!

2315 days ago

Brattus Rattus    

The race wars. Give me a break. Those children are beautiful. As far as their hair, if Heidi or Seal wanted it any different, they would have it different. Heidi has all of her Super Model friends that could come and do what ever they wanted to their hair. Just because hair isn't shaved or braided does NOT make it a bad 'do.

For all of you who hate the mixing of races you should grow up and if you can't say anything nice - don't type it where you are hiding behind a PC.

Heidi and Seal are happy. Their children are happy. Why do some of you think it's your business to judge? Is it jealousy or just ignorance? People should hold on to love with both hands and never let it go. This is a messed up world we live in - as was proven by the racist words that were TYPED here today proves.

One Love. One World.

2315 days ago


seal was not there because he was in costa rica giving a concert...which was actually very good!

2315 days ago

Sassy & Cute    

Bobbuilder whoever had kids with you is a retard just like you and your sorry ass kids. I feel sorry for your kids; they should be ashamed of you. I don’t have kids and if I did Heidi and my kids would not only bet your kids in a beauty contest, but kick their ass.
So little man do us all a favor take your retarded ass family and go jump off a cliff.

2315 days ago


ewwww, those kids are ugly!!!

2315 days ago

Just wondering...    

TMZ, yall are horrible people. Saying a family looks better without a Dad...when he's only trying to protect his family and hiself from a**holes like yall, is out of line. No wonder couples seperate, yall just bring people down. What Heidi and Seal have is love and trust and all you want to do is hurt the family. Go to he**.

2315 days ago


I'd do a lot more than flip the bird to you a-holes if you were shoving cameras in my kid's face.

2314 days ago


Wow that sassy and cute I mean fat and ugly really got offended. No one wants to have kids with your ugly ass. Believe me my kids believe in non violence but if needed they would whoop your fat ass but we are trying to save the whales so I don't think they would harm you.

2314 days ago


re: just because hair isn't shaved or braided does NOT make it a bad 'do.
Oh, please. No, it doesn't have be shaved or braided, but it DOES have to be combed. Any person of color can see their hair have been left togrow wild. And frankly that's just plain bad for the scalp and the health of the hair.

2314 days ago


OMG, what are you people talking about? Those children are beauitful but, they do need to cut their hair.

2314 days ago
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