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D.C. to L.A. -- Brother, Can You Spare a Babe?

4/26/2008 12:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pam AndersonWhat in the name of Foggy Bottom is going on in Washington, D.C. this week? First it was Shakira, then Amber Tamblyn ... and now Pam Anderson is down on Capitol Hill on behalf of PETA. Don't they have any hot chicks in the nation's capital?

Pam was down at the Department of Health and Human Services to hand-deliver a PETA science report on outdated animal tests performed by the U.S. government.

Memo to D.C. -- if Shauna Sand makes it to the Hill, you can just keep her.


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Carol Allaire    

Hey..... don't ever talk good about them PETA People... I wouldn't support them if they were the last Humane Society.. I witnessed on TV what they do, and it would make you sick.. 2 People go in the Pet Stores, buy animals, then take them to their trucks and Euthanize them.... I saw the Bunny Rabbit, and it disgusts me. How can you let this happen????? People that do that should be Euthanized.. See how it effects them. Be happy for Animals, not see them tortured. Do not support these jerls, PLEASE..... Pam Anderson, you have the proof, do something about it.. There are many more Better Places to get animals from..They are Murderers, and these animals can't help themselves. We must do something for these animals. Now Believe Me, I am not a liar....I seen it with my own eyes. Do Not Support PETA, Do Not Support PETA. Think about the animals, not those people,,,,

2334 days ago


TMZ, that photo Pam Anderson is holding is horrible................why not show a head/shoulder shot of the two of them??

2370 days ago


i get lots and lots of friend requests on myspace from hot young women who want me to look at their "other pictures" from washington dc.... its just something about politics, influnce, and dirty deeds done dirt cheap i guess.

2370 days ago


TMZ prints "PETA science report" as if it's not an oxymoron. One wonders if the silicone twins would rather her sons suffer from some life threatening disease rather than have some rabbits bite the dust trying to find cures for people...

2370 days ago


I am a proud member of PETA (people eating tasty animals) Turbo skank Pam Anderson is gonna change me? Yeah we all look up to her!

2370 days ago

brand Nu    

Forecast for Washington, might want to wear a jacket. It's a bit nippley out there!

2370 days ago


That bunny looks yummy!

2370 days ago


Whatever else you say about Pam Anderson, you have to give her credit for her work with PETA. She obviously is serious about it, and it IS a worthy endeavor. She doesn't have to do this, but she does. What have YOU done toward any socially responsible effort recently? Think about it...

2370 days ago

Sigmund Frodo    

Is that a pic of a bunny on the grill? Yummy! But it looks like there's not enuf B-B-Q sauce on it....
I want a leg!

2370 days ago


By the way I am a member of People Eating Tasty Animals as well.
I think we should suspend animal testing for cosmetics and use super-models instead. They eat less, (water and cigs.), are easy to train and dumber than most animals so are more compliant.

2370 days ago


Oh Tobie give it a rest! PETA is an extremist organzation, and you know it! I am all for treating animals kindly but I am also a meat eater and no lame whore like Pam with her oversised nasty boobs is going to change that! They are nothing but narcisist glory seekers trying to control your life! Be your own person do the right thing and enjoy nice steak once in a while! Think about that jack!

2370 days ago


I'd do the Bunny!

2370 days ago

happy day    

I would love to put my frank and beans on her lips. Save the bunny!

2370 days ago

Bill NM    

Just what the country needs..... skanky celebs taking up the time of politicians for more of their crazy causes. The elected officials love it, since it allows them to waste more time and taxpayer money while they are entertained by intellectual giants like Pam Anderson.

2370 days ago


people eating tasty animals? that is old. if you're going to slam an organization that has had more success is ending cruelty and suffering to animals all around the world, at the very least think of something cleaver.

one question... what angers you people enough to post nasty blogs about animals and other people trying to alleviate pain and suffering for them?

thanks... i've been wondering for a while now...

2370 days ago
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