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Miley Cyrus Has Officially Lost All Hope, Destiny

5/1/2008 1:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's official -- Destiny Hope Cyrus is now a Disney baby.
Miley Cyrus: Click to view the docs!
A judge just approved Miley's parents' petition (she's a minor) for her name change to Miley Ray Cyrus. Only a lawyer was present -- and when he was asked for a reason for the change, he said, "Destiny Hope Cyrus has been commonly known as Miley Ray Cyrus since she was a young child. The change of name is requested to make her commonly used name the same as her legal name."


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Victor Von Doom    

The disaster her parents are making of her life goes on and on. Now they changed her name. Geez... I wonder, what will be next? I said it once and I'll say it again, she's on the Britney Spears Highway to Hell and she's driving a Ferrari at 200mph.

She's 15 now. Hear you all my prophecy: By the time she turns 17 she will be with a least one child and on the land of the "has beens" just like her predecessor Jamie Lynn Spears who was quick to follow her sister on said highway.

Unfortunately on today's world a phrase said by former wrestling promoter Eric Bischoff applies on a daily basis: "Controversy makes money" and what is more controversial than an underage girl posing nude for a magazine, posing in very incestuous poses with her father, and to add insult to injury, racy and "sexy" pictures that later claims "somebody" else published and were taken from her "private" MySpace page (uh hello... never put anything anywhere on the web if you don't want it come back to haunt you).

I said it once and I'll say it again: She's been exploited by her father and those around her that "care" for her career (actually the real thing they care for is the paycheck that her exploiting work produces), don't let this infamous child exploitation continue, don't attend concerts, don't buy merchandise, don't watch the show, a ratings drop and empty arenas will finally put her "career" to an end and allow her to live in peace at last. Save her from the Britney-Jamie Lynn Highway to hell, it's still time.

2306 days ago


"Miley Cyrus is 15 goin on Lindsay"

lmao. Couldnt have been said better.

2292 days ago



2365 days ago


I probaly am the only person on the earth that things she is the homliest little girl in the world!!!She kinda looks like a rat when she smailes!! No talent and fugly...YIKes what a combo!


2365 days ago


I still don't see the big deal over the Vanity Fair picture of her back. The one of her and her father on the other hand....creepy.

2365 days ago


Does anyone like Destiny Hope?? I think Hope was kind of cute.

2365 days ago


Oops, sorry about the mispellings in the previous post...I was typing and watching the

2365 days ago


Misspellings. lol :)

2365 days ago


her smile is so ugly she is skinny with a big head and mouth

2365 days ago

diane range    

What a waste of 2 really awesome meaningful names to a normal basic with no meaning name..........

2365 days ago


does her big mouth bother anyone else

2365 days ago


She has pretty eyes and hair though. She isn't a great beauty, but she is definitely cute.

2365 days ago


If she was Canadian would she be Metery Ray Cyrus?

2365 days ago


Destiny Hope is much lovelier than Miley Ray. Ugh.

2365 days ago

patsy ramsey    

i never listened to music from billy ray or miley ray, and jusding by their hick behaviour, it probably is as crappy as that garth brooks character
what is it with these southern inbred hillbillys that make them look and act like retards.
that jamie lynn boyfriend fro example, he drives his fully preggers girlfriend around in a bumpy ATV off road and carrys around a shotgun. might as well deliver the baby in the back of a pickup truck thats driving on the unpaved main street of hicktown, alabama

2365 days ago
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