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Cruise Puts Crazy on Hold for Cancer Victim

5/5/2008 10:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The manic antics surrounding Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were suddenly subdued when the mother of a two-year-old cancer victim ambushed them for support outside their New York hotel.

Tom was anything but glib while listening to the woman's story.


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Get off Tom Cruise's back. He is not crazy in any sense of the word. The world needs more nice, decent, good men who want nothing more than to do good and make the world a better place. THAT is Tom Cruise.

2324 days ago


one other comment, Katie is not now nor ever will be close to the icon Princess Diana is and was...

2324 days ago


This girl, actually i`ve seen at a scientology church in germany.. anyone else recongnize her?

2324 days ago


gwen0 ~ I was not saying she is like Princess Diana................she will never be close!!! I just find it odd that she poses like Diana. It is almost like she stood in front of the mirror and praticed. Very strange!

2324 days ago


On the Katie front...does she always look drunk or stoned when she's with Tom or it is my imagination? It seems as thought he's always "holding her up" when they walk out of a restaurant.

2324 days ago

Anonymous 4.12.08 Expect us    

"The power of Xenu compels you" LMFAO!! Very funny TMZ.

I also think she's a plant. Tom is just about to go "live" with his very own website, and what a wonderful story this would be. Hasn't tom said before that he doesn't even own a cell phone or a watch, but now he has a website. LOL Maybe he can stumble across to . LOL

Paps need to stop falling for these stunts. Tom is as fake as they come. Everything that tom puts out there is a well orcestrated attempt at getting back in the public's good graces. That space ship has said tom. Put a nail in it, your career's over.

2324 days ago


Why always be negative.
I looked up the girl:

Its sad.
Give the mum her due, and the Cruises.

2324 days ago

grow up    

ya right

2324 days ago


I am about to let one go, that is gonna clear this office, so quickly. All I need is to see who I can blame, and, I believe
I have a canidate. Apparently Marcy went out for Cinqo de Mayo. Tacos and beer? Perfect. Oh, does this smell,
sorry Marcy.

2324 days ago


How come the mother wasn't at the hospital with her sick child???

2324 days ago

Anonymous 4.12.08 Expect us    

"14. This girl, actually i`ve seen at a scientology church in germany.. anyone else recongnize her?

Posted at 10:02AM on May 5th 2008 by Stian"


Quick. Anons of the world.... LOL.... Track her down!!! if you can identify her as a CLAM, do you even realize how much of a huge FOOTBULLET this would be to the cult!?
Xenu/Enturbulation, are you guys on??

Please, oh PLEASE find out if she is a plant. LOL!!!

2324 days ago


People, get a grip!
you have NO idea what we as cancer parents have to put up with to save our children's lives.
of course, no one want to listen...

2324 days ago


It officially looks like Katie's labotomy has been completed.

2324 days ago

Prince Von A's Love Child    

Plant plant plant plant plant plant
This is too coincidental after his appearance on Oprah. How stupid do his minions think people are?

2324 days ago


I'll bet money that was a staged event and the woman is a Scientologist.
He looks like he's in his (bad) acting mode.

2324 days ago
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