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Jacko Enjoys Smacko Through Cracko

5/26/2008 7:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson is already thrusting his face back into the Las Vegas spotlight ... two inches of forehead at a time.

Jacko hit the Ultimate Fighting Championship match at the MGM Grand Saturday night, clad in his finest burka-ish ensemble. That's not a typo -- Michael Jackson enjoys cage fighting!

MJ rolled up to the event in a wheelchair, just in time to watch Tito Ortiz get smacked around ... that is, if he could see anything through those ridiculously blacked out shades.


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People, I think he is covering his face because it's so awful. I see he even has his horrible nose covered. This mistate is way beyond fixing. What a shame, he was a cute kid, when he was the child his momma gave birth to.

2287 days ago

Kent R.    

Why even go out if you are constantly making your self look like you're crazy or paranoid? Him hiding his face does not fool anybody, and makes people dismiss him as insane, like "Oh that's just Michael being himself...crazy as usual.

2287 days ago


You just need to go away, ol' perv or if you prefer,.....nasty ol' pedophile,......

2287 days ago


To Katrina's Grandmom, like you I seriously doubt that any of those children are MJ's biological off spring. He has absolutely no business having custody of them and the woman was Debbie Rowe. Absolutely she sold those 2 kids to him and he also bought so called "Blanket". I don't doubt in the least that he is a pediphile and has gotten away with it for years. Hell he paid the first victim off to the tune of $25 million. An innocent man will fight to the end..he with the advice of one Johnnie Cochoran paid up. I feel so sorry for the 3 children, and the day will come where something terribly tragic will come from Jackson's being allowed to keep those kids.

2287 days ago


"Why Ask"...Michael is from Gary Indiana...not stop with your ignorant racist ranting!! If you don't like the man..fine...just stop it with the "Go back to Africa" sh*t!!!!

2287 days ago


What is the first thing you would notice in that arena???? The dork in the Darth Vader ensemble. He is a lunatic and I agree with those who question the well being of those chidren.

2287 days ago


It took about 5 min. to fully understand the picture. Hei s trying NOT to attract attention! What a nut job.

2287 days ago

Dave the pig    

Donna - I hope you don't have children!

This animal has been able to hide behind his so called "music" for years and it is the weak minded and foolish people like you who allow these terrible deeds to continue.

You buy his music, continue to elevate this monster as if nothing has happened and that is why he has been able to live as though nothing has happened. Worse of all, he was even able to purchase those 3 children from that hideous Debbie Rowe and only God knows what is going on in their lives. Get a grip you stupid slew and call things for what they are!

2287 days ago

pattie in cali    

tmz why do you guys even mess with this guy, he sucks, hes strange, no one even cares anymore, all his little games, SICK, he needs help, he won't get it, i feel bad for his kids, his kids will find out, the wild things he talks about, the wild things he does, its very sad, i hope and pray that he does not harm his kids in any way, something is not right about jackson, hes lost it, if i had free tickets, room, food, i would never see this freak, hes lost it, hes done,

2287 days ago


I must thank you for the title of this post. I've been chuckling all damn day.

2287 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

Wasn't he beheaded in Bahrain?

2287 days ago

Tom B    

the good and mostly passed:
(1) a great performer, even if you didn't like him it's undeniable due to his popularity back in his time.
2) a nice looking young man.

the sad:
(1) the fact that so much is probably due to a lost childhood
(2) the fact he was probably unaware of what he was getting into when he was sold his face
(3) the fact that some ppl would still let their kids stay w/ him

the bad:
what he's become

the cure:
restrict him to neverland where he can life in his fantasy world away from kids. IMO it's probably too late to save his kids

2287 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

"Why Ask" thinks he's cool with a phrase that's over FOUR DECADES OLD!!!

2287 days ago


love the headline!

2287 days ago

jodi gunn    

I agree with #65, he was a genius in the music world, he brought a lot of joy to many people with his music. Remember he was found innocent.

2287 days ago
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