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Sharon Stone Calls Chinese Earthquake "Karma"

5/26/2008 3:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When is a natural disaster a good thing? When the afflicted country commits human rights violations -- at least according to Sharon Stone.

Stone gave an interview while on the red carpet at Cannes this weekend in which -- after recounting all of China's atrocities -- she wondered, "All these earthquake and stuff happened and I thought, 'Is that karma?' When you are not nice that bad things happen to you." My name is Sharon!

Sharon went on to say she has come around and no longer thinks the death of over 60,000 people is cosmic payback. "Basic Instinct 2" is a whole other story.


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#36 "Religious freedom is not a universal concept. It is unique to the United States, a situation many of us take for granted. " It is NOT unique to the United states. Dont be so ignorant and arrogant

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2338 days ago


Way to go, Sharon!!! If you do bad things, they'll come back to bite you in the ass...BIG TIME!!! That earthuquake in China was a prefect example!!! I hope the death toll GOES UP even further!!! It's what those commie pinko, human rights-hating assh*les deserve!!!

2338 days ago


After listening to her and trying very hard to figure it out, I think what she really said was the following : when she heard about the earthquake in China and 100 000 people dead, she immediately thought about how "Chinese are not nice to Tibetans", and she" cares about Tibetans" and "Tibetan Dalai Lamah is her good friend", and "I immediately thought - is it a karma?".

The way I see it she is a very special kind of "humanitarian" who cares very much about lucky Tibetans, but doesn't care much about Chinese and weather they are alive or dead. Which of course is not right.

But then let's not forget that the most memorable moment of her entire career was sitting with her legs crossed not wearing any underwear .

2338 days ago


it's funny she says that. because i was thinking the same thing with all the tornadoes.hurricanes,mudslides and wild fires here at home has been having as well. maybe these things are like this because of stupid people like sharon stone living in america.

most of people who died in that earthquake were kids. the kids did nothing wrong. this woman makes me sick.

2338 days ago


Karma should drop a house on this witch. Dibs on the shoes.

2338 days ago

just wondering    

and don't forget abt the 23,000 who r " missing".

2338 days ago


So how come Karma hasn't caught up with Bin Laden and crew or the Janjaweed?

2338 days ago


Where in hell does this bitch get off playing God?

2338 days ago


What a stupid fu*#in' bitch.

Most of the people who were affected the earthquake are regular people....the ones who are also vitims of the human rights viloations.

Read a newspaper...a book...go online...anything to educate yourself.

Think twice before opening your yap crotch flasher.


2338 days ago


If she calls this tragic earthquake "interesting", then I guess there were lot of interesting events happened in the states: 911, Katrina, frequent hurricanes and Myanmar cyclone - well, God and Bin Laden don’t like whatever your government did, so go to hell, how interesting! Maybe People in LA should get ready to have this kind of "interesting" earthquake as it could happen there and doesn't she live in that area? Ten seconds ago she was still preaching “I don’t think anyone should be unkind to anyone else”, then there came this malicious curse to ordinary people she doesn’t even know - face your karma, rot in hell! Where is the human rights now? Where is the “compassion”? And by the way, where is Dalai Lama’s effort to help those “suffered” - a lot of them are Tibetans, living in the great Tibetan area he always wants to ‘free’?Is ‘karma ‘ all he can teach? Is it the Karma for people who are still worshiping him? The worst and most shameless part yet to come. “…sometimes you have to learn to put your head down to be of service, even for people who are not nice to you…” Millions of people are homeless, still suffering in Sichuan, can you feel the mercy and grace from Her Holiness Sharon Stone? She is willing to lower her noble head, forgive and pity you low life sinners. How lucky you are and how gracious she is! She must be a true princess!

2338 days ago

Pablo Alleycorn    

OK......then what is the karma for when a Hobag arranges an encounter between her ex and a Komodo dragon that ate part of his foot? Is it loss of looks, sensibility, marketability, reliability? Washed up has-been! Flash your beav now and see if anyone cares. On second thougt, never mind!

2338 days ago

that's all    

Oh well, I dunno about karma, but China is notorious for human and animal rights' viloations. They just don't slaughter dogs and cats they torture them for days before eating them. They hang large masitffs and Saint Bernards upside down for 3 days and beat them because they think the adrenaline and fear and torture makes the meat taste better. Thye keep bears in cages for their bile where they can hardly stand up straight or move. Cruel, cruel. One thing to do quick slaugher for food, hell are cats and dogs need meat they can't live on a head of lettuce. Watch the videos of animal torture on youtube in China or look it up if you don't believe me. Also alot of their poltical prisoners end up being invioluntary organ donors which is sold to the U.S. Karma? Just maybe. Unfortunately, nature isn't a respecter of persons and will destroy the good with the bad to make a point when its creatures and environment are tortured. The planet will fight back.

2338 days ago


What a disgusting thing to say. I suppose the thousands of children who died were responsible for the actions of their government?

Can Sharon please explain how she applies the same logic to September the 11th? Or does karma only apply if you're not a yank?

2338 days ago

Amanda Bentley    

It's so funny how when some celebrity shares a not so popular opinion, it's all "ohh when will celebrities shut their mouthes.. we don't want to hear" blah blah blah.. Most people eat up celebrity opinions like an addict eats vicodin. They think their opinion matters, and people want and need to hear it.. sad but almost true. Celebrity and politics are two things that do not mix at all.. but it doesn't stop silly people from eating it all up. Stop endorsing every little thing a celebrity says and does then you'll actually have rights to complain about celebrity opinions.

2338 days ago
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