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Xtina to Newborn Son: Lullabye Bye Bye

5/28/2008 3:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Christina Aguilera's not like regular moms, she's a cool mom -- one who'd opt for club hopping instead of listening to a baby monitor all night.

With her 4-month-old son Max sleeping at home, Xtina and her hubby got their party on again at Villa -- her second time out this week, sixth this month. She'll cap it off by hosting a party at LAX in Vegas this weekend. A mother's work is never done.


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Tyra Banks    

Hey TMZ, WTF? I am sure 'Xtina' can afford a very good nanny while she is away. I say more power to her. After being with the kid all day long, I'd go out drinking too.....EVERY night.

2337 days ago


Her husband is Jewish by culture. Who knows how religious he is ? She was raised as a Christian or Catholic. I LOVE the name Max for a boy. Our son is named Max. I think it is a cute name, and strong and masculine. Max didn't much like it because all the Christophers and Jasons and Bobbys had a D O G named Max ! So, we told him that if you really love your dog, you name him a person's name instead of a goofy name like Puffy (!!) or Spot.

2337 days ago


GRREEEAAATTT! ANother absent hollywood mother leaving her baby to be raised by nannies. You win parents of the year!

2337 days ago


Exactly!!!!!!!! When Britney does it , it's a CRIME! That's NOT COOL at all, why did she have a baby so THE HELP can raise him????

2337 days ago


As a mother of a newborn 6 outings is completely out of line and then going to host a party in Vegas?!!! Where are thes e parents priorities.? No you dont have to stay home chained to sink but 6 times in a month as parent of a newborn is ridiculous and selfish! Has Nicole Richie been out 6 times this month? I dont even think she has and so that saying soemthing about Christina and her hubbie.

2337 days ago


And saying she gets paid - oh ok that justifies it??? Please she has enough money for the rest of her life if she never worked another day in her life. Even BRITNEY wasnt out 6 times/month after had children!!!! And this has nothing to do with male/female I blame her and the father-it takes 2!

2337 days ago


Omg she left the house 6 times with out her kid. Come on give her a break at least she's not taking the kid to a club now i would find that wrong.

2337 days ago


Go home, Xtina! Your newborn baby DOES need you!

2337 days ago


If this was Britney you'd be RIPPING HER APART right now and calling her an unfit mother. Why play favorites TMZ? I thought you were better than that.

2337 days ago


Jackiemichele wrote:
"So why is this a bad thing? I am away from my 2 year old from 7am until almost 10pm due to school and work.

Am I a bad mother?"

IMHO - YES!!! If you can't find the time to devote to a child, you should wait to have children!!! Who is raising your child for you? Babysitter, Daycare Center, Grandparent??? Do you truly think this is the ideal situation for your child - and yourself? Sometimes we all need to sacrifice...

2337 days ago


They let this woman out of the house a whole six times this month! Wow! Swingin' baby!
[please note extreme sarcasm]

2337 days ago


Breastina will only get Mother of the Year when her kid paints it on a card and sends it to her from boarding school.

2337 days ago


When the breasts are away, the baby will play !!

2337 days ago


TMZ is a bunch of idiots who are so disapointed with their lives that they try to make good people look bad. But I constantly find myself reading it. This is more addictive than cigarettes.

2337 days ago

it takes a molester    

xstina I mean Britney is not a cool mother did she stop kissing Monna and showing her coochie?

2337 days ago
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