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Linda Hogan Parties With Manboy

6/1/2008 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In an effort to make the Hogan family look even worse, Linda Hogan took her 19-year-old Nick-a-like boytoy to the opening of Palms Place last night!

Llinda Hogan: Click to view pics!Charlie told us they are just friends -- because friends are typically all over each other at the Palms.

Of course classy Linda made sure Charlie-poo had a drink.


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ALL the Hogan's should stay OFF the radar for awhile!

2303 days ago


what a skanky whore

2303 days ago


Wow, Linda looks like she needs to reset her priorities. Go visit your son today, get a divorce, and make sure your daughter is getting a rub down by her Dad.

2303 days ago


Looks more like the Hulk than Nick.

2303 days ago

Lenn K.    

The Hogans suck big time and need to get their face out of the public eye, because there is an ugly rage for tapes that show them blaming the victim for their dumb ass son accident. These people are parisites!!!

2303 days ago


Another example showing that these people have no moral compass to guide them. If Linda Hogan can sink any lower I would love to know what the new level could possibly be. No wonder she is telling Nick that she is the one that "loved Danny and John, not John's mom"..and in this case I think she was talking about "reeeaaally loving them"..the woman makes trailer trash look classy. Does anyone know if this woman has any friends left or has she become a social outkast amongst the people who really have class and decency. Hey Linda, no one is going to forget what you said about John's mom and your right about one thing, If john could talk, he probably would have a lot of stuff to tell his mom about you.


2303 days ago


You gotta love midlife crisis..but it's really weird that mom and dad are messing around with people that look like their kids ..

2303 days ago


If this guy is 19 then I am 21.................get real! There is NO way!

2303 days ago



2303 days ago


That is the nastiest, oldest looking 19 year old.
And Linda is just an aging tart!

2303 days ago


Wow. These fake ass people are so obsessed with over-processed bleach blonde hair which explains why they act like a complete brainless idiot.

2303 days ago


Good lord linda "friends"? This kid is just using her. Like he is seriously into her. Well to be honest they really are using each other. You know for years MEN have always gotten away with dating VERY MUCH YOUNGER WOMEN. So I'm not on Linda's side whatsoever, but when her or Demi for example can date someone younger it's kinda cool. Why is it such a crime for women to do what guys have been doing for years & years.But, seriously how long will this last? Any woman that can get away with it, I say YOU GO GIRL. But, dump him asap if your brain tells you he's no good. It's not worth staying with someone if his heart isn't into it. Like I said GUYS, have gotten away with this for many years,so why can't we?

2303 days ago


How does anyone figure he looks like nick? huh? i don't see it here whatsoever...

2303 days ago

Team Jon    

She is old old old old old old old she is so dam old with fake boobs. Get someone closer to your age Linda and stop competing and trying to be like your daughter.

2303 days ago


Hey great comment to #11. Its always okay for men to do alot of things but when a woman does it she is a skank, tramp, whore, trailer trash, bitch, hag, loser, terrible mom, terrible wife, but when a guy does it it is way to go bud, isn't that guy lucky, what a catch.......... If she can get ayounger guy why not, all the more power to her, many guys ditch her becuase they dont want their miserable wives to catch on to the fact that they may be hot and a catch for someone better than thier sorry....... They want you home cleaning, cooking, taking their stuff to the cleaners, taking care of them and having kids having off you with no life, no brain and no fun!!!!! You go lynda but keep your class about you. Stop making yourself look bad. Demi has never made herself look bad, she is a class act. Learn from her while you prowl. She got a great catch, alot better than many many men out there. So rock on.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2303 days ago
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