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Brangelina Done in By Star Magazine

6/4/2008 7:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Turns out Miss "I'm a lawyer" Jones ain't the only Star that's full of crap these days.

According to the cover of the latest Star Magazine, Brad Pitt and his peeps "panicked" after Angelina "collapsed" on a beach in France. Problem is -- it just ain't true.

A series of photos taken at exactly the same time on the same day show she was juuuust fine, playing with the kids and having grand old time. In fact, Brad and U2's The Edge are just helping her up off the beach ... like gentlemen should do with preggy women.

By the way, Star makes this sound like it just happened -- these pics were taken a month ago. Their rep says they stand by their story -- and that the snap in question was taken May 21.


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VAN HALEN 5150    

it must be a real slow day...

2143 days ago


A tabloid lied? Unheard of!! he he he

2143 days ago


Who cares about mother theresa and her orphanage? How she went from a freakshow to a saint is beyond me.

2143 days ago


If you bothered to read the article, you would see that it doesn't say she collapsed on the beach but rather inside their French chateau. Also, nowhere on the cover do they state that she collapsed on the beach. Maybe you should get your own facts straight before taking others to task!

2143 days ago

You dont want to know    

Summer get off TMZ and go do some work !!!SUMNER yes YOU!!!!! hehehehe

2143 days ago


WOW what a story. Even if it were true why would it make the news?

2143 days ago


Dear Jenny,

You are telling a tabloid to properly investigate another tabloid to get their story straight?

You have unrealistic expectations of what celebrity news is and if you want hard hitting facts...take your coo coo butt to CNN...

2143 days ago


Who believes Star??? I mean, seriously. Must be really slow day, eh TMZ?

2143 days ago


Hey Ummmmm,

How about you kiss my ass!!!!!!!!

2143 days ago


Any idea when the tabloids are going to report what she eats and uses the bathroom.

2143 days ago


I used to buy Star but I simply refuse to since they photoshop all their pictures to make it appear more appealing or even worse than it actually is. That goes for all the tabloids, I'd rather thumb through them at the checkout or at the book store but refuse to buy them any longer. Star has made up so many lies about people I'm surprise they aren't sued on a daily basis. God Bless Angie, Brad and their children.

2143 days ago


what the hell?? they go to the beach and can only take 3 of their 4 children??? why do they always go out without poor she wouldn't like a day at the beach with her WHOLE family???

2143 days ago


Yeah, and where is Shiloh?

Unless Brad's mom is around I'm sure Shiloh the biological blonde that Angelina calls a blob is sitting in a room alone eating cheetoes. I'm expecting a child, he's gonna arrive on July 7th. I sure hope that she doesn't deliver her next batch of unwants then. Why the heck would this woman who talks about unwanted children, and must of seen for herself first hand the damage done by the over population in the world, why would she go and get all that fertility???? It's sick in the head. She doesn't care about Shiloh from any of the photos I've seen and from what I read she lets Zahara beat her up and steal her doll. So why would she spend tons of money to bring more little blonde haired babies around when she doesn't care for Shiloh now as it is???

Oh yeah, this is a woman that tells the United States that the African nations are our responsibility yet shows up wearing diamonds.

She's sick in the head, and I really hope she has those poor kids soon so it's not near the same day as my boy.

2143 days ago


HOLY CRAP... TMZ REPORTING SOMETHING TRUE... What did they do get the whole story first? HELL IS FREEZING OVER.....

2143 days ago


Quite a stretch to refer to the Star as a magazine. This is a tabloid rag and no one in their right mind believes anything in it anyway. I'm curious why TMZ thinks they have any right to climb up on the high horse.

2143 days ago
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