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Sharon Moo Goo Gai Banned by Shanghai Fest

6/4/2008 9:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looks like the closest Sharon Stone is going to get to China anytime soon is Mr. Chow.

The smacklash against Sharon for her idiotic "karma" comment continues, as the Shanghai International Film Fest -- one of the major confabs on the film scene -- said that Stone isn't welcome at this year's event. And she won't be invited back soon, a festival rep said today.

Of course, that might be because she's unlikely to make a film that'll get into that -- or any festival. Dior China and the country's largest movie chain have also punished her for Karmagate -- for the record, Sharon has apologized for the remark.


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1st bitches

2296 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

Anyways....we need Mrs stone here as our wise old owl. Sorry China. We didn't teach ourselves the 'karma thingy'...

2296 days ago


I do not know why anyone cares what these Ditzy Celebs have to say, but I guess China is upset.
She has no Talent, No Brains and No looks, so maybe its time for her to go away.

2296 days ago


PROTECT YOUR RIGHT TO HATE. How about doing us a favor and ban any stories on this stupid bitch. Think about it, even Paris hasn't said or done anything as stupid.

2296 days ago


the only reason she apologized is because it started to affect her 'bottom line', that is the pocketbook.

2296 days ago


This bitch still in the news? Sharon, take your flabby butt back and hide away from all of us in the hills of hollywood or anywhere else, just GO AWAY, you talentless idiot hag!

2296 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Just shows to go ya what happens when you get on the wrong side of General Tzo. Certainly, she should not have made her karma quip, but she apologized and everyone has learned, hopefully, not to dismiss a natural disaster as 'karma' for a nation's political posture. No need to keep throwing stones.

2296 days ago


I doubt Sharon will lose any sleep over this............The USA should boycott the olympics!

2296 days ago


Listen, there is no argument that her comment was in poor choice. We are all human, and we all have said or done something really stupid at least once in our life. Let thee without sin cast the first STONE!! Let's move on people!!

2296 days ago


I loved how she "descreetly" in this rant had the nerve to say "And I'm good friends with the Dali Lama". Not anymore bitch.

2296 days ago

That is NASTY    


2296 days ago


As if any of the posters on this site (including me) have one tenth the talent and natural good looks that Sharon Stone had and STILL HAS. Is it sour grapes or just natural hate in your souls. But, along with Sharron, hasn't anyone noticed the natural disasters around the world and where they do the worst? I know, if it drizzles on your new salon hair you think it is a disaster, but. First look at the worst in the last 10 years. I pick that for the short memories you all have. Most have been in areas where human rights are infringed upon, or evil has been rampant.

2296 days ago

Standing by the edge    

She's an idiot, plain and simple. She's also a legend in her own mind and a has been. Before she insulted China and all the poor innocent children that were crushed to death in the earthquake she made an ass of herself in Cannes at the AMFAR auction. I agree, she's overstayed her welcome and it's time to go. Now git!

2296 days ago


I freaking hate this no-talent whore of an actress. That said, she has a f--king point. FYI to all those people who ONLY read TMZ, the people in charge of China are Douches...Oh, by the way, for anyone that would like to argue the that there is a difference between the leaders and the your breath. If these dog eaters wanted a change, as the country with more people in it then any other in the world, they would do something about it. They aren't doing anything, she is a terrible person, and if there is a God, and he/she cares, the Olympics, by some miracle, will not be held in one of the worst countries in the world. Oh yeah, biiiiiatches, FREE TIBET.

2296 days ago


Oh, and "little Blonde", no s- #!t you are a little blonde. Only the spawn of the, generally considered airhead (read;idiot) would write what you did. And...only a type-happy loudmouth like me would try to even contemplate how off and odd what you said is. First of all, China HATES the Dali Lama...they hate him. Second, if in fact this nice looking guy with big ole glasses is in fact the latest reincarnation, he is probably having a hard time not just getting pissed. In fact, if he is who he is (and to tell truth, I have spoken to him twice in my life-so, yeah, I have no clue either) then the guy is most assuredly whispering to himself, over and over "when you die YOU CHINA people are fu@#ed. I will make sure of it." Anyway, rant aside...why small blonde, would you not take the time to actually understand something like the relationship between the big D and the cruel C? Man, if China weren't so screwed with how they have treated a living god then we would be in big trouble given their focus and not having tards for children. You us.

2296 days ago
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