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Britney's Baby Steps

6/5/2008 8:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Since Britney Spears was absent from her boys for a short while -- she's working overtime to make sure Sean Preston and Jayden know their mommy will always be there for them.

Hopefully they don't mistake her for the housekeeper.


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you just love those sucker-punches, dontcha TMZ?

Rock on Britney! Those boys are the best reason in the world to be happy :)


2332 days ago

Me, myself and I    

Posted at 8:25PM on Jun 5th 2008 by DIANE T in TX

It's ironic that a Texan is making that comment! Poor schizophrenic Andrea Yates, telling everyone who would listen that she was compelled to kill her children, was found perfectly fit to go home to her kids (after her insurance ran out) while her ever-impregnating husband felt fine leaving her with them.

Posted at 12:05AM on Jun 6th 2008 by Del

Actually, the people in these parts do not consider me to be a Texan. I moved here from Maryland less than 3 years ago to be closer to my grandchildren.

Texas' legal system is completely foreign to me. Their child protective services removed over 400 children (in April 2008) from their polygamist parents. They were just told that what they did was wrong, and to return the children to their parents. The judge refused to do so until certain conditions were met. This fiasco cost the state of Texas millions of dollars, and will cost them much more after all of the lawsuits that will result.

2332 days ago

frogs and gravel    

If you look close you can see that both Sean Preston and Jayden have my
eyes, nose and smile.

2332 days ago


I'm sorry, I don't think she's mentally ill. She's lucid when it suits her -- I think she's a spoiled brat who didn't want to take care of two kids. They were like pets to her. Don't give her credit for her "baby steps." She's a deadbeat mom, plain and simple.

2332 days ago

that's all    

What adorable boys . I would love them, hug them, and play with them the way they should be treated. I wish they were mine.

2332 days ago


If anyone actually thinks this person wants her children full time, guess again. Any shred of responsiblity sends people like her spinning. A few momentary visits each week is about all she can handle. She can continue making her lousy videos, her attempts at making music, etc. If it weren't for her father's babysitting duties, she'd be history already. But consider how he cares for her, she has a tantrum, and immediately gets rewarded with a trip to Costa Rica, or soon England. Doesn't this seem
strange to anyone. I'm not aware of anyone with her 'disease' that is handled this way. She's spoiled and constantly is rewarded for bad behavior by keeping her name in the press, plastering her picture in magazines, and regaled by her publicists' constantly applauding her "great " improvements. There aren't any, she's the same. What is this world coming to? No jealousy here, just disgust. Don't wish her any harm, but wish she would go far, far away.

2332 days ago

Me, myself and I    

51. I'm sorry, I don't think she's mentally ill. She's lucid when it suits her -- I think she's a spoiled brat who didn't want to take care of two kids. They were like pets to her. Don't give her credit for her "baby steps." She's a deadbeat mom, plain and simple.

Posted at 12:50AM on Jun 6th 2008 by Amy


Amy, I believed the same things you do - at first. Now I believe that she MUST have a mental illness because no sane person would behave in the manner she has done.

First, and foremost, she has a great lack of connection with her babies. She is more upset when the public says she looks fat, than having custody of her children taken away. Her perception of her physical appearance is out of touch with how she really looks in reality. TMZ photos don't show it with their 3 photos, but on other sites, she is shown wearing a white sundress with winter type, fuzzy boots. If she wasn't a celebrity, and you saw her on the street, most people would think - how strange.

The court has ordered a business plan drawn up for her assets by the middle of this month. I hope that the conservatorship will make a provision for her sons future.

Who knows when or if Britney will ever regain her mental facilities?

2332 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

I'm with you Diane T! I think a lot of people blamed all of her strange actions on either drugs and/or the people she was hanging out with. Now that those two elements have largely, or completely be removed, all that is left is really her. Many people want to look for something or someone to blame, while they completely overlook the fact that everyone is ultimately responsible for their choices. And despite the removal of these influences, the courts still did not change in their outlook of her ability to manage herself as an adult. It sounds like someone is going to need to mange her actions for the rest of her life. Add kids to the mix and things will not go easily for any of them. After what I've seen, I just feel bad for the kids. It will not be an easy road for them and that sucks because the choice is not theirs at this point in their lives.

2332 days ago


Poor Britney Spears... every word, every gesture and every action analyzed and over-analyzed... What a strange and obsessive place West Hollywood truly is! Of course... It`s very clear to me now that West Hollywood is not the only place on this planet where 1 can feel and experience near diabolical obsession... and what a dangerous obsession that can truly be!!

2332 days ago


does that cadillac come with those
headlights as optional equipment ?

2332 days ago


#14 what exactly does vicodin smell like?

2332 days ago

my, my, my    

TMZ, please ban the peson who offered the video from ever posting again. It is obviously a phising attempt.

2332 days ago

captain obvious    

34. how dare you call her kids boo boos! how do you think her kids will feel when they are old enough to read and understand. Shame on you guys! You suck!
How do you think they'll feel whe they read about her hair cutting, beating up a car with an umbrella, driving over people's feet, rear ending two cars, and not being deemed mentally capable of tendiong to her own legal affairs?????
Wow! Now that sure sound s like mom of the year don't it???
You brain dead posers who refuse to see Brittany for what she really is are the true people who SUCK!!!!

2332 days ago


britney spears has worked her azz off since a early age,she was more committed to her work and the people around her that had jobs because of her for years and she employed many people,singers,dancer's,management...I think she went nuts and is slowly coming back.i don't think she cares if she ever works again and why should she.she looks good and who knows what the real story is with brit,i happen to think she went nuts in full view of the whole world and i would be the first one to trash her if i felt different but i can't do it,i think she was and still is very sick,i think she is getting better but if she was left alone to her own means,in her big house house she would be right back to square one,i bet she has people that makes sure she takes her meds.

2332 days ago


She didn't start acting normal until they took her money! She didn't give a sh%t about her kids though! It amazes me how the tabloids talk about her and how great she's doing in a bikini in Costa Rica when her kids have no mother!

2332 days ago
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