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Jim's Voice Doesn't Carrey Over Loud Chick

6/5/2008 8:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rubber face Jim Carrey and girlfriend Jenny McCarthy put on yet another event for Autism yesterday in Washington, D.C. - this time to rid vaccines of bad toxins. Finally, someone who's taking a stand against immunizations.

Normally, J.C. would be the loudest voice at a rally, but this woman with the megaphone didn't even give Jim or his ass a chance to speak. She neither was nice nor polite, but at least she wasn't funny.


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A clinical pathologist    

Polio, measles, mumps, rubella, etc are still out there. In fact, there are cases and deaths yearly either by immigrants who were never vaccinated or by children whose parents thought they were doing good for their children by not getting vaccinated (with grave consequences). There is no evidence based journal articles to support the notion that vaccination causes autism. If there has been a study done (with evidence based medicine!), then please post it. To my recollection there are none. Even if there were a risk (which there isn't) the benefits (prevention of death and transmission) would outweigh the risk (no risk of autism).

I think most physician's blood boils when they are confronted with a mother who says, "Doc, I heard about a link between immunizations and autism, so I won't have my child vaccinated." The doctor will then have to pull out many journals to convince the mother differently. After all, the mother heard some celebrity say they caused autism in their child. That situation is just the reason I never when into pediatrics.

2333 days ago

use yourbrain    

Warden- although thimerosol was removed in 2001, they continued to use up the stocks that existed (with thimerosol) until fairly recently. Therefore you would still expect to see high incidence if it were tied to this. It may be that it is not the thimerosol that is the main problem-this would all have to be sorted out. Re. baseball junkie's comment on AIDS and polio vaccine, I believe it was actually a botched hep B vaccine that was given in the gay community that is a possible cause of AIDS. The polio vaccine was definately contaminated by SV40 in the 60's (pre 1963) and I didn't mean to link that necessarily to AIDs but some scientists have commented on the incidence of this monkey virus in biopsied tumors (notably brain and lung tumors). If you do the research you will see that there are increasing numbers of biologists, doctors, nurses, maybe even pharmacological doctorates!!!! who are starting to uncover some interesting things. Some of them have even suffered vaccine damage ie. they were fine until a hep b vaccine. It is scary stuff and no-one wants to think that the medical community could be wrong, but just being scared by it and calling it junk science won't make it go away.

2333 days ago


Dear Warden,
The CDC made a recommendation to remove Thimerosal in 2001, after deliberations that began in 1999. The already-manufactured shots were never recalled from shelves or warehouses, and most had expiration dates into 2005, so kids were still getting all that mercury. Their decision to make a recommendation rather than a mandate means many vaccines still contain "trace" amounts ,as thimerosal is used in the manufacturing process and then chelated out, leaving a bit behind, kind of like decaffeinating coffee. The FDA does not monitor vaccine lots for levels of thimerosal or other vaccine ingredients after the initial approval process. 90% of the flu shots in this country still contain 25mg mercury, the CDC has never expressed a preference for mercury-free vaccine because it costs about 30 cents more per dose than mercury vaccine. They have, however, expanded the recommendations for who should get the flu shot to include children as young as months old, and supported an aggressive marketing campaign to increase flu shot coverage/profits, despite the fact that this year's shot was completely ineffective against this year's flu.

2333 days ago

Lois Smith    

I am absolutely appalled at the anger and venom that is contained in so many of these posts.
This is a mother first and foremost that saw her child die in her very arms from what she truly believes was a neurological injury resulting from receiving too many vaccines too fast for her son's system to safely handle, this mom is not saying that parents should not vaccinate their children, she is saying that she wants some of the toxic additives in vaccines to be cleaned up.

How can any of You disagree with that?
Do You honestly want aluminum shot into your newborn?
How about aborted fetal tissue?
She wants the CDC to look at these and other ingredients and determine if there are safer alternatives.

As the mother of an Autistic child I applaud Jenny and Jim for all of their efforts, they care about children (even the ones that were produced by the most bitter and ignorant)

Keep up the good fight Jennie, and remember.....Women who behave rarely make history.

2333 days ago


People who think vaccinations are bad are just plain ignorant. I know someone personally who NEVER had her son vaccinated and he is AUTISTIC!

2333 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

useyourbrain: what scares me is people like you giving out medical advice. I wish I thought you were alone but I know there are many fools out there. I repeat, how many other conspiracy theories do you believe in.

Garbosmed: Vaccines are reproduced on a regular basis because they degrade. Even with thimerosal.

Go Sox

2333 days ago

use yourbrain    

Baseball junkie, get a grip. Seriously, this is a TMZ forum, not a place where people would really seek out or give medical advice. We're sharing opinions and information. I think you're SCARED period. I really don't believe in too many conspiracy theories and I'm a fairly rational minded Canadian woman. Sorry if that disappoints you. I have quite a busy life and I've spent all the time I want to on this. Whatever the facts are, they will come out with time.

2333 days ago


I nevered supported Jenna, I think she's an idiot. And as far as Jim goes, anothe idiot !. :) But If they do have a cause against somethogn that does protect kids them I'm all for them !!!! :)

2333 days ago


I hope that everyone who is against vaccines realizes how many children these diseases would kill on a yearly basis. Childhood mortality rates used to be very high. It's not like these treat the common cold, these are deadly diseases! How would you feel if your child died because you didn't want to give them a simple shot? ADD is also more rampant now than before, is it because it's more common or because it's just being diagnosed more? There is a difference. They took mercury out of the vaccines years ago and still autisim is on the rise. So please don't take the word of some actors who have no degree in the field.

2333 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

useyourbrain, It really doesn't matter where you're from, you are still sharing MISinformation. As someone with several medical professionals in the family, I find people like you to be very disturbing. The fact that you believe in ANY conspiracy theories worries me.

Go Sox

2333 days ago

use yourbrain    

Baseball junkie, OMG!!!! I have medical professionals in my family too!! My dad also used to work for pharmaceutical companies, and a few of us are lawyers. Big f'g deal. Sorry to disappoint you but in fact I can't think of a conspiracy theory that I believe in, other than maybe this. I think closed-minded people people are very disturbing.

2333 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

use your brain, interesting, my father was head of the pilot lab for the pharmaceutical company where he worked. I didn't bother mentioning the lawyers since this was a medical discussion.
The problem with an open mind like yours is when it is so open that your brain falls out. So long, the ballgame is over. I, too, have other things to do.

Go Sox

2333 days ago


Finally someone taking a stand against immunizations......... ARE YOU INSANE!!!!! Measles, pertussis and even polio is still around and children die horrible deaths from these diseases, Even in America. Until you see a child suffer from violent coughing spells from pertussis and then die from it or a baby be born blind because the mom was not protected from rubella then you can make a moronic statement like that. Idiot

2333 days ago

just wondering    

HOLY MACARONI !!!.... Baseball and Use ur brain...I have enjoyed reading ur debate if I may call it that....and u both have excellent points !!!...relax now...u r reducing ur endorphin intake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2333 days ago

frogs and gravel    

When people do not get their children vaccinated from preventable diseases it puts hundreds
if not thousands of people at risk from possibly getting the disease. This is the pinnacle of
selfishness. Also: When people do not get their children vaccinated and they turn out to
be autistic what are they going to blame? Global warming? George Bush. And by the way, your
autistic son or daughter should not be in class with regular students trying to learn. All they do is take up
a great deal of the teachers time and prevents other students from getting a decent education.

2333 days ago
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