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Nick Won't Be Able to Drop the Soap Anymore

6/5/2008 7:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nick HoganNick Hogan has finally gotten his wish -- kinda.

He's not going home to Mama, but Nicky Boy just got transferred out of his solitary cell and will be in a cell with three other juveniles ... and a TV.

The Pinellas County Sheriff's Office tells TMZ the transfer was made as a result of "ongoing assessments of inmate situations."

Story developing ...


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incest is best hulk puts his daughter to the test    

i'll u anything that Hulk and Linda are really Brother and Sister welcome to general population WHATCHA GONNA DO WHEN BIG BUBBA AND HIS 24 INCH PYTHON COMES LOOKING FOR U BABY HOGAN LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

2301 days ago


i just want the whole family to lose all their money to the graziando family 9i know i didn't spell it right) and for hulk's show to be cancelled. And for them to be in the poor house and have to get real jobs. That would show them what they're entitled too. By the way, i see why people want to see Nick get raped in prison - how it could be seen justified, but rape is NEVER justified against man or woman or even reptile in Nick's case.

2301 days ago


rich tan meat... yikes.. his bum is in for it lol

2301 days ago


Here Fishy Fishy......(Shawshank Redemption)

2301 days ago


Man, these kids are gonna bust his ass. These kids are not playing with him, and they are going to test him. Nice work dumb ass. All you had to do was sit quietly and do your time. You get what you ask for!! :)

2301 days ago


Seems to me the jailers are doing their job. When he went in there was only one other juvinile in the jail and we were not told why putting them together was ruled out. Having to share jail space with three others is no picnic but if being alone was really a problem for him then fair enough. Far more likely that he will get in a fight then get raped, juvinile jail is far more violent than anything else. Hope he has get along skills, he is gonna need them. A rich spoiled kid like him in with other street hard kids will be no bed of roses. Go ahead Nick, mouth off and see what that gets you.

2301 days ago


Anything this idiot learns in jail will be lost once he gets home to his sorry excuse for parents. It's inevitable.

2301 days ago


I saw the pictures of John Graziano in his hospital bed today on another site...................they made me cry and it broke my heart! I am not a parent and never will be for that matter but, I can not imagine how gut wrenching it is for the Graziano family. To go to the hospital everyday and see your son lying in a hospital bed in a vegetable state............I can't even comprehend what that might feel like. The car accident took a Marine, son and brother away from his loved ones forever.

One can only hope that one day Nick Bollea will take ownership for this accident and realize what he has done!

2301 days ago


Well that stinks.. three other juvies? What a cake walk, ... they will either idolize him for being the 'Hulks' son or torment him.. in which case he will just kiss ass and whine some more. And a TV? .. make the lazy ass get a GED, give them books... at the very least if they get a TV please PLEASE make them watch things like Bambi, The Brady Bunch, The Waltons, Stairway to Heaven, Dancing with the Stars... LOL

2301 days ago

jen newman    

once again he got off easy. So he will be in a cell with 2 other juvenile and he will probably be fne with them cause then they can all be like smart asses acting out and showing off. He is better left alone in solitary. I don't care what anyone says cause I truly think someone pulled some strings for this transfer. This will only give him the chance to try and impress these other kids who probably WILL think he is cool cause of his father, etc. The only place to teach this punk a lesson is either in solitary or in general population. Giving him 2 cellmates is crazy cause he should have no contact while in jeil. He won't be suiffering much beng able to clown around and act like bigshots together. TMZ SHOULD STOP COVERING THIS STORY. THIS IS WHAT NICK AND HIS FAMILY LIVE FOR - PUBLICITY!!!!!!!!!!


2301 days ago


Wow! Internet tough guys are so tough! Get a life why don't you! For now Nick is doing his time. And the rest of you sick perverts are living out your sick dreams Bunch of jealous haters you are!

2301 days ago


WE should send him a bottle of lube- He deserves what he gets!!! Shame Shame on these little brats that think they can get away with crap like this...

2301 days ago

darkwing duck    


Remember nick it just like oz (Oswald State Correctional Facility)

This is the title of your new tv show is "Strange Bedfellows" aka A Co*k and Balls Story

2301 days ago


#41 shut the hell up. You sound like a little putts... Go away..

2301 days ago


Get use to it Nick. Unless that attitude of yours changes you'll be back in one of those cells in a few years.

2301 days ago
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