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Hulk Mum on Mommy Dearest

6/8/2008 12:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

What better time to ask Hulk Hogan about his soon-to-be ex-wife Linda's 19-year-old hookup than when he's with his girlfriend that looks just like his daughter?

Sources tell us Hulk and his young GF were shopping at this Clearwater, Fla. Wal-Mart to get supplies -- because they're moving in together!


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The Hogans. They deserve every bit of white trash-trailer bred hell they get. The fact that this moron alleged wrestler is trying to blame this gorgeous boy---Marine whose young life is basically over at this unconscionable. He has either been wacked in the head too much or not enough. He looks like an action figure of himself. Michael Jackson looks more realistic. And this whole deluded family thinks they are some kind of role models and heroes.

I hope Nick cries a tear or two for his friend because his new nickname is Pillow Biter Boy. He wants to be treated like an adult? Go for it kid. Dont even worry about dropping the soap. At the end of that long dark hall where no guards roam---go ahead and scream Nicky! Because no one will hear you!!

I am ashamed to share the same country with these pathetic excuses for people. HOGANS: ALL OF YOU---try New Zealand.....of course they probably dont want you either.

2327 days ago


I agree with #9. A freshman high shcool newspaper wanna be could have done better than that. Bet ya it was that long haired doofus on the show!

2327 days ago


this so called family of celebratrainwrecks are a JOKE!!! His obsesseion with his daughter is bordering on insest and the mother is a old used up stripper wannabe who was never quite hot enough for anybobdy to care. Don't get me started on their spawn. Brooks only popular in Florida shes got what 4 maybe 5 fans and someone need to tell that girl how to dress shes turning into her mother and thats scary. Nicks always been a joke that will never change

2327 days ago

Just call me trailer trash....    


make that pathetic, old fool loser

yeah terry she likes you for that stunning face and amazing intellect.....NOT. it's about the money stupid

no fool like an old fool

2327 days ago


He must be trying to save a little money by shopping at Walmart because he knows he'll be sued bigtime. Fu**ing trash.

2327 days ago


The Hogans are MUD in my book, they are poor excuse for human beings, trying to PROFIT OF THE TRAGEDY they are SICK individuals. I HATE THE HOGANS

2327 days ago

pk3palm beach    


2327 days ago

Reality Chick    

Am I the only one that thinks this Hogan dating thing is all for show? Think about it... your son crashes a car and as a result causes major injuries that will disable him for life. Don't you think one option to protect all you have worked for is to divorce your wife and give her at least half your assets so the victim's family can't sue you for them? I wonder when we will all read about the record breaking divorce settlement the Hulkster's wife takes him for. I don't believe for a second that these so called gf and bf are real.

2327 days ago


#15 dweeb = Hulk

2327 days ago


Talk about ironic, asking Hulk about Linda's 19 year old love interest when he is so clearly in lust with his own daughter..I really don't ever believe we have seen on tape incest to the point Hulk and Brooke have shown us. It is so incredibly disgusting and Hulk if your justify touching your daughter in places father's don't normally touch their daughters by saying you "used to change her diapers"...well, you just need some serious far, you have stalked your daughter, intimidated and run off any potential suitors and most recently were caught on tape sexually touching her in the most inapproriate areas...and yet all this seems normal to you.......gotta go throw up like I do everytime I think of Hulk feeling up Brooke. At least your slut soon to be ex (if that is even true) had the good sense to find someone who isn't blood related.

2327 days ago


#9 is right...BUT, to ask any of those questions directly to Hulks face is pretty idiotic for anyone to do. He is a big-ass man and could level anyone with his size alone...He is going through a lot of stuff, whether deserved or not. Yeah he would get sued....but his big lawyers would get him out of it just like they basically did for his son. So picture yourself as that cameraman, all alone in that quiet grocery store, asking questions to a guy who is 6' 5" and weighs almost 300lbs...who obviously doesn't want to be bothered.... I would just say "hi" too.

2327 days ago



2327 days ago

darkwing duck    

If I had my way, I'd have them round up everyone of those inconsiderate savages, bury them up to their necks and run them over with the grain reaper. (Hogans)

to hullk hogan

What about john

You said

you are going to be with John 24/7until he learned how to walk .

How come you not with John in his room.

2327 days ago


you are going to be with John 24/7until he learned how to walk .

How come you not with John in his room.

Posted at 12:40PM on Jun 8th 2008 by darkwing duck

You liar, you're a gawdam liar, he did not say that! Prove to us he said that, find the transcript find the video! Tell me the exact time in th video where he said "I will personally be by his side 24hour a day 7days a week untili he walks". I know you work for TMZ but it doesn't mean you have to lie all the time.

2327 days ago

Big Bear    

Hulk is having a little problem in the bedroom because of all the steroids. Steroids can make certin parts of a man smaller and not work as well. Hulk looks good in public but is not a very good lover. They sell sex aids at Wal Mart?? The new Mrs. Hulk will need some artificial help in the lover department. Hey Hulk how are Nick and Bubba doing in jail??

2327 days ago
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