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Tori Spelling -- The Roots of All Evil

6/9/2008 12:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Soft-serving, hot dog-gorging super mom Tori Spelling took her unborn baby to be doused in a dangerous chemical shower. OK, OK ... she had her hair dyed at a salon.

Same difference.


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where's the rest?    

she seems to be doing ok without daddy's money

2295 days ago


Whatever, I'm pregnant and my doctor told me I could highlight my hair at any time during my pregnancy and that the chemicals weren't harmful to the baby.

2295 days ago


Give me a break TMZ....your stupidity knows no bounds. It is safe to dye your hair after the first trimester. Since she is having the baby within hours or at the most a few days, this is a non-issue. You're really digging hard to find something nasty to say about these celebrities, aren't you.....

2295 days ago


Get off her freaking case.........I had never heard of the dangers of hot dogs or soft serve ice cream. I have had my hair dyed while pregnant and isn't that now a proven myth. Lets lynch her if we see her having a coffee or a coke. Give her a break.

2295 days ago


you can call her a lot of things but one thing she does have is determination....I for one feel sorry for or no money I could not treat my daughters like that....does she deserve any her mother should be treating her childen the matter what age they are....what a role model mom is.

2295 days ago


and PS....TMZ you should think twice about pissing off a very pregnant woman in the summer.

2295 days ago


do any of you even have children of your own? for pete's sakes, you know nothing about pregnancy. get your facts straight.

2295 days ago


You all must be really desperate to print crap like this. It is well know that it is not harmful for a mother to be to have her hair colored after the first trimester. You really need to learn how to research your facts. How stupid can you be.

2295 days ago

just wondering    

awww..Dean is such a gentleman and so protective over her.." no shots getting in the car, no shots, no shots !! " and his command was respected! thats rare.

2295 days ago

Sara Mc    

Why is Tori Spelling such a target? I just don't get it. I've watched her reality show a few times and she's actually pretty funny. And as other have said, not that big of a deal to get your hair dyed when preggers. There is much worse you can do. Sheesh.

2295 days ago


I'm a mother of 2...31 & 27....I most certainly had my share of ice-cream and if my memory serves me correctly I had a few hotdogs....whats next....can she do anything right by tmz standards....give me a break...I guess tmz has never heard of some pregnant women eating pickles & ice-cream

2295 days ago


I think Holmby Hills Joan Crawford, Candy, is stirring all this up with leaks, IMO.

2295 days ago


Lay off Tori TMZ, she looks like she is doing great. You guys need to start checking your facts before you go around bashing someone.

2295 days ago

the ronster    

guess TMZ has no real gossip to report!

2295 days ago


Geez, ease off her already. She seems like a great mom and wife. Why are you always bashing her?? She is doing nothing wrong with this pregnancy. You should check your facts with most obgyns before you jump on her. And, if you have a problem with her getting her hair done then you should jump on every celebrity for the same issue. You are just not being fair to her!!!

2295 days ago
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