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Jessica Biel -- Where's the Funeral??

6/11/2008 4:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She's dating the hottest guy around -- so why does sourpuss Jessica Biel always look so damn unhappy?!


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cameron diaz is ugly and has no body, jessica is ugly but at least she has a cute shape.. LOL you people are such losers, Justin Timberlake is a singer you jealous people.. He doesnt have to be a buff guy or anything... I love Justins voice... You folks must be very lonely or sad, or just miserable....

2290 days ago


She looks exhausted and I'm sure she loves having paps in her face. If they like each other, why the hell would any of us care? It's not like any of us would have a chance with either one of them. They have successful careers, TMZ and it's fans only have snark.

2290 days ago


In all reality, Justin is not that hot. In fact he is ugly just like her. He was taught how to move and dance and sing, none of it is natural. Take that talent away and you have a scrawny kid and a woman who looks like a homely peasant.
They should have adorable kids...Not.
I still cant figure out how cameron stood him as long as she did

2290 days ago

She sure is gorgeous!    

Neither of them are that attractive. The only thing that would make her appealing is her body. JT is a weird looking guy who I wouldn't wanna wake up to in the morning.

2290 days ago


Jessica is a butterface - always has been!

2290 days ago


He must be great in bed because I can't see any other reason
why these women want him. He's fugly.

2290 days ago

Jess is a butterface    

Justin is a good looking dude, talented, rich and generally a pleasant person. Jessica is a butterfaced, box office poison, gold diggin bitch. Why he is with her is beyond me. He could do much better. He needs to cut bait and move on.

2290 days ago


What do women see in this guy? He is not remotely good looking. He is not even vaguely cute. Very average.

2290 days ago

citizen kope    

she's dating the lamest guy around........he is more like triple sloppy seconds.....ugh!!!!!!11

2290 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

Um, because she is thinking "What the fu*k am I doing here with this gay guy when I used to be with Derek - how did this happen?"

2290 days ago

Make It Right!!    

The Supreme Court stated in an opinion 'that a person of celebrity status DOES THEN IN FACT HOLD PUBLIC INTEREST' and they are then therefore allowed to be written about or commented about, be it in a positive or negative way, so long as it is not a malicious lie or slander, nor would be construed as true by a reasonable person. And I'm sure the same argument holds true for fotos of them in public, which is why celebrities don't sue them UNLESS they are photographed in the privacy of their homes thru the use of illegal telefoto lenses...such as the case with Jennifer Aniston's topless fotos. And more than anything what this foto PROVES IS THE WONDER OF HEAVY DUTY PANCAKE MAKE-UP!!! This gril made up to walk the red carpets with a pound of make-up on and all you guys are drooling all over yourselves for her and dumping your real-life girlfriends cuz they don't look like her...when in reality, she doesn't even look like her!!! LOL!!!

2290 days ago

Make It Right!!    

With or without make-up, Justin Timberlake is sooooo NOT HOT!!! I don't get this younger generation all over the likes of Justin Timberlake, Clay Aiken and now David Archuleta!!!! When did girls stop liking men and start falling for girlie guys? No wonder Lilo fell for Sam!! Non of y'all like your men manly and if your best girl is manly, heck, why not?

2290 days ago

Make It Right!!    

And a younger version of Brad and Angelina? How old is Jessica Biehl? Do you realize that Angelina Jolie is only 33!!! OK, so maybe Brad IS 45, but Angelina is just barely out of her twenties! She is closer in age to Britney Spears than to Brad Pitt. And she has been famous since she was in her teens. Because of her wild ways and being with Billy Bob and her exotic looks, people think she is much older than she actually is!! Do you realize she was only 23 or 24 when she was married to Billy Bob?? That was the same age as Britney and K-Fed, wasn't it?? And what do they do charity wise that would put them on the same level as a younger version of Brad and Angelina should be? No, maybe if Leonardo DiCaprio hooked up with someone besides a supermodel...then you might get a younger Brad and Angelina. On the Forbes Celebrity Hot 100 List, Angelina Jolie is NUMBER 3, behind Oprah and Tiger Woods. Brad Pitt comes in at the number 10 spot. That's a might fierce couple to beat at any age!!

2290 days ago


Justin, your too good looking to put up with that downer. Dump that bitch, NOW.

2290 days ago


Justin Timberlake is not hot, yet alone the hottest guy around, unless you were just comparing him to all of the paparrazzi around. He doesn't even have a mans body. The only ones that keep him around is the media by continuing to say he is hot. His music is stupid, boring, and he tries way too hard to seem so cool.

2290 days ago
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