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Joey McIntyre: Who Kid on the Block

6/11/2008 5:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The New Kids need to step it up in the promo department -- because nobody knows who the hell they are anymore.

Last night, one chick actually asked who Joey Mac was ... right to his face.


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shes nuts    

º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø He is a nobody - he hasnt been anybody in years º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø

2295 days ago


He must be somebody to TMZ, since you have a camera stuck down his throat and an article stuck on your site.

2295 days ago


Joey McIntyre is a jackass...

2295 days ago

shes nuts    

«:::T:::» «:::M:::» «:::Z:::» «::::::» «:::S:::» «:::U:::» «:::X:::»

2295 days ago


I'm a new kids fan, but all I can say is...hahahahahahaha he got owned!

2295 days ago

Canadian Gal    

WTF ??? he is so washed up!

2295 days ago

silly girl    

You people are obviously morons. They are making more money right now with their comeback tour than you will ever hope to make. They've even sold out arenas and don't go on tour for THREE MORE MONTHS.
Do your homework next time.

2295 days ago


I've met Joey on several occasions. He is not a jackass nor is he washed up. You do realize he belongs to a group whose song is currently climbing the charts? A lot of "stars" would have been offended that the person didn't know who he was. Joe takes it in stride and even laughs about it. That shows what a humble and genuine person he really is. Way to go, Joe! I won't forget you, baby!

2295 days ago


These guys have been gone for 15 years and announce one day that they're coming back & immediately their shows are selling out and their song is climbing the charts. How many groups can say that? Plus, these guys, especially Joey, can blow off all the negative media crap that goes along with this business. Anyone who doesn't know Joey McIntyre is either from outer space, or was a baby last time they were together. You have no idea what you're talking about, and if you're wasting your time talking smack about NKOTB, then you're only doing it because you have nothing better to do & think it's cool for some crazy reason, but you're way off. Oh, and Joey a jackass??? HA! That's about the funniest thing I've heard in a long time. Start talking about things you actually know about, and leave well enough alone and let this reunion happen already! Because it's coming, and it's coming with a BANG!

2295 days ago


NKOTB are awesome! Joey is hot as hell. Anyone who thinks otherwise is stupid. I'm going to their concert in October, can't wait!!!

2295 days ago

Proud to be a Braveheart    

Joey McIntyre showed what a nice guy he is. He laughed and joked about the fact that the person aksed for his autograph and didn't know who he was. Sadly, there are people out there who just want autographs of famous people even if they don't know who the person is. You go Joe for being a down to earth guy.
Joe is not a jackass nor is he washed up. He is part of one of the hottest groups around. Can't wait to see you guys in concert. Joe - us true Bravehearts will never forget who you are. We love you!

2295 days ago


Joey is amazing!! He's always taking the time to show some love to his fans and obviously even people who are just autograph seekers. This man has so much heart!

2295 days ago


well, if that's not enough to persuade him to stop, than I don't know what is.

2295 days ago


Hmm for somone who no one knows its pretty odd for them to have sold out concerts eh you all make me sick you post stuff all over about Britney and other stars who in your eyes arnt stars anymore well guess what no everyone thinks alike and Joe Mac in my book is way better then anyone else you have mentioned I was verry excited when i heard their group was getting back togther mabie u all need to check out their web site before you go sayin stupid stuff like no one cares or no one knows them anymore here is a link for you in case you cant type it and google it yourself check tour dates and see how many are sold out hmm thats alot for somone who know one knows anymore

2295 days ago


It's Joey Mcintyre! Duh! Original and current member of New Kids on the Block. Singer, dancer, Broadway star, actor in both film and television, husband, father. Yep, that about sums it up. Oh, forgot all-around great guy and one talented son of a gun!

2295 days ago
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