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How Monica Felt

6/11/2008 2:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bill Clinton showed off his oral talents when speaking at a rally in Orlando a few weeks ago. Geez - that poor microphone doesn't know what it's in for.

Guess no matter how hard he tries, the C-Man just can't get the taste of Hillary out of his mouth.

Just like the rest of us.


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Cammie despicable young nobodys--who are allowing yourselves to be used by an old lawyer to ruin other people-- need to go back to school and find truly worthy employment!

Find somebody other than The Clintons to ****over....enough is enough! Most of us are sick of seeing Senator Clinton and President Clinton kicked around like animals.

2304 days ago


The left-wing love to wallow around in the hatred thay have for President Bush but thay can't take it when the truth is told about its false god SLICK Clinton and his carpet bagger wife.If you think we will let a liberal in the White House again you are all nuts! I can live with a old hero rino .

2304 days ago


This is an attempt by TMZ, and all the other media to get Hillary supporters to quiet down. Run the Clintons down when we all know they have been your champions for years. Now you are calling them trash and that you are tired of them. They want Obama in, but they know his dirty little racist secrets are now out, as well as the fact he cant speak or say one articulate sentence or have one intelligent thought, and he cant hold to all the scrutiney if all the votes had been counted. If an election was held today between Obama and Hillary, Hillary would win and they know it. The delegates have not voted and wont until DEM convention. Hillary is still in it!!! We can over turn this ridiculous little man who has not chance against war hero titan McCain. You all should be ashamed after the years and years you supported the Clintons and endorsed them as good for our country, now you turn on them like rabid skunks. Obama is an OBAMAnation!

2304 days ago

stop shouting already.    

When Clinton left office, the country was in a recession. The stock market had plummeted months before, and we had been repeatly attacked by terrorists all over the world. He sold military secrets to China, he lied under oath, he pardoned dispicable people when leaving office, as well as trashing the white house and robbing it blind,. His wife was in more scandals then I have fingers (remember how she turned a $1000 into $100,000 in the stock, or some such nonense). He authorized the highest tax increase in history, he let Osama Bin Laden go free not once, but twice, when foreign countries offered to hand him over, he bombed a aspirin factory to save his own a$$ when getting caught in the Monica scandle... and there is more, but I can't make myself remember it because it's just too sad.

The Clinton took the American people to be fools, and for the most part, they seem to have been right.

2304 days ago


Way to go! I'll never read you again, that was one crappy comment too many about Hillary - You are a GOSSIIP RAG not the center of Intelligent Thought. Morons.

2304 days ago

No Fooling    

#62 Sarah....I couldn`t agree more - Way to go!!

'Chillary' was only mad at Bill cheating because she wanted Monica for herself!

2304 days ago

jingle bells    

This is gross and the lowest I've seen TMZ sink yet. I won't be back. The man got impeached for lying about sex while Bush gets away with lying about war. IMPEACH BUSH>

2304 days ago


Karma is indeed a bitch. Just as Bill thought he could indiscriminately sexually assualt his victims and get away with it I for one appluad those that confront the issue. In my 53 years I have not known a more corrupt or morally bankrupt married couple to have slept in the White House. I was truly sickened by the white washing of Hillary and Bill while on the campaign trai. No one wanted to tell her she had no clothes on. I'm glad America chose not to make a deal with the devil but also saddened that my fellow demographic, older white females,. chose Hillary of all people to represent them in the bid for the White House. They could have at least acknowledged a molecule of her sinister self, but NOOOOOOOOOOOO they chose to look beyond it for the sake of "sisterhoold". It was so disappointing to me on several levels. Now go away white trash, and for God's sake Barack, do NOT choose her as a running mate, unless you are into self sabotage.

2304 days ago


At least he cheated with a woman,unlike republicans who sneak aroud with lil kids and have sex in airport batrrooms.republicans mooto should be "do as we say,not as we do".

2304 days ago


We need to pile heaps of shame on this narcicisstic couple in order for a spec of shame to get through their rhino carcasses. They have no clue that they put the nation through the worst kind of white trash drama crap. Their rush to victomhood is a pathetic display of lack of any moral compass. I rue the day they waltzed into the White House. George may be a buffoon but these people are truly mentally ill and abused the nation with their corrupt and abusive antics. Get the hell off my radar!

2304 days ago

Mary Worth    

Jusst so long as he doesn't inhale!

2304 days ago


Enough already. There are 18 million Clinton supporters that are tired of the uncreative sexual jokes. We outnumber Obama with popular votes, unfortunately not electoral votes because our system is not truly democratic. Anyway, MOVE ON. The Europeans think we are dumb a**es because the press is so fixated on sexual dramas, because, hello, Americans don't get enough sex. Tmz employees have my support to get laid and have a life darlings!

2303 days ago


I think Harvey is just upset that itsnot him making Bill's mouth look like that, not that theres anything wrong with that Harvey but hey maybe it is time for you to come out, I am sure everyone at TMZ already knows.

2303 days ago


RUDE RUDE RUDE, get your act together, TMZ...

2303 days ago

Just my opinion    

Speak for yourself TMZ.
Levin looks like he's lost so much weight he has AIDS.....

Now, how does that make you feel?

2303 days ago
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