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So Who's Looking After the Kids?

6/13/2008 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears just landed in Sin City -- and guess who's there too? Kevin Federline, who's getting that "Dad of the Year" award, is there tonight.
K-Fed/Britney Spears
Federleezy is set to host a party tonight at Prive nightclub in Planet Hollywood for all the unwed dads of the world and Britney just got to town to celebrate her own daddy-o Jamie's birthday.

Maybe she'll just happen to find her way to Prive. Not.


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Brit sucks ass    

Dont hate on Kfed becasue he makes more in one night stnading in a bar then you POS poor slobs make in a decade. GO KFED...your kids will understand since you see them EVERY OTHER DAY OF THE YEAR, unlike sknkney who hates her kids.

2323 days ago



This is why your dad is a poor slob who is so uneducated he had to work 2 jobs. We smart educated rich folks thank him, the word needs minimal labor worhtless slobs.

I dont know may adicated dads that would give up 200k for a "fathers day"...that thye wont even remember, plus he see's them every day of their lives.
GO KFED...never give those kids back to Shtney

2323 days ago


What is a Prive? Geez I need to get out more. Here is a thought, it is NONE OF OUR BUSINESS!

2323 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

To: #17, Posted at 7:58PM on Jun 13th 2008 by Brits a fat hog

Yeah, reading your post shows just how well educated you are. My dad my not have had a college degree ... he joined the work force during the depression to help his family, but he made sure that all of his children did get college degrees (by working two jobs). I repeat, you're an idiot!

2323 days ago

Big Bear    

Well darn I was all geared up for you to tell me Britney was dead. Britney is a waste of much needed oxygen.

2323 days ago


Didn't TMZ report the last time he did one of these events he blew all the money at the club before he even wernt home?

2323 days ago


you people should really learn how to spell. It's his turn to be with the boys she got them for mother's day and just because she screwed up in a huge way does not mean she doesn't love her kids

2323 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

A father who has the ability and means to be with his kids on Father's Day and chooses to go clubbing instead, should not even have the privilege of being a father. This is such a bogus event. If any organization, club, etc. wants to honor a "father of the year" they obviously would not plan the event for Father's Day weekend b/c the guest of honor would most likely NOT show up b/c he would be with the children that are the source of this honor. What a sham. And ... whoever said that he'll blow MORE than the $200,000 grand is so right. I don't even believe they are paying him that much - from what I've read, most club patrons LEAVE the club when he shows up. And for those of you bashing people with less than prestigious jobs, may I point out that at least they HAVE jobs! As far as education? This guy has a GED, if that. He is a moocher, loser, abuser and ugly to boot.

2322 days ago

Brit sucks ass    

GO KFED..Skankney and her 12 yr old supporters are sooo jealous . Bro, you made 1.5 million last year according to court Docs, and none of that was Skankneys money. THis is more than all the Britards put together. The Britards are jsut mad there 5150 druggie idol is never having a comeback and the whole world laughs at her for the skank loser she is. You will have teh kids full time again once the conservatorship gets cancelled and Skankney goes back to her 5150 crazy ways.

Nothing better that a dirty, fat zitfaced 26 yr old with all the money in the world but cant even care for her kids and the court has to take them away.

GO make your 200k...all of us SMART dads would do the same thing. If a club is willing to pay you 4x more than the average american for One night of doing nothing.. MORE POWER TO YOU. your kids will understand. You can see them the other 364 days a year. KFED is the real parent. Skankney spends a couple hours a week with the kiddies and even then all she does is talk on the phone and wathc them drive the little Jeep...What a worhtless MOM

2322 days ago


Wasn't trash hogan named "father of the year" awhile ago????? obviously this award means nothing.....

2322 days ago


Just about any man can be a father but it takes someone spesh-shull to be a daddy.

Happy Hallmark Holiday to all the sperm donors out there.

2322 days ago

Big Bear    

The mother and father of those two kids are both losers. Britney got KDead from a homeless shelter. KDead thought he was on easy street and then found out his dear wife is crazy.KDead came from the bottom and Britney is headed for the bottom.

2322 days ago


Anyone can become a father, but not many can be called a "dad". Obviously this award is a joke since this whole fiasco is laughable. Father of the year award should go to a hard working man, working the skin off his hands in 90 degree weather, working 70 hours a week to support his family. Then spending the extra time with the kids, taking pictures and making memories. Not hanging out at clubs while nannies watch them.....that's not a dad. Those kids are missing out on a mother and father figure. They are going to grow up thinking the nanny is their mom..... This is why this world is such a mess. These kids will grow up to be a disaster since they never had their actual parents around. They will be another Gummie and Greasy Bear!!!

2322 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

With Tim Russet's passing, expect "Cutie" Couric to guest host on "Meet the Press" on this very matter...

2322 days ago


Honestly, every parent deserves some time away from the kids, and considering that he's pretty much raised those kids since Britney lost visitation rights, he deserves a break...unless of couse come Father's Day he's still in Las Vegas and the kids aren't.

2322 days ago
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