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Ethan Puts the "F" in Father's Day

6/16/2008 1:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We tried to wish Ethan Hawke a Happy Father's Day, but he wasn't hearing it.


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2322 days ago


Awwwww......TMZ wishing Ethan a Happy Father's Day....well, isn't that special??? You guys are parasites. I only hope one day you get to experience what you put these people through. And don't tell me they deserve it cause they're famous....they should have SOME privacy. He's with his kid, for God's sake.
Karma, paps.

2322 days ago


Hey, 'FIRST'......big whoop. What do you, a congratulations?
Then again, that accomplishment is probably the biggest you'll ever achieve, so maybe congrats IS in order.

2322 days ago


Too bad the kid didn't get your Pap Parasite in the eyeball.....of course then you'd go whining with a lawsuit to Levin, the ultimate scuzzy lawyer

2322 days ago


You folks are so strange. Do you think it your right to interfere with the life of others, merely because they are famous and you are not???

It strikes me, that you will be satisfied when one of these unfortunates -- yep, they are unfortunate, because often the one talent is their only one -- will commit suicide?? Funny how Britney beat you down.

Thank heavens, I am not famous. Were I famous, your camera'd be in your eye!

2322 days ago


Wow, so everyone is in agreement that celebrities should always act like d*cks, even when not provoked. And to think it's okay for a man to use that kind of language and to be violent in front of his children. Paps can be parasites, but it takes a class act to handle them, and Ethan is definitely not a class act.

2322 days ago


ya know, i'm not a huge fan of this idiot, but he has made good movies! I don't think what the Paps did was wrong...they are doing their job and wished someone a Happy Father's Day...i'm sure they have family member who ARE not famous and are fathers, and wished them a happy day too....I do think TMZ is everywhere though...NY, L.A? and that hick state where Baby Spears i love u guys! come to Colorado and shoot me some times hehehehehe

2322 days ago

Make It Right!!    

I lost all respect for Ethan Hawke after his divorce from Uma Thurman, but he isn't the worst father out there either. If he is cussing and aggressive in front of the kids...sorry, don't have time or interest to actually wwatch the video...then shame on him for the example he is setting...but again, that doesn't make him a bad parent.

2322 days ago


Nobody can't stand those paparazzi! If Ethan was cussing and aggressive it's because he wanted to walk with his family alone. He is a careful father. Leave he has a good time with his family. Ethan is a great father. His son is always happy when they are together. Ethan seems to take care his kids much more than Uma. All think about Uma like a GODDESS but she doesn't. She herself said "If my marriage to fail will be my fault". So... Why all guilt only Ethan.

2305 days ago

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