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Wineheezy Faints, No One Surprised

6/16/2008 3:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

No, this is not Groundhog Day. Amy Winehouse has been transported to the hospital -- again -- after fainting.

Winehouse's rep says the rehabtabulous singer was taken "as a precaution" after passing out at her house in London.

She'll be kept overnight for observation. Wonder who at the hospital gets that lovely job.


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Another great white drug addict huh?

2259 days ago

Lucy Phoenix    

Addicts like her are passing out in back alleys, deserted houses, in the streets. This skank isn't any better than them. If you bleeding-hearts are so compassionate, get out there and take a few derelicts into your homes and pay for their help.
You can play the harp while they steal you blind.

2259 days ago

i love trash    

i think amy whinehouse is cool, she just needs to quit going to the hospital. keep the partying indoors

2259 days ago


Sadly, I fear the next story will be that she had died.........

2259 days ago


Who cares!

2259 days ago


bottom feeders

2259 days ago


this girl is gonna be dead soon, she is soooo self-destructive! it's sad

2259 days ago


Why are so many of you out there such haters? Nobody is perfect, it's not as easy as you all may think, to just stop whatever it is she is doing. Why is everybody becoming so desensitized? Wishing someone to just die already? The world is becoming such a hateful place, it is so sad.

2259 days ago


She may be a lot of things but...this kind of stuff is not funny...It's sad. My aunt works at a rehab clinic and seriously it is NOT funny. She needs some help whether she wants it or not.

2259 days ago


I don't understand why there is no one out there that can help this woman?? She obviously needs help and she is photographed and the stories told about her concerts, I don't understand why someone cannot committ this girl. When this girl winds up dead, I do not want to hear all the shock and sadness and sympathy from people who know her and around her that could help her somehow.

2259 days ago

frogs and gravel    

I wonder if anybody will get fired for looking at her medical charts like happened with
Britney. I could care less about Amy but she does seem to be a mess, hope she gets better.

2259 days ago


amy is cool.stay off her case.
she's also bristish n she can do wat she wants.
n will someone tell me whose that hot blonde guy on TMZ.

2259 days ago

frogs and gravel    

I have never been on TMZ.

2259 days ago


Death is knocking at her door, she had better change her way. A diet of drugs and alcohol only leads to one thing! Funeral.

2259 days ago

easy on the eyes...    

Poor gal...addiction is a bitch. Addiction is a disease...if she had cancer everyone would be...ooohhh poor amy. She has an addiction and all people can do is throw stones. It's ok...what comes around goes around for her....and for the people who are haters. They are just as miserable as she is.

2259 days ago
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