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Chelsea on Barack -- Silent But Deadly

6/17/2008 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With her mom out of the running, we wanted to know if Chelsea Clinton was pulling for Barack -- and it's what she didn't say that spoke volumes.

It's not like she's going to vote for McCain or anything -- so why not back Barack?


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Republican for Obama    

Preach on brother, I'll take intelligence over experience anyday of the week. How much experience did Cheney and Rumsfeld have? Too bad they lacked intelligence, I wouldn't have had to wastes years of my life in that hell hole. The samethings were said about JFK.

When you look at the current condition literally everything in this country is in and people say McCain I wonder if they have been asleep for 8 years. McCain supporters you hear the usual ignorance(he's black, his rev, I'm bitter and now the country will need to suffer). He lacks experience is my fav, really has McCain every been President? Because until you fill those shoes, you don't have a clue, but ignorance is all these people know.

2319 days ago


Who cares about Obama and McCain. All I want to know is what Chelsea would say when I was hitting it from behind. Yeah I said it and you all know you'd hit it too.

2319 days ago


Hey Sherri (#59),

Do you even have an argument? Why are Obama supporters followers. Being a white woman, it was not exactly the easy path...if I were a follower, wouldn't I have voted for Clinton? Also, don't assume people support Obama just because of color...if that were the case, then wouldn't Jesse Jackson have been elected? It sounds to me like you only listen to the crap that comes out of FoxNews.

2319 days ago

Republican for Obama    

Yes, Sheri, because if there is one thing this country has proven over the years its that they are followers of black men. Get a clue. Have you even heard what McCain says? I'm not even sure I have between his I know nothing about economics, 100 more years in Iraq, I wonder if he is even serious?

2319 days ago


what sound does a horse make?

2319 days ago


Chelsea Clinton has been one of the most delightful facets of her mom's campaign. She is an articulate, well mannered, and well turned out young woman. Despite my disagreement of some of the Clinton's political views, they certainly raised an amazing daughter they can be proud of. Sure hope Chelsea will consider a career in politics herself. She would be a strong political force and given her background she could achieve great things,

2319 days ago


She is like her mom and dad, skank juice. She think she is hot since she had all of the plastic done to her horse face, but she still is not attractive. She does not look like either parent, but she does look like her mothers girlfriends tongue.

2319 days ago

Republican for Obama    

I'll get right on that NCdog, just as soon as you don't let your ignorance get in the way of being informed.

2319 days ago

Ms S    

Well, that shows how her parents raised her. I have no respect for those shady Clintons. Thanks TMZ for covering this. That little bubble head can go into hiding along with her mother and ho-bag Dad.

2319 days ago


Yeah we get two gross choices...... McCain and Barack OCarter ..... yeah.... Aren't we lucky.
No matter how many times Obama screams change he says and does the exact same things that McCain does. They each jump on and criticize the other when they actually are trying to change there previous stances to meet todays needs. Both are big giant Hypocritical liars..... Obama is worse and will suffer a bigger fall if he wins and lets down the nation with all of his lies.

2319 days ago


What a bunch of moronic idiots most of you posters are. Grow up, get a real life, show some class.

2319 days ago



2319 days ago

Dave the pig    

Hard work, preparation, love of God and family ..... these are the things that will get you through life. If you sit and wait for the government to take care of you then you are one sorry azz mother!

The Democrats promise a free handout for everything. Have you ever seen government run facilities??

I came from another country at 16 years of age and I am now proud to be an American. I have never expected anything from the government except to keep it's people safe! I am proud to say that I am living the American dream with a little house, I get to stay at home with my daughter and all because I took responsibility for my own life and took time to plan things this way.

Have some pride people, work hard, honor yourself and your family and your lives will be a whole lot better!!!

I expect to get bashed by the one's wanting a free hand out for this and that - lol .....

2319 days ago


#72 - Get some Honor.............................BRAVO!!!!!
Well said, live the American Dream and live it well. Only sheeps and fools want the goverment to lead them around on a leash.
They are to stupid to understand what they are asking for.

2319 days ago

Go Sarah!    

Maybe she will vote for McCain. She might be smarter than you give her credit for.

2319 days ago
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