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Amy Winehouse Officially Diseased

6/22/2008 11:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amy WinehouseHuge shocker -- crack, cigarette and who-knows-what-else smoking trainwreck Amy Winehouse has a lung disease.

Winey's father, Mitch, spilled the beans on her hospitalization, admitting the 24-year-old has contracted emphysema -- the same disease Johnny Carson died from when he 79.

Mitch told the Daily Mail, "With smoking crack cocaine and the cigarettes her lungs are all gunked up ... She's got 70 per cent lung capacity."

Amy has been in the hospital since collapsing in her London home last week.


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Hands #66 a drink. Party on.

2322 days ago


I think her racist remarks were from the crack smoke..

2322 days ago


Amy Winehouse Bio. Just to know something about her before passing judgement.

2322 days ago


HAHA: "keep drugs in circulation, its helps keep a portion of the population down.
Then again, maybe I'm not making any sense..."

Actually, you are making better sense than most people are willing to admit. After 50 years of watching I have to say that western governments have no real desire to stop drugs. They keep undereducated people from raising hell about their jobs being sent to third world countries.

2322 days ago

it takes a molester    

I'm diseased like Amy Winehouse.

2322 days ago


This is sad news. I'm glad they caught it before it was too late.

2322 days ago


Wow - I didn't even think of that, but the more I think about it - Emphasyma sounds like a cover up for the real illness - AIDS. She looks very ill with sores all over her face and extreme weight loss. Whatever this is, I can only wish her the best, and hope she stays away from "Blake" when he gets released. Does anyone know when that is?

2322 days ago


Poor girl.

2322 days ago


I would suggest that Amy be tested for a genetic condition called Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency. This genetic condition brings on early onset emphysema especially in those that smoke. As this disease involves the systems destruction of the lungs whether smoking or not, it is extremely important that this condition be ruled out as playing a role in her health issue. A simple blood test will provide results. It is important to not miss this test which is so very important in defining the cause of emphysema at such an early age.

2321 days ago


i dont wish this on anyone and for all you people on here who are saying horrible things about her are just terrible. what if that happened to someone you loved???? i know you wouldn't be talking SHI@!!!!!!

yes smoking is bad but the girl has a very bad addicting and its hard to stop. sometimes people have to go through this 100 times to get straight. people who are addicted dont wanna be . so all you people on here who have never gone through what she is you should just shut your mouths! you just dont get it!

i know people who have died from lung cancer and never smoked a day in their life !

i wish her luck and i hope she straightens up if its not to late for her .
no ones perfect ! sometimes we have to go through hell before we become a better person !!

2321 days ago


I have zero sympathy for her. She knew this would happen but she kept her habits up. My guess would be shes afraid of killing herself so shes decided to kill herself. Why else would she keep going down the road shes on? And dont say addiction. What a crock. Ill bet anything she will come forward with AIDS very soon. Shes 24? For real? Wow. Im 34 and I look atleast 15 years younger than her. What a waste of rotting flesh.

2321 days ago


She should go to the Waismann treatment , it really works if you put any effort into

2321 days ago


she's so ridiculous...

2321 days ago


white people. smh

2321 days ago


Take more care Amy! I wish you well. i hope you can ged rid of this husband of yours, he is NOT helping.

You deserve better. You are a lovely person. You can get well, u just need time out and some TLC! YOU DESERVE IT!

2321 days ago
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